B&B Monday Update 3/21/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/21/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Brooke is trying to reach Ridge again but he is not answering his phone anymore. Hope enters the room with her nanny to be with her mother before the recital. The doorbell rings. The nanny answers to parents who are at the mansion to see the children’s’ recital. The parents and their children enter, and are hoping to meet Ridge later. Brooke starts to panic. She knows that Ridge wouldn’t intentionally miss Hope’s recital, or would he?

Morgan and Ridge come back to the suite after having been out for a while. Ridge is glad to have Morgan helping him this way. Ridge is hungry and would like to go out to the cute little café that he saw on the way back to the suite. Morgan convinces him that he shouldn’t overdo it, and rest a little.

Stephanie is on the phone talking to Darla. She is going to baby-sit the baby so that Thorne and Darla can have some time alone. Bridget enters the house as Stephanie is finishing her call. She learns that Stephanie is going to see Alex for the evening, and Stephanie invites the girl to come with her to babysat. Bridget has plans for the evening and can’t make it. Stephanie asks about the necklace that Bridget is wearing. She tells how Nick got it for her and this night she would like to return the favor. Stephanie can see that the girl is falling in love, or maybe she has already fallen.

Bridget says that she is not over-analyzing things. She is learning to trust again. She wants to make sure that she has the passion that Ridge and Brooke have for each other. Bridget admits that she is in love. She is happy, and Stephanie is happy for her. Bridget feels weird feeling happy while her mother and Ridge are not talking. She feels responsible somehow for her mother being unhappy. Stephanie will not hear that. Stephanie knows that Ridge will cool off and then he will come home. She knows that Ridge wants to be home with his wife and children, and nowhere else.

Morgan and Ridge have diner in the suite. She watches him and thinks to herself. Brooke must have really put him through the wringer. Ridge sees that Morgan is staring at him, and he asks what is in her mind. He can’t help thinking that there is something else that he has been missing and he would like to know what that is. Morgan assures him that being with her is all that he has to worry bout.

At the mansion, the parents listen as one precious boy sings, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. Everyone claps when he is finished. Hope is next to sing. She goes to the front of the room in front of everyone e and pouts. Her daddy isn’t there and she is sad to sing. The door opens. Nick s there with a giant lollypop in his mouth. He knows that she would like to sing with that.

He runs to the front and gives her the lollypop which she gladly uses as a prop in her song. Everyone watches, and listens till she is finished. Nick rushes to the front and hugs the child. Brooke watches them smiling. “How could you do this Ridge? How could you do this?”

Bridget knows that Ridge would never leave Brooke and the kids. The house cleaner comes into the room, and tells Stephanie that she is ready for them to go. Bridget greets Helen and they talk about her daughter heading to Stanford for school this year. Bridget sees them out and wishes them a great evening.

Ridge feels a little tense and has a headache. Morgan gets up from the table and comes behind Ridge to give his head a gentle rub. The massage is very soothing. Ridge can’t help but moan. It feels so good. She assures him that she knows what he needs, and that she will give it to him if she lets him.

Brooke’s guests are leaving now that the recital is over. When everyone is gone, Brooke goes to her daughter to tell her how great she was. Hope only cares that her daddy wasn’t there. Brooke says that he would have been there if he could have. Hope hugs Nick goodnight and sends her away with the nanny and her lollypop. Brooke turns to Nick to confirm that Ridge hasnít called.

Nick finds the man pig-headed and stubborn. That girl needed her father. Brooke knows that what Nick is saying is right. She is in shock that Ridge wasnít there. Ridge has to be checking his voicemail, because it isnít full. Nick orders her to call Ridge again and leave a message saying how disappointed she and Hope are because of him. Brooke leaves Ridge another message as Nick listens. She tells how she is disappointed and she begs Ridge not to take his anger out on his children. She is trying to understand this but she is tired of making excuses for him. She remembers him hanging up on her. She doesn’t deserve this and neither do the children. She wants him to stop ignoring his family. She ends with an ‘I love you’.

Morgan listens to Brooke’s message. AT the end of the message, Morgan goes to see what Ridge is doing, and she smiles when she sees that he is sleeping in the dark.

Brooke is close to tears. “How could he do this? How could he do this to our family? Nick reaches for her, and pulls her to him. He is glad that he is there for her. Just like he said that he would be.

As they are hugging, Bridget enters the house and sees Nick and her mother in a tight embrace.

Helen and Stephanie are in the car heading over to Thorne and Darla’s place to baby-sit the baby. They discuss Helen’s child going to school, and moving away. Stephanie is driving and they are laughing as they roll along. Stephanie reminds Helen to enjoy her child as long as she can. At that moment, Stephanie turns quickly to look out her driver’s side window. She is in an intersection and sees the headlights to the left of her. She puts her arm up instinctively, but it is too late, she can’t move the car away quick enough.

The crash occurs. Stephanie’s car has been stopped. Both women lie unconscious in the car. Both are injured and both have blood on their heads. Smoke rises from the vehicle as they lay there.

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