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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/29/05



By Dawn
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Thorne and Clarke are talking at Spectra about the new sales report and they find that Spectra has tied with Forrester. Clarke mentions that they are down a designer, and while he agrees with Thorne’s decision to fire Amber, they need another designer, so that they can get ahead because Clarke says that Ridge is bound to go flying back to Forrester to work once he sees the report.

At Forrester Creations, Eric is sketching a design when Stephanie walks in. They talk about Gabriella and how she is not talking to her. Eric tells her that they need to respect her, and perhaps they can try talking to her again the following day at the memorial service for her Mom. The subject changes to Eric and how he is sketching again. He loves sketching, and Helen’s death put everything into perspective. At that moment, Brook and Megan enter the room, and Steph and Eric are surprised that she is not at home waiting for Ridge. She looks at them and tells them that she is tired of waiting for them.

In Italy, Morgan and Ridge are finishing a candlelight dinner. Ridge does not have much of an appetite, given his distress over not knowing or feeling anything for the “fake” Brooke. He can’t understand how the marriage ended, and Morgan spins everything telling Ridge that Brooke messed with his head, and she wonders aloud what difference it makes. Ridge tells her that it is hard living like he does, not know anything about his past. He wants to know who he is and about the people in his life. He asks Morgan to tell him everything.

Thorne tells Clarke that Ridge is not around, and Clarke tells him that it is the perfect time for an assault on Forrester, since Ridge won’t be there to stop it. He wants to come out with a collection much better than what Forrester can dish out, and he says that Sally thinks that they need to bring in another designer, someone who has Forrester training. Thorne tells him good luck finding someone like that, and then Clarke brings out a file on Morgan DeWitt.

Morgan tells him that his brain needs time to heal and that means taking things at a natural pace, and not trying to force himself to remember. Ridge argues that he needs to know about these people in his life. He says that he wants to make love to her, but he can’t with all the unanswered questions that he has about their relationship. Morgan “gives in” and says that she will tell him everything, but he won’t like it. She tells him her twisted tale about how much of a monster his mother is, and how Thorne is jealous of him, and how Brooke has a habit of jumping from bed to bed, including his brother, and father. She makes his family out to be complete monsters, bringing up how Stephanie kept his paternity from him, and she is a master of deception, and EVEN mentioned her forced abortion.

Brooke tells Stephanie that she is not giving up on Ridge, but she can’t just sit around the house waiting Eric notes that she looks tired and she should eat, and suggests that Megan order her something, but she declines. Brooke tells Stephanie that they should hire a PI to look for Ridge. Eric says that he’ll put a call into Lt Baker, but Stephanie does not think it is the right thing to do, because of the email that he left. Brook insists that Ridge did not write that email. If he is not home with his family, then something is wrong, she said.

Thorne tells Clarke that Morgan is not going to be anywhere near his family after everything that she did to their family. He continues to say that she has an obsession with Ridge and they need to keep her as far away from him as possible.

Morgan explains to Ridge what happened with the abortion. She tells him her fantasies of what she dreamed their life with a baby would have been like; until Stephanie ruined it for them. Ridge apologizes to her and holds her. She said that she was put on a plane to the east coast, but she could never forget. She tells him that she was treated in a clinic for depression, and Ridge sympathizes with her as she continues to tearfully bash Steph.

Eric gives Brooke a glass of water and tells her firmly that she is not going to be doing any work today, and that he is going to get some food in her and take her home. Steph offers to go with her and help with the children, and Eric says that he’ll be by later to cook for everyone. She admits how scared she is at night alone with the kids and Eric suggests that one of them should move in with her for the time being. Brooke told them that Nick already offered, and they are both flabbergasted. They breathe a sigh of relief when she tells them that she turned him down. She asks Megan to get Lt Baker on the phone and says that it is time for answers.

Ridge thanks Morgan for telling her the truth and Ridge tells her that he still cannot picture anyone she has been talking about. Ridge holds her head in his hands and tells her that he wishes he could have saved her from his mother. Ridge says that based on what Morgan told him about Brooke, it’s no wonder he felt nothing when he saw her. He tells Morgan that he needs to use her phone. He wants to call Brooke. She tries to stop him, but he insists that the only way he can put this to rest is to call Brooke and give her a piece of his mind. She agrees and offers to dial the number, and asks him to leave her out of the conversation.

Brooke asks Megan to bring in her briefcase and when Megan comes in with it, she mentions that there was a call and she did not get to it in time. She looks at the phone. And sees that Ridge called and left a message. She plays the message on speakerphone, and she is shocked at his harsh words, when he tells her that he is better off apart from him and his family. All three of them are shocked and Brooke is distraught. Eric and Stephanie do not believe that Ridge would do that, but Brooke is beyond upset. She cries in Stephanie’s arms and begs Ridge to come home.


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