B&B Tuesday Update 3/15/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/15/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Brooke is watching the phone, willing it to ring. She hasn’t had any message or calls from Ridge. She has been up all night waiting for him.

Bridget comes to Nickís office to bring him something to eat, but he is eating junk food for breakfast.

She had a really good night thinking about him. Soon Nick learns that Ridge hasnít come home yet. Nick says that Ridge has only been gone for 24 hours, and that he will come back soon. No one has heard anything from Ridge. He has never done anything like this before. Nick suddenly thinks of Amber.

Nick tells his secretary to find Amber and get her to his office right away.

Ridge and Morgan arrive in Venice and are at their suite. Ridge goes right out to the balcony to check out the view. The bellhop shows them around and then leaves after getting a tip.

Ridge and Morgan head out to the balcony, and Morgan can’t help but talk about how romantic things are. Ridge can only think of how tired he is. Morgan directs him to the bed to lie down.

Brooke goes to see Stephanie and they discuss how Ridge hasn’t been home yet. Stephanie is surprised to hear this. She was sure that Ridge would have found his way home by now. Stephanie repeats her conversation with the bartender from the restaurant the night before. Ridge hadn’t been drinking, so why wouldn’t he call Brooke? Stephanie thinks that maybe Ridge had been angry and hurt that Brooke didn’t believe in his story about kissing Bridget.

Nick is angry when he thinks of Bridget almost getting killed in the snow on the trip. Amber is shown into Nick’s office. Nick asks Amber where Ridge is.

She has no idea what they are talking about. Nick suspects that maybe Amber threw him into another hole. Amber says that she has nothing to do with this. If Ridge is AWOL; it has nothing to do with her.

Morgan tries to get Ridge to lie down and close his eyes. She would like to explore the city when he is feeling better. Morgan goes around to all the windows and shuts the curtains. By the time that she has finished, he is fast asleep.

Once Morgan has made sure that Ridge is sleeping she goes to the phone. “Hi. It is me. I just got in. I need to see you right away.”

Brooke doesn’t believe that Ridge would leave and stay away because he is angry with her. Stephanie can see that there is a chance that Ridge is angrier than they thought. Brooke wants Ridge to come home now. She is worried about her husband. Stephanie says that there is nothing to worry about. People have seen Ridge in the Café Rousse. He is upset and he has every right to be upset. Brooke is not happy that she is not getting the support that she needs from Stephanie. Stephanie points out that she is in fact fighting for Brooke’s marriage.

Nick lays it on pretty thick and Amber doesnít care. She says that Brooke has thrown her husband out of the house, and that is not her concern. This isnít what Amber wanted to happen. She says that she wasnít planning to do this. She knows that she is responsible for the things that happened out in the snow, but she wants people to understand d that Amber is not a monster. There is nothing that she can do to prove that she wasnít ill-meaning. Amber says she is sorry to Bridget and then she heads to the door.

She tries to open it, but Nick slams the door and whispers to Amber that she better not come near any of the Forresters. She is warned that she will have to answer to Nick if she interferes again, and he is much worse to deal with than Ridge.

Stephanie tells Brooke that in all the years that she has been married to Eric, she never threw him out.

Morgan is watching over Ridge. She smiles as she strokes his face. There is knocking at the door. Morgan heads to the door in the outer room of the suite.

Morgan opens the door to her mother. The woman is glad to see Morgan. She really missed the girl. She didn’t visit her much when Morgan was locked up. The woman was busy. She works in neurology. Morgan knows that. Morgan’s mother knew that her daughter would come to see her. Morgan's mother is glad that Morgan has come to Venice. Life is free of choices. She can get away from the Forresters now. She should get herself a second chance. That is why Morgan is there. She would like to get herself a second chance.

Bridget believes that Amber doesn't have anything to do with Ridge missing. Nick is not that sure. He reminds her that you reap what you sew. Bridget kisses Nick for being concerned about her. Nick understands that Ridge might be blowing off steam by running away. He used to run away but now he plays pinball. He reaches behind Bridget and starts a game. She jumps on the machine and pulls him to her for more kissing.

Morgan is not happy that her mother refers to her stay in the asylum as a rehab facility. Morgan remembers what happened. She was 17 and she had everything that she wanted, and then it all fell apart. Morgan's mother turns on the couch and sees that there is a man’s jacket on the couch. “Tell me darling. Are you with someone?”

Stephanie says that there is a chance that Ridge has run off on Brooke. He has done the same thing to Eric when he was angry.

Brooke has to agree that there is a chance that Ridge is making her sweat.

Morgan's mother is glad that her daughter has found a man for herself. Morgan is glad to hear that. She needs her mother’s help and is glad to see that she wants to help.

The cell phone is ringing in the bedroom.

Ridge wakes and answers it. Brooke is on the other line. After Brooke says hello to him, she rambles, not giving him any time to say anything. “Ridge! Thank God. Where have you been? I am so glad to have found you. I love you Ridge and I want you to come home.” Ridge continues to listen.

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