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Ridge stands alone looking out the window of their motel suite. Morgan bounces into the room bringing croissants and cappuccinos for breakfast. Ridge asks if she was disappointed last night.

Morgan tells him that she wasn’t and that she should have known that it was too soon. Ridge doesn’t want her to take it personally, he just keeps feeling like he should be somewhere else, with someone else. Morgan surprises him when she asks him if he feels like he should be with his wife. Morgan confirms that he is married, but tells him that ‘Brooke’ threw him out. He mentions that he would like to talk to her to see if he could get some answers.

Morgan tells him that she has called Brooke and that she is coming there to talk to him. She will be here any minute now. Morgan tells him that things used to be good between him and Brooke, but recently things have gotten very ugly. Ridge struggles to take all of this in and tries to bring back some memory of his life before coming to Italy with Morgan. When there is a knock at the door, Morgan announces that it must be Brooke and goes to open the door. We see the back of a blonde woman standing at the door. Ridge looks at her, without recognition and asks if she is Brooke.

Ramirez house:

Caitlin and her father discuss the situation between Brooke and Ridge. Caitlin is worried because of Thomas. She hopes that the two will be able to work out their differences. Hector tells her that he went to see Brooke and fills her in on their discussion. He tells his daughter that he advised Brooke not to give up on Ridge until she talks to him personally. Caitlin understands that advice because Hector and Samantha were separated for so long because of what Priscilla did. She thinks it was wonderful of Hector to go and see Brooke and to tell her the things that he did. She knows that Brooke needs all the friends she can get right now. Hector tells her that Brooke needs her husband now more than anything. He tells Caitlin that he could tell that Brooke still loves Ridge very much, and after all they’ve gone through to be together, he knows that Brooke will not give Ridge up without a fight.

Eric and Stephanie’s:

Gaby is in total shock at the news of her mothers death. She doesn’t want to hear what Stephanie is telling her and doesn’t want to believe it. She starts yelling for her mother and starts up the stairs to look for her. Finally, it starts to sink in and Gaby is devastated. Stephanie explains that the other car ran a red light and she didn’t even see it coming. Gaby again goes into denial and tells Stephanie that it can’t be true because her mother didn’t have the car. Stephanie explains that she was giving Helen a ride home. Gaby sinks on the steps and sobs.

Stephanie tries to console her, but she is lost in her grief. Stephanie gives her Helen’s locket, Gaby recognizes it as one that she bought for her mother. Stephanie tells her how happy Helen was, and how proud she was of Gaby. Gaby sits in disbelief and listens to what Stephanie says for only a few minutes. Suddenly, she jumps up and announces that she has to leave. She runs out the front door without even picking up her purse. Stephanie tries to stop her, but can’t. Stephanie yells for Eric and tells him what has just happened. The two decide that Gaby probably went to Helen’s house and head out after her.

Pool side at Eric & Stephanie’s:

Nick and Bridgett continue their romantic dance as Nick’s song plays in the background. Nick tells her that he knows she told him that this dinner was to pay him back for their plane ride, but he knows why she really did it. Bridgett is intrigued as Nick explains that he knows her well enough to know she isn’t a spontaneous person. She planned this out very well, with a seven course dinner. He realizes that she was trying to tell him that things are much more cherished when they are taking it slow. He knows the dessert is the final course to a seven course meal to show that good things come to those that are patient. The two of them share a kiss before Nick drags her over to sit on the edge of the fountain. Bridget apologizes if she has given him the wrong idea. Nick tells her that he understands completely and thinks that they should talk about making love. Bridget explains that she has only been with one man sexually, and that was her husband. Nick is surprised since she was engaged. She tells him that she never felt that it was forever with Oscar and she just isn’t that type of person. Nick totally understands and tells her that he is willing to wait for his dessert. Her wanting to wait is part of her, it’s who she is and he really likes who she is. They start to make out again with Bridget teasing that she will seduce him. Nick tells her that he has some integrity also, and he is willing to hold off. Bridget informs him that kissing her is just fine and they start to kiss again. The waiter interrupts to inform them that their soufflé is ready. Nick dismisses the waiter saying that he can take it from here. The waiter is reluctant to leave because soufflés need special handling. Nick assures him and Bridget that he can handle this.

Immediately, he takes a kitchen knife and cuts a large hole in the middle of the soufflé and stirs the insides around a bit. Bridget watches curiously. Nick piles whipped cream into the middle of the soufflé and slowly gives Bridget a taste. She moans from how good it is. After Nick takes a taste, they both agree that waiting on dessert is the best thing ever.

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