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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/31/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

At Marone, Massimo tells Nick that he has a lead on Ridge. He introduces him to the bartender and he tells Nick and Massimo how he saw Ridge leaving with another woman. He did not see Morgan’s face, just said that she was tall a red head, and a knock out. The bartender leaves, and as Nick and Massimo are talking about it, Brooke walks in. She asks if they found something out about Ridge.

In Italy, Ridge is on the balcony and tells himself that his memory will come back. Inside, Morgan is dressed in a slinky black dress and is lighting candles on the dinner table. She tells herself that this is the night she has been waiting for and it is going to be perfect; Ridge gives her a baby, and she takes him back to his family. At that point, Ridge walks in. He is surprised about what he sees (the table, candles, and her outfit) and he tells her that he has been up for awhile, just thinking. She goes to him and outs her arms around him and Ridge asks her if they are celebrating. Morgan says that they are moving on now that Brooke is in the past.

At the Forrester Mansion, Thomas tells Caitlin that they should go and give Gabby and Steph some privacy. Steph and Gabby are talking about her mom and Stephanie tells her that her mom was talking about her right before she died. She said that she wants to help her with her college expenses and gives Gabby a check, but Gabby tells her that she doesn’t want it. Thomas comes in and asks to speak to Steph. He tells her that he knows what Gabby is going through and he might be able to help. Steph agrees.

Massimo tells Brooke that he does have a lead but it is just speculation, and if he gets anything concrete he will let her know. An employee walks in the room and tells Massimo that he had Ridge’s cell traced to Europe. Mass tells him to try to target a specific country and that he will go to the jet and when he finds out what country, he will take off for there. Nick says he’s going too, but Mass says that it is better for him to stay with Brooke. He tells Brooke that in a few days Ridge is going to be home. She is distraught over him going so far away.

Ridge tells Morgan that the food looks amazing. He thanks her for everything that she has done for him and tells her that she has been incredible. She tells him that she wants him to be happy, like they used to be. She tries to kiss him, but he backs off and looks into her eyes.

Steph tells Caitlin that she is worried about Gabby, and Caitlin admits that Gabby is doing better than she would be doing. Steph tells her what she and Eric tried to do for her, and Caitlin tells Steph that she does not think that is the kind of help that she needs right now. Caitlin looks outside to where Gabby and Thomas are.

Gabby tells Thomas not to ask her how she is doing, or tell her how sorry he is. He just wants to apologize for his Grandma. Gabby says that she was just trying to be nice. Thomas shares with her how she must be feeling…. Like being underwater everything muffles and heavy, like someone tied a boulder to your leg and tossed you in. She looks at him and tells him that she just wants to go to bed and wake up to find this never happened. She asks him how he knows so much about this and he tells her that he lost his Mom too.

Brooke tells Nick that if he knows something, she wants to know if Ridge is in trouble. Nick says not yet, and apologizes for the whole situation and how wrong it is. Brooke says that she should never have kicked Ridge out of the house. Nick reiterates to her that it is not her fault, but Brooke still tries to make her case. Nick yells NO and that it is all on him. She says that she feels helpless and she can’t figure out what is keeping Ridge away.

Ridge tells Morgan that they should not rush into anything. She agrees and sets the mood by turning up the music and asks Ridge to dance with her.

On the jet, Mass calls the captain and asks why they are not taking off. The conversation is one sided, and he asks “what other passenger”? and then Jacki comes in the room. Massimo tells the captain to clear for takeoff, then looks at Jacki, sighs, and asks her what she is doing there. She says that she is going with him.

Thomas and Gabby talk about Taylor’s death. She asks him questions, one of which was “Do you ever think that maybe she’s still around watching you” Thomas looks down (remember when Taylor appeared as an angel not so long ago??) Gabby tells him about last night how just before she dozed off, she felt like someone was tucking her in and it really felt like her. Thomas tells her that it was her, and tells her how his mom has ways of telling him things, and admits that he has never told anyone that before. She sobs; saying how she really needs her, Thomas takes her in his arms and comforts her. Caitlin watches from inside.

Massimo tells Jacki that this is not a pleasure trip, and he seems quite annoyed with her. He tells her that Nick tried to come along, but he told him to stay and support Brooke. Jacki comes back, telling him that she is there to support him. She wants to help him bring Ridge home.

Nick tells Brooke that Ridge would be a fool to loose her. She says that she feels like a fool, if Ridge had to go all the way to Europe to get away from her. Nick tells her not to forget the unbreakable connection that she and Ridge has. Brooke thanks him, and Nick tells him that Ridge will come home to her.

As they dance, Ridge tells Morgan that there is something familiar about dancing. As “unforgettable” plays in the background, Ridge sees a flash of memory, of him dancing with Brooke, although the face is not clear. He stops, and Morgan asks him what is wrong. He tells her that this song reminds him of a woman he was dancing with. Morgan looks uncomfortable.

Brooke looks out the window and says come home Ridge”.

Ridge says that he remembers.” She’s right there. A woman, I know her. She’s so familiar. Who is it? Who is she”? Morgan looks VERY uncomfortable.

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