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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/28/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

In Venice, Ridge and Morgan get a visitor.

The woman is blonde, and Ridge recognizes her as being Brooke, but she isn’t. Morgan smiles as she watches Ridge walk to the woman and take her in his arms.

Thorne and Darla are home, and Thorne thinks about how his almost lost his mother that night. There is also the situation with Ridge. Thorne has no idea what to make of that.

The woman that Ridge has been holding in his arms moves away from him and tells him that they have to settle some things. She doesn’t tell him that she isn’t Brooke. If Ridge had his memory back fully, he would have known that he had mistaken her for his wife. She says that she has nothing in her heart for him and that their relationship is dead. Morgan smiles as the words are said.

Back in LA, Brooke is alone at home. She hears someone coming into the house, but through a window. She gets a poker from the fire and heads to the window.

Nick enters the house, and Brooke almost hits him with the poker. He overpowers her and she sees that she had made a terrible mistake thinking that he was a burglar or someone worse. He had been with Bridget by the pool earlier and couldnít get into the house after their meeting.

Brooke has been unable to sleep since Ridge has been gone and that is the reason that she is awake. She has no idea when Ridge will be coming home, or even if he will be coming home. She has been having bad dreams and the children are upset about Ridge not being there. It is a tough time, and she needs support. Nick will give that to her for as long as she wants. He will be there for her always.

Thorne knows that his brother wouldn’t just turn his back on his family this way. There must be a good reason for him doing this. Darla finds Thorne amazing coming to his brother’s defense this way. Thorne is a wonderful man, and Darla is lucky to have him as her husband. She knows that Brooke must be having a terrible time and could need some support herself. Who will be there for her?

Brooke is laughing now. Nick has lifted her spirits. Brooke believes in Ridge. She wakes up in the night and Ridge is not with her. She keeps fighting her insecurities. Nick tells Brooke that she can never give up. She knows that. Hector was there earlier and told her that she can never give up. Brooke will not give up until she has the entire truth, and can talk to her husband herself. What could be keeping Ridge away? Why isn’t he home?

Ridge questions the fake Brooke about what it was that he did to her in the past to make her so angry. He canít seem to remember anything that he has done to warrant his wife acting this way. The woman says that Ridge has ruined a lot of things in their lives, and she is through with trying again. He tries to smooth things over, but the woman tells Ridge to forget about them as a couple. They are over now, and he had better get used to that idea. She says that she has already forgotten about him. She tells Ridge that he is wrong about the both of them, and she wants him to let her go so that she can get on with her life.

When the woman is asked about their kids, she sends a panicked look to Morgan, and then says that they have no kids. Morgan apparently hasnít filled the woman in properly about the details of Ridgeís life. She gives Ridge a ring and tells him to stay with Morgan. She says that Ridge will be better off with her. Ridge looks at the ring that he has just been handed, and he tells the woman that he doesnít believe this. He doesnít believe a word of it.

Thorne and Darla are in bed together. They are happy that they have a family, but things can change in the blink of an eye. Thorne wants to always be ready to show his wife how much he loves her. He promises that he will always do that for her.

The baby cries. Their lovemaking is interrupted again. Thorne gets ready to leave the bed to tend to the baby, but Darla insists on going to the child instead. She wants her husband to save his strength. He will need it for when she returns to the bed.

Brooke keeps telling her children that their father will never leave them, and will be back, but then Ridge never shows up. What if he is hurt? Brooke knows that this is not like Ridge. Maybe something else has happened. Ridge should be there with his family, and going through whatever it is, with the family. Brooke is sure that something is wrong there. He wouldn’t hurt his family like this. Nick hugs Brooke to calm her. The feelings that Brooke and Ridge share don’t just disappear in thin air like this. Brooke prays that whatever happens, Ridge will be guided back to her.

Ridge tells the woman before him that he can’t believe that she was his wife. He senses that something is terribly wrong here. The woman said that is too bad that he can’t wrap his mind around this. The woman compliments Morgan by saying that she is the kind of woman that has more tolerance for him, and that in fact, Morgan is too good for him. Ridge is devastated by what he hears. The woman says goodbye to Ridge forever. She turns her head from him and heads to the door.

Darla returns to the bed, and Thorne who has been thinking to himself asks her, “What could be keeping Ridge away?”

Morgan and Ridge are alone, and she tries to calm his feelings that he couldn’t be with a woman like the one that just left the suite. Ridge is devastated, and heads to the bedroom alone.

Morgan smiles to herself, then goes to the phone.

She calls the woman that had just been there. The woman tells Morgan immediately that what they just did to Ridge was cruel. Morgan said that they did the man a favor. She hangs up.

Morgan knows that Ridge’s past is finally behind him, and now she can get him for herself.

Nick and Brooke continue to talk about Ridge and what he has done. Nick knows that Brooke can’t be alone at a time like this. Nick knows that Ridge is family-oriented, and that he will be back soon. He knows that Brooke is a great woman and Ridge will not leave her like this. Nick offers to stay a while with her, but she tells him that he can go. She is going to be strong for her children, and let them see that she is okay. Brooke was worried about Bridget, but she can see that she is with a great man, and she is grateful for that. Nick smiles when he hears that. He knows that he is the one that is blessed. Brooke can see that Nick is stable, trustworthy and everything that a woman could want. At least most women. Brooke puts her arms on Nick’s shoulders. He tells her that she is a fine woman before they hug.

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