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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/23/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Stephanie explains to Brooke that she has been injured and Helen is dead. Who knows why things happen the way that they do? There is no way that Stephanie knew that the car would have run a red light. Helen was like a part of the family. Now they have to tell Gabriella that her mother has died.

Brooke leaves the room to call the Ridge about the incident. No one answers. Nick and Bridget arrive at the hospital and learn that Helen is dead, and didn’t have a chance. Brittany and Nick are upset at the news. They feel silly standing there will flowers in their hands. Brooke tells that she left a message for Ridge about his mother, but Ridge hasn’t called back. That is really strange. Maybe Ridge would be mad at Brooke over their fight, but he wouldn’t take things out on Stephanie. Nick knows now that something is wrong.

Thomas and Caitlin discuss what Amber did taking the picture and making Brooke and Ridge fight. Thomas says that Ridge called home, but he hasn’t returned home yet. Caitlin thinks that it is really strange that Ridge hasn’t come home yet. She worries that something might have gone wrong.

Morgan is in Venice listening to Ridge’s message from Brooke about Stephanie in the car accident. She knows everything that Ridge should have heard about. When the message is over, she turns off the phone.Behind her, Morgan hears Ridge’s voice, “Were any of those messages for me?” She didn’t mean for him to find her listening to his messages. She will have to think of something to say to him quickly.

Ridge sits by Morgan and asks her again if any of the messages were in fact for him. She says there were no messages for him. It is four in the morning. Ridge couldn’t sleep. He has been tossing and turning. Morgan sends him back to bed. She will be along in a while. She would like to put out the fire first. Ridge leaves the room. Morgan takes Ridge’s cell phone and starts writing a text message, “Dear mother…”

Brooke thinks that maybe Ridge doesn’t think that the accident was an emergency. Bridget knows that something is funny. She will try to reach Ridge herself. Brooke agrees that may work. Bridget walks off to see her grandmother. Nick turns to Brooke and offers to go off and find what happened to Ridge.

Bridget goes to Stephanie’s room. Stephanie is worried about Gabriella. She has to be told about her mother. Helen is the only relative that Gabriella had. Bridget knows that the news about Helen should come from Stephanie. Stephanie is the rock of the family. Stephanie asks about Ridge. No one has heard from him. Stephanie can see that Bridget is worried about Ridge too.

Morgan as finished her message for Stephanie. She hits ‘send’. She hopes now that Brooke will stop bothering them now. Morgan goes into the bedroom and heads to the bed. Ridge is not there. Morgan is frantic where could he be? “Ridge?” “I am over here Morgan.” Morgan turns to find Ridge sitting on the ledge where the window is. She is surprised to find him there. “I want you to give me some answers now.” Morgan says that she wants to help Ridge find his way back to his old self. Soon they are on the bed together, and she is over him telling him that she is trying to help him, and he has to help her do that.

Thomas tells Caitlin that he has spoken to Amber, and that he believes that she is not up to anything, and has nothing to do with Ridge missing. She offered to leave town, and she hoped that Brooke and Ridge would patch things up. Thomas knows that Nick and Bridget also think that Ridge is in some kind of trouble. There is also the chance that Ridge is giving Brooke a taste of her medicine by not coming back when Brooke asked him to. Brooke thought that there was not going to be anymore drama in their lives, and now she is going crazy looking for him.

Nick, Bridget and Brooke are with Stephanie making small talk in her room.

The nurse comes with flowers, and an urgent email that was received at Forrester for Stephanie. Stephanie loves the flowers, but can’t read the message without her glasses. Brooke takes the message from Stephanie and reads it to her. Brooke sees right away that the message if from Ridge. Ridge says that he has received a message about her accident, but he needs more time. He is sorry about Helen and knows that Stephanie will be fine in time. There is more. In the note that seems to have been written by Ridge, it says, “I am sorry that I can’t come home right now. I have run out of patience with Brooke. It is over, and I have had enough of her. I just can’t do it anymore. I need some more time to sort things out.

Brooke can’t believe what she is reading. He has to keep his distance? What does he mean? Stephanie understands perfectly. She knows that Ridge feels that Brooke didn’t have any faith in him. Brooke hates this. What if something happened to his children? Where would he have been? Bridget offers to help Brooke with the children and anything else that she needs. That is not the point. Brooke knows that this is not Ridge. Who is this man? Stephanie knows that Brooke has to take some responsibility for what has happened. She will help Brooke with this and make everything right again. Stephanie says that Ridge will be back, and when he comes back, he will be crawling on his hands and knees, and when he does that, she and Brooke will throttle him.

Morgan is massaging Ridge’s face. He likes that. She has convinced him that they shouldn’t be talking about the past anymore. He reluctantly agrees. She points out that they are in the most beautiful city in the world, and that he is with the woman that loves him. He didn’t realize that they loved each other. She tells him about the past, and how they used to make out under the stars. They had something that was big and important. They couldn’t let go, and even this day proves to her that they are as strong as they used to be. She knows that he is lost right now, but she will help him find himself. She wants him to give into it. She wants him to let her wash over him, and take him back to a better time and place. She has missed him so much, and she has been patient knowing that he hasn’t be himself right now. She tells him that this could be a second chance for them. Being there with him is hard, and she can’t wait any longer. She begs him to make it happen like it did before cause she is sure that they are meant to be together. She moves closer to him and kisses him fully on the lips.

Brooke knows that she has no choice but to have faith.

Morgan continues kissing Ridge.

Back in L.A., Brooke convinces herself that she has to have faith, and that she will be back with Ridge.

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