B&B Tuesday Update 3/22/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/22/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

The car has crashed, and Stephanie lies still while Helen panics, not sure what to think about what has happened. She only wants Mrs. Forrester to get up. They were just having a nice conversation and then crash! Now they are injured. Both women have blood on their heads from the impact of the crash.

Hector happened to be one of the firemen that arrives at the scene, and he swings into action when he sees that his friend Stephanie is in the driverís seat unconscious. He arranges for Stephanie to be put in the hospital, and attends to Helen who is hysterical about her friend being hurt.

After Stephanie was safely on her way to the hospital, Hector set about contacting family to let them know what had happened. Hector got a hold of Brooke and let her know what had been going on. She was horrified and couldnít believe her ears. He agreed to meet her at the hospital so that he could fill her in more about what happened.

Brooke was upset over Ridgeís behavior and treatment of their family, and lucky for her, Nick was there to comfort her once again. He let the woman cry on his shoulder over the way her little daughter cried at her daddy not being there to see her sing her song.

As Nick is holding Brooke, Bridget enters the house and sees them together. She pauses before saying anything to either of them. When she is finally noticed, she sees that her mother is crying and learns that Ridge hasnít come home yet. Bridget finds all this hard to believe.

She knows that Ridge wouldnít do anything to jeopardize his family or hurt his kids. Brooke tells how Ridge had been out drinking, and that has been the last contact that anyone has had with him except for the call that she made to him when he hung up on her. Bridget is surprised, but she knows that there must be something else that is up. Okay, he hasnít been answering his phone but that could be because he hasnít been able to get his phone charged up. Brooke isnít buying that excuse. She sees that when she calls the voicemail has room for more messages, so someone has to have been taking the messages off as they come on. Increasingly it seems to her that Ridge is just avoiding her.

Caitlin and Thomas are at the cafť when she decides to inform him that her parents seem to be splitting up. She has just found her mother after all these years, and didnít plan and losing her so quickly afterwards. She knows that her mother has been talking to her grandmother, and that has been causing a lot of trouble in the house with her parents. Increasingly it seems that Sam has been calling New York which indicates to Caitlin that her mother may be reestablishing her contacts there in order to move back and restart her life without her family. Thomas tries to comfort Caitlin, but she is in tears at this point. Thomas hears what Caitlin is saying and sees how things could look bleak, but he knows that Ridge and Brooke have had arguments and disagreements in the past, and they still manage to get over it every time and end up back together. He is sure that this will happen with Hector and Sam.

Thorne and Darla are waiting at home for Stephanie to arrive to take care of the baby for them. They havenít been alone since the birth of their child, and it is going to feel a little strange to them to be off enjoying themselves while she is with someone else. Darla canít shake an uneasy feeling that she has in her gut about this. Thorne tries to make her feel better about leaving the child. It is only his mother. No one would dote on their daughter and spoil her more than Stephanie would. He is sure that there is nothing to worry about. They noticed that Stephanie is a little late for her appointment to take care of Alex, but they are sure that she will be there soon.

Stephanie is getting treatment at the hospital. She has been shaken up a bit, but she will be fine. She worries that she will not get to see her granddaughter that night, but there will be other nights. Someone will contact Thorne and Darla and let them know what has happened. Stephanie is told not to worry about anything, and get herself well.

Hector comes to see Stephanie to make sure that she is okay. She is doing fine and he is glad to see that. Stephanie worries over Helenís condition. Hector reports that Helen is fine, and is in another part of the hospital. Stephanie would like to go and see the woman right away, but the doctor advises that she is to stay put and will be able to visit with the woman later.

Stephanie gets a visit from a very worried Thorne and Darla who heard that she had been in an accident. They are very concerned and happy that she is fine now.

Mark gets back to Stephanie and lets her know that she has a broken rib, along with a dislocated shoulder. Otherwise, she will be just fine. She will just have to rest for a few days to get back to normal.

While Mark is talking with Stephanie, Hector appears and sits by Stephanieís bed. He is glad to see that she is doing well and getting better even from the last time that he came to visit. Stephanie only worries about her good friend Helen. How is she doing? Can she come to visit? Hector gets quiet, and Stephanie can see that something is up. Hector explains that Helen didnít make it. Her injury was one that was hidden, and not readily noticeable to the medical staff. Helen it seems has died. Stephanie is stunned at the news. Stephanie saw the woman and thought that everything was fine. Hector produces a locket and gives it to Stephanie. Stephanie recognizes the necklace. She and Helen had been discussing it in the car before the accident. Stephanie takes the locket, but canít believe that her friend is gone now forever.

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