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By Leigh
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On the Marone jet, Nick probes Bridget about where she decided they're going. Nick guesses Hawaii and Bridget tells him he's hot but it's not Hawaii. Nick tells her he's got a surprise and gets buffalo wings with blue cheese and beer. Bridget stops after her first one because they're so spicy.

Thorne tells Eric that he fired Amber. Eric tells him if it were up to him she'd spend the rest of her life in jail but Amber's going to get away with trapping Ridge and Bridget in the mineshaft because of Sally. Thorne listens as Eric tells him how inappropriate Ridge's feelings for Bridget are. Thorne disagrees and tells him that Ridge thought he was saying goodbye to Bridget.

Stephanie confides to Massimo that she's worried about Sally turning the picture of Ridge and Bridget kissing to the press. She tells him that Ridge crossed the line with Bridget. Massimo tells her that Bridget was at death's door and he'll make sure that the press doesn't get their hands on this story.

He tells Stephanie that Amber won't give up the only leverage she has left, and the photo is the only thin keeping her out of serious trouble. Massimo tries to put her mind at ease by telling her that Nick and Bridget are o the Marone jet and sharing a romantic evening. Stephanie asks him if he's got his own romantic evening planned because of all the candles. He admits that he and Jackie are having dinner and Stephanie starts to bash Jackie. She tells him not to compromise his dignity but Massimo tells her that Jackie is his life and Nick's mother. Jackie comes in as the two are talking and spouts to Stephanie that she should tell Massimo what she rally thinks. Massimo excuses himself from the room to take a phone call, and tells them to behave. Alone, Stephanie tells Jackie that she warned her before and isn't going to let her back into Massimo's life.

After they're both done with the buffalo wings, Nick gives Bridget a gift. A beautiful necklace she tells him it's beautiful. Nick tells her that she goes to his head.

Jackie tells Stephanie that she's acknowledged her mistakes and tells her it's Massimo's decision to make not hers. Stephanie tells her Massimo's vision is clouded when it comes to Jackie. Jackie tells her that people change and she's going back to being the woman she was before Deacon. Stephanie shoots back asking why she's aiming so low! Jackie tells her what matters is how Massimo feels and if he could forgive her it's none of Stephanie's business. Stephanie tells her she's not going to let it happen.

Thorne tells Eric he's sure nothing is going on between Ridge and Bridget. He tells Eric that it's been weeks and there's no indication that anything is going on between the two of them. Thorne points out that Bridget and Nick have gotten so much closer but Eric is concerned that her relationship with Nick is just her way of handling her feelings for Ridge.

Bridget loves the necklace Nick gave her and tells him it's beautiful. She asks him where the card is and asks if he's afraid to express his feelings. Nick pretends to have a pen and paper in his hand and pens out loud, "To Bridget Love Nick."

Stephanie drudges up the mistakes Jackie has made. She tells Jackie that first she lied about R.J.'s paternity and then had an affair with Deacon. Stephanie tells her trying to rationalize her behaviors proves she hasn't changed. Jackie tells her it's a good thing she doesn't have to worry about what she thinks because what matters is what Massimo things. Stephanie tells her to enjoy her dinner because if she has her way it'll be the last time she'll have the chance to, "play lady of the manor."

Nick tells Bridget that she's like a lighthouse, and when people look at the two of them when they're together they smile. He tells her that she brings a smile out of people. Nick tells her the thought of sailing away frightens him because he'd be lonely without her. Bridget's eyes tear up and she tells him she'd wait for him. Bridget tells him that she can't take another disappointment and doesn't want to lose another man to her mother. She tells him she needs to know that she comes first now, and asks him how he'd feel if Brooke was free. Bridget tells Nick that she needs to know he cares more for her than anyone else especially her mother.

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