B&B Wednesday Update 3/16/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/16/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Brooke has made contact with Ridge and she is asking him by phone where he is. He replies that he is very tired.

Morgan comes into the room and finds Ridge on the phone. She panics. Who is he talking to? She takes the phone from Ridge who has questions about the woman on the phone. she seemed to know him and mentioned something about a fight they had.

Morgan ignores the questions, and catches Ridge as he is about to fall over from his injury to the head. Morgan places him on the bed.

Brooke can’t believe that the phone went dead. She thinks that Ridge hung up on her. Why would he do that to her? All he said to her was that he was very tired. She tries to call back, but she can’t get through and is frantic.

Nick arrives and sees that Brooke is stressed out. She tells him what just happened with Ridge on the phone. She can’t believe that he doesn’t’ want to talk to her.

At Spectra, Darla is hard at work with Sally. sally brings up how she saved Amber and Clarke by talking to Stephanie. they need another designer now. They have to start looking. Sally knows of someone that has suddenly become available for work. She takes out a file and shows Darla a picture of Morgan.

Morgan goes back to her mother in the main room at the suite. She apologizes to her mother about walking away for a moment. Morgan says that she had to tend to her friend who is in the other room. She is sure that her friend has a concussion and she would like her mother to help as she is a neurologist. Morgan's mother has questions. She soon figures out that Morgan is up to something.

Darla looks at Morgan’s file. She did good work for Forrester back in the day, even if she was crazy at the time. Darla doesn’t want the woman working with Spectra. They are not that desperate. Darla says that Morgan got off easy trying to kill the Forresters. This isn’t funny. Morgan did terrible things to the Forrester. Sally isn’t sure that everything that they heard about Morgan is true. Darla knows that Thorne isn’t going to like this one bit.

Nick listens as Brooke tries to explain that Ridge is upset and seems unable to forgive Brooke for kissing her daughter.

Morgan's mother has questions about the man that Morgan has brought with her to Venice. Morgan felt that her friend needed help from someone in Venice. Morgan's mother knows that the man could have gotten good help in L.A.. Morgan's mother is very sorry that she got her daughter into modeling in the first place. Morgan is very sensitive to things that go wrong in the business. Morgan says that the only problem that she had in her life was with Stephanie. Her mother will help in anyway that she can. Morgan is happy to hear this as this is very important. Morgan leads the way to the room where her friend lies sleeping.

In the bedroom, Morgan wakes Ridge and tells him that the doctor is there to examine him. Ridge turns to face Morgan's mother and the woman is horrified when she sees that the man that Morgan has brought to Venice is Ridge Forrester.

Morgan's mother reluctantly helps Ridge by asking him some preliminary questions. One of the questions that she asks Ridge is if he remembers the woman in the room with them. Ridge pauses to think.

While Nick and Brooke are talking, Brooke’s little girl comes into he room. She wants to see her father.

Brooke tells her that she will see her father very soon. The concern is that the little child has a recital the next evening and she would very much like to have her father there. Nick says that if Ridge said that he will be there for his daughter, then he will be there. That makes the child happy and she runs off to play.

Morgan's mother asks Ridge again if he knows who the woman in the room is with them. Ridge says that she has been taking care of him and that she was the one that took him to Venice. That is all that he seems to remember. This concerns Morgan's mother very much. She asks her daughter to talk with her in the other room.

Once in the other room, Morgan's mother turns to her and tells her that she is playing with fire here. She knows that eventually Ridge will get his memory back and he will know that Morgan has been up to something. Morgan knows that, but she still maintains that this is her chance to have a 2nd chance with Ridge. This will be the chance that she never had before because of Stephanie.

Brooke is very upset now. She sees that she was too quick to accuse Ridge of doing something so underhanded as to mess with Bridget when Brooke asked him not to. She is very sorry for the way that she acted now. Nick tells her that she has to stop this whole thing about Bridget if she wants to get on with her marriage to Ridge. She has to forget. Brooke says that she will do her best. She only wishes that he would come home now. Nick holds Brooke close as she cries.

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