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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/14/05



By Glynis
Pictures by Boo

Brooke is on the phone trying to find Ridge. When she hears the door, she gets off the phone with Meagan, and turns to the door.

Bridget is at the door, and Brooke canít hide her disappointment when she sees that it is only her daughter at the door, and not the man that she has spent the better part of her life chasing. She has no idea where Ridge has been for the past few hours. Brooke is ready to talk and work things out. Bridget is happy to hear that. Brooke was worried about Bridgetís whereabouts as well.

Bridget tells that she was at Nickís, and that she had the most wonderful evening. Brooke isnít sure that she likes what she is hearing.

Nick is having a swim out by his boat, and when he comes out of the water, his mother is there and wants to know why the jet was gone earlier. Nick pauses before answering. He has no idea why he has to divulge information about his love life while she can keep hers a secret.

Nick tells his nosey mother that he went out with Brittany on the dress. He is reluctant to talk about Brittany with his mother because she still feels that Nick is in love with Brooke.

Eric and Stephanie are out at dinner, and they discuss Brooke and Ridge breaking up. Eric feels that Ridge deserved exactly what he is getting. Stephanie sees that a mistake has been made, but screwing up a marriage isnít the way that this should be solved. A family could be broken up, and Stephanie doesnít want that. Eric canít help being angry at Ridge for what he has done, but he sees Stephanieís point about seeing the family together, and canít argue what she is saying. Stephanie hopes that Ridge is home where he belongs with Brooke, and that they have solved their problems.

Morgan has Ridge on a plane, and she feeds him a pill. He takes it and then looks at Morgan, seeing her image move in waves before him. He has forgotten where they were going. She reminds him that she is taking him to Venice to see a doctor. She tells him not to worry as she will be taking very good care of him.

While Eric and Stephanie are eating, the waiter that served Ridge comes over to tell Eric and Stephanie that Ridge had been there earlier. Now Ridge is gone it seems.

Eric can see that things are not right with Ridge and Brooke yet if Ridge was just there drinking his sorrows away. What is going to become of this family, Eric wonders?

Ridge is staring at Morgan while she looks elsewhere. In his mind he is thinking that he knows her from somewhere, but for the life of him, he canít remember where.

Morgan senses that he is watching her and she asks him what he is thinking. She doesnít wait for him to answer her. She only forces him to lie back and rest.

Nick tells his mother that things are great for he and Bridget, and that he wouldnít change anything about his relationship with her. He is sure now that he and Brooke are finished.

Bridget tells her mother that being with Nick is like falling on a cloud. Bridget is dancing around the room and doesn't even realize it. Brooke is still worried. She tries to be happy for Bridget but she does have her concerns. Bridget assures her mother that she shouldnít have to worry like this.

Brooke and Bridget discuss Nick having feelings for Brooke. Nick tells Brooke that Nick admitted to having feelings for her still but those feelings are different now. Bridget liked that Nick didnít avoid her questions, but answered them frankly. Brooke says that she was concerned for her daughterís happiness, and she has been thinking things over about Nick possibly being a good match for Bridget. Nick is a good man, and he is kind, and Brooke feels that Bridget can be trusted to make a good decision here. Bridget loves hearing that from her mother and they hug.

Ridge sleeps and Morgan watches him as they fly to Venice where she can put her plan into place.

Morgan thinks back to her conversation with Stephanie. Stephanie had forced Morgan to have an abortion and that had changed Morganís life for years. What Stephanie had done to her was irreversible. Stephanie knows that what happened couldn't have been pleasant, but she points out that Morgan is stronger for what happened to her. Morgan disagrees. She remembers that time that she first left LA. The thoughts never leave her about her baby. Especially at night. She hears the sounds of a baby at night. She is sure that it is Ridgeís baby, and it cries all night. She blames Stephanie for making her destroy that baby.

Morgan comes back to her senses now and pushes away her negative thoughts about Stephanie. She strokes Ridgeís cheek as he sleeps. She knows that this can be their chance now. Their second chance. Morgan looks down and sees the wedding ring on Ridgeís finger. She slips it off as he sleeps and closes her fists around it tightly.

Nickís phone is ringing. He sees by the display that Bridget is calling. Nick answers the phone pretending that he had no idea that she was on the line. He pretends that she is the pizza deliveryman. They laugh over that. She wishes that the night didnít have to end. Bridget worries that this really isnít happening.

Nick confirms that they are really happening. She loves her necklace and thanks him again for it. They have a good thing going and it is only going to get better. Nick wishes Bridget sweet dreams and she wishes the same for him.

Brooke is home looking at pictures on the mantle. She takes one down of herself and Ridge.

Brooke remembers them celebrating their love and the rest of their lives. He promised that nothing would destroy what they have.

The phone rings. Brooke answers to Stephanie who is still at dinner with Eric. Brooke confirms that Ridge isnítí home. Stephanie says that a bartender confirmed that Ridge had been drinking earlier. This worries Brooke somewhat. Maybe Ridge is sleeping it off somewhere. The guesthouse has been checked and Ridge isnít there. This isnít like Ridge. Stephanie is sure that Ridge will come home and she orders Brooke to call as soon as Ridge returns. They hang up.

Brooke goes back to the picture of she and Ridge to wonder some more, "Where are you Ridge?"

Ridge wakes on the plane and finds Morgan staring at him. He is restless. Something is bothering him. He tells Morgan that he doesnít remember who Morgan is. She tells him that it is his concussion that has him all confused. She only tells him that they are going to be fine. All that he has to do is trust her to take him to the doctor to make things better.

Brooke goes out the front door to look around outside. She is crying now. "Oh Ridge. Please just come home."

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