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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/24/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Hector comes to see Brooke, but she isn’t really in the mood to have visitors at this time. AT first she thinks that he is there to ask about Stephanie, but he already knows that she is fine. He really doesn’t want to leave without conferring with her. She eventually lets him in. Hector asks about Ridge, and learned that he hung up on Brooke, and then sent Stephanie an email. The email said that their marriage is not where it used to be. Brooke has to wonder if she has a marriage anymore.

Over at the mansion, Bridget tidies up the area by the pool, walking slowly from spot to spot. There is a man playing an accordion near the pool, and he follows her with his eyes. He can tell that this is going to be a very special evening. Bridget is dressed in a beautiful, black evening gown, and her hair and makeup are just perfect.

Nick arrives at the pool area to meet Bridget, and can’t believe what he sees. There is candlelight everywhere, and then he sees the beautifully made dinner table. Bridget is glad to see him, and she tells him that this night, they will be dining on the French Riviera. A waiter comes and brings them champagne. This is about the night when Nick too Bridget out on the jet.

Stephanie has managed to get sent home from the hospital. She was supposed to have been there a few days, but she couldnít stand being there any longer. She was going crazy being without her family and in bed all day. Eric dotes on her hand and foot. She would like to have some tea, but stops him leaving her for a moment so that they could talk about Helen for a moment. She loves that he is so concerned about her well-being. She is so lucky to have family like him, and to have missed being killed in the accident like Helen was.

Eric knows that, but wants her to know that she is in no way responsible for what happened to Helen. She was driving the car, but what happened wasnít her fault. Stephanie remembers Helen being a wonderful person and now she is just gone. Stephanie gets sad. Eric nuzzles her. While he is doing that, Stephanie sees the newspaper over Eric shoulder, and she sees a picture of herself with the story of the accident and how she managed to survive it. Stephanie hates that she is the only one that is written about in the paper. IT is like Helen wasn’t important enough. Eric sees things differently. Maybe Gabriella hasn’t been notified about the incident yet. Stephanie hadn’t thought about that. What is that poor girl going to do? What is she going to do when she finds out that her mother is dead?

Brooke tells how Ridge said that he can’t deal with her anymore. Brooke feels that Ridge doesn’t know her anymore. Hector finds that strange. He has to wonder if the email really was from him. He remembers Sam’s mother pretending to be Sam in letters at one time. He tells Brooke not to give up. Things are not always what they seem. Like that picture of Bridget and Ridge. This gives Brooke something to really think about.

Nick is fine-looking in his dinner jacket. He cleans up pretty good after all. He admits to being confused by all the utensils at the table. She knows that he knows better than that. The waiter arrives with special gourmet dishes for the couple. They are eating the first of seven courses. There doesn’t seem to be very much on the plate. Nick comments that the food looks like fresh minnows with paprika. Brittany hasn’t had a bit yet. She likes watching him. Nick has to admit that he likes Bridget watching him. They both have a sip of their champagne.

While Hector is still there, Brooke makes a call to Ridge and leaves a message telling him that she will not give up on him and she begs him to please give her a call. Hector has to wonder if she is okay after making the call. Brooke was starting to lose faith, but she has some back now. She also knows that there is nothing between Bridget and Ridge. She has a man in her life, and that man isn’t Ridge.

Bridget and Nick enjoy their meal, and enjoy every wonderful aspect of the time they have together. Nick can see that he is experiencing a reflection of who Bridget really is and that is nice. They are waiting for the next course of their meal, but Nick at first asks Bridget for a dance. She loves that idea.

The accordion player leaves the area for a moment, and some music plays for them to dance to. Nick takes her in his arms and holds her close. They kiss and feel what it is to be together and close.

Stephanie worries that Gabriella may hear the news about her mother in some heartless way. Some stranger coming to her house is not the way for the girl to learn the news. Eric leaves to get them something to eat. Stephanie is left looking down at the locket in her hand with the picture of Gabriella in it. There is knocking at the door, as Stephanie looks down at the locket that used to belong to her dead friend.

Stephanie answers to Gabriella. The sight of the girl almost makes Stephanie topple over in shock. Gabriella has stopped by to talk to her mother to let her know how she loves Stanford. She has been on a visit to the school, and intends to go there in the Fall. She wants to take her mother home for a while to spend some time with her and tell her about all the things that she has seen there. Stephanie almost falls over, and is at a loss or words. Gabriella walks into the house with the excitement of a child. She is sure that her mother is around somewhere and she is dying to see her. Stephanie is speechless.

Brooke has to wonder if something more is going on here. She doesn’t feel that Ridge is missing but the longer that he stays away… She doesn’t finish her sentence. What if Ridge never comes back? She will be faced with a life without Ridge. What will she do?

Nick and Bridget are still dancing in the moonlight. He can see that she is deep in thought. She is thinking that she can stay in his arms forever. That is a long time, but not when a person feels the way that she is feeling. Nick remembers something. He has a feeling that Bridget’s dinner is not about a dining experience. Nick knows that there is something that she would like to tell him, and he feels that he has figured this out.

Stephanie canít stop staring at Gabriella. Stephanie sees that the girl looks so much like her mother. Gabriella knows that. She asks where her mother is. Stephanie says nothing. She finally asks the girl to sit with her for a moment. Stephanie tells Gabriella that there was an auto accident and that Ö The girl springs to her feet. She wants to go to the hospital right away. Stephanie grabs the girlís arm.

She tells the girl that there was an accident. Gabby starts shaking her head. She demands to know where her mother is, but Stephanie doesnít answer, and Gabriella finally understands.

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