B&B Wednesday Update 3/30/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/30/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Brooke listens to Ridge’s message ending the marriage. Massimo and Nick are with her when the message is played. Nick doesn’t believe it. Massimo demands to hear the message again. Brooke thinks that is useless. She heard Ridge say repeatedly that he wasn’t coming home.

Stephanie holds the wake at her home. She greets Helen’s family and friends and shares tender moments with each and everyone.

Thomas tells Caitlin that Helen was very dear to the family, as he watches his mother work her magic in the room.

Caitlin continues serving food to the guests at the house.

Eric is worried about Stephanie and how she is dealing with all that has happened lately. She has gotten the news about Ridge, and Eric fears that she is taking it harder than she looks. That coupled with the death of her dear friend has to be difficult to deal with. Eric and Stephanie look over to the door as it opens. They sigh when they see who is coming in.

Natalie comes to see her daughter at the suite. Morgan is not happy to see her. She is afraid that Ridge will hear them talking and find out that she has been playing tricks with his life. Natalie can’t believe that Morgan is still playing this silly game with the Forresters. She is sure to get herself in trouble. Morgan gets angry when her mother doesn't agree with what she is doing. Natalie demands to have an explanation as to what is really going on here. She wants to know what Morgan’s plan is with this man that belongs with his family.

Massimo is sure that Ridge is just lashing out because he is feeling hurt, and that he still will be back soon. Massimo finds the ways that Ridge has been contacting the family to be nothing but cowardice, and one thing that Ridge is not is a coward. He is a Marone after all, and those types of men are not cowards. Massimo knows that Ridge wouldn’t ever walk away from his family, and that is why he is sure that Ridge will be back.

Stephanie heads to the door to greet Gabriella, but he can’t talk to anyone now. Stephanie knows that the girl needs some time. Stephanie offers to help with anything that the girl may need. She only has to ask for it. Gabriella says nothing, but simply walks away from Stephanie and deeper into the room.

Gabriella goes over to the picture of her mother on the wall, and just stares at it. Stephanie is behind her and can feel the hurt emit from the girl, as she stares at the smiling image in great sadness.

Natalie tells her daughter that she is making a great mistake by keeping this man in the dark the way that she has been. She has to be caught up in a fantasy of some sort, but that is going to end. She should really take Ridge back to his family so that he can get back together them before it is too late. Morgan thinks that her mother is talking about Stephanie, but Natalie is talking about Brooke and the children. Natalie knows that Morgan doesn’t want to hurt Ridge’s children. Morgan will not let Ridge go until she gets what was stolen from her so long ago. Natalie doesn’t understand what she is saying. Ridge can’t go until then, Morgan says. It is then that Natalie understands what Morgan is doing. It is a baby. Morgan wants to have Ridge’s baby. She will not let Ridge go until she gets herself a child with Ridge as the father.

Brooke is getting hysterical again over hearing her phone call from Ridge. She wonders if she should really believe that Ridge is leaving her. Maybe it is some type of elaborate trick. Nevertheless, why? Nick and Massimo refuse to believe that Brooke will be raising her children on her own. He will go out and he will find Ridge and bring him home.

Gabriella is definitely hurt and stunned. She continues to stare at the picture of her mother.

Caitlin, Thomas and Hector watch Gabriella and can’t believe what she must be going through. Actually, Thomas knows what that is like. He lost his mother, and he knows that no one really knows what he was feeling.

Stephanie calls out to everyone. She thanks them for being there. She wants them to know how much she loves that they are there to honor Helen. She was so important, and she had impact on their lives. She was very special to everyone. Stephanie pauses to smile at Gabriella.

Morgan admits that she suffered a terrible loss. Still, when she got pregnant again for Ridge, she felt better, but then she lost that baby too. Morgan has been searching for her baby ever since she lost it. She knows that baby is out there for her. The child was so perfect and so helpless. That baby was a part of her. Her mother knows that Morgan can have a baby with another man. Natalie stands against this. Morgan will not listen to her mother. Morgan remembers that her mother wasn’t there for her when she was 17 and only concerned about her career. Her mother can’t right that wrong, but she can make this work out. Natalie can’t believe that Morgan would trick a man into getting pregnant with her. Morgan says that is all that she wants. After she has the proof that she is pregnant, she will take Ridge back to his wife. She doesn’t even want him to know about the existence of the baby. Morgan begs her mother not to stand in her way.

Massimo knows that Ridge isn’t being himself. Nothing that has happened since he has left seems right. He hasn’t done anything like himself since he left. Brooke knows that too, but it is becoming harder and harder to accept this thing that she cannot change. Ridge is angry that Brooke doesn’t believe in him like he thought that she did. Brooke can hear that in his voice. Massimo tells Brooke that the time is perfect for her to lose faith, but he warns her that she can’t. This is the very moment when something will happen to bring the man back home to them. She has to remember how Ridge loves his wife and his children. He would never leave those children. Massimo is positive that there is an explanation for this and he will be the one to get it.

Natalie has heard enough, and leaves the suite.

Morgan closes the door behind her, and goes to her purse. She takes out that very old ultrasound, and talks to her dead baby. “We have that chance again to be together.”

Massimo instructs Brooke to make a list of all Ridge’s contacts. Massimo gets on the phone and starts to put the wheels in motion. Massimo can find anyone.

Nick and Brooke talk quietly. Nick assures her that he will be there for Brooke and the kids.

Massimo returns. He has his people in motion now. Massimo used to dislike Brooke, but now she is in the family, and he will take care of her like any other Marone.

Stephanie tells the story of Helen and how she gave up everything to come to the States. She came alone as a single mother with a baby girl. She wanted her daughter to have the education that she is going to get now. Stephanie has admired the woman, as she has never admired anyone in her life.

The speech is too much to bear. She heads for the door, but Stephanie stops her apologizing. Gabriella turns to Stephanie telling her that she was right. Helen did everything for her daughter, and now Gabriella is never going to get the chance to tell her mother how much she really meant to her. She wants her mother back. She goes to Stephanie and the two hug. Gabriella is broken up. She cries and cries on Stephanie’s shoulder.

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