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Marone Jet:

Bridget continues to question Nick about his feelings for her mother. Nick is surprised that she is concerned about this but agree to talk out his feelings with her. Bridget explains that she realizes they are starting to get closer, and she just needs to make sure that she isnít falling for another man that is still in love with her mother. She knows what that is like because of Deacon. Nick reminds her that he isnít Deacon and tells her that there is no place that he would rather be right now. Bridget believes that, but she is looking past this one romantic trip. She asks him to look into his heart and tell her what he would do if Brooke was sitting across from him right now. Nick admits to Bridget that Brooke was the first woman he had ever loved. When he thought they were having a baby together, it really changed him. He tells her that he has a bond with Brooke that will probably never go away. Bridget misunderstands and thinks that it is a good thing that she find this out now. Nick insists that she let him finish what he was saying. He explains that the bond he feels with Brooke is a bond of friendship that he believes will always be there, but it is Bridget that he wants to be with. Bridget is the one he thinks of before he falls asleep, and when he first wakes up. Bridget finally lets down her guard a bit and accepts that Nick wants to be with her. The two of them share a few kisses. Nick then asks her to be honest with him also and asks about her feelings for Ridge. Bridget is surprised that Nick has any insecurities.

Nick tells her that he prefers to think of it as caution. Bridget tells him that she canít deny that she thought she had feelings for Ridge. She tells him that he saved her from that. She makes a few references to a poem by Emily Dickinson about a drowning woman and a sailor. Nick accepts Bridgetís answer and they kiss again. He tries to get her to tell him where they are going, but she keeps it a secret. He picks her up and spins around with her a few times before they fall on the couch and continue to make out. They are interrupted when the plane touches down and puts the brakes on. Nick is confused when Bridget admits that she instructed the pilot to come back to L.A. She explains that when they first took off, she wasnít sure that they were ready for a trip together. They both agree that things have changed since they took off. Bridget tells him that she hopes he isnít too disappointed since she knows that he isnít too fond of L.A. Nick tells her that he used to think of L.A. as just another city. Bridget is pleased when Nick tells her that he now thinks of L.A. as Ďhomeí.

Ridge & Brookeís house:

Thomas finishes filling Caitlin in on all of Amberís shenanigans. Caitlin canít believe that Amber would go that far to get Thomas back. Thomas admits that he was warned by everyone, but just didnít see it. Caitlin is happy that he is free of Amber now. Thomas becomes very interested in what Caitlin is saying when she tells him that maybe it was a good thing that they both took a little walk on the Ďwild sideí so they could end up back here together. She then becomes a bit embarrassed that she is thinking they mean more to each other than they do. She tells him that if she had seen him for who he really is, she would never have left him for Rick. Thomas asks her what she see in him now. She sees a very thoughtful young man, a man that makes her laugh even when she has had a bad day. She also likes his smile. Thomas likes what he is hearing and moves in a bit closer. Caitlin tells him that she is just sorry that they wasted so much time that they could have spent together.

Thomas agrees that they shouldnít be wasting time and kisses her. He tells her that he has been wanting to do that for a very long time, maybe longer than he even knows. He admits he got wrapped up in the whole Amber thing. That causes Caitlin to wonder if he is just on the rebound. They discuss his feelings for Amber. He tells her that he is just glad that Amber is gone. He realizes that she is wearing the broach that he bought her. She admits that she wears it all the time. Thomas confesses to her that he bought the broach long before he gave it to her. Even before she started going out with Rick. He admits that he held on to it partly because he knew that they would get back together some day. Caitlin is touched by this. Thomas tells her that this time he isnít giving her up. Caitlin happily agrees that this is forever as they kiss again.

Marone Mansion:

Massimo and Jackie have dinner, sitting at far ends of the table from each other. Jackie thoughtfully looks at her portrait over the fireplace and admits that she is surprised that Massimo still has it hanging. He jokes that he thought of using it as a dartboard a few times. Jackie tells him that she wouldnít blame him if he had burned it. She thanks him for the evening. He tells her it is only dinner, but to her it is much more. Just being back where they spent so many happy family times means the world to her. She admits that she canít face the pain that she must have caused him and Nick. Massimo tells her not to rehash the past and tells her that they have all moved on. Even Dominick has moved on with Bridget. He is taken aback a bit when Jackie doesnít seem too happy about that. Jackie explains that she thinks Bridget is a wonderful young woman, but she worries because she is Brookeís daughter. She believes that Nick still has feelings for Brooke, even if he doesnít realize it.

Massimo tells her that he believes Nick has moved way passed that and is happy with Bridget. He knows that Ridge and Brooke are committed to each other and Nick has accepted that. He suggests that Jackie accept it too. Massimo tells her that he has been in Nickís shoes. He has traveled the world over to find true love. He tells her that Marone men donít fall in love easily, but when they do, they fall hard. In any case, he thinks that there son is a very lucky young man. Jackie answers by saying that she wished Nickís father was as lucky.

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