B&B Wednesday Update 3/9/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/9/05



By Leigh
Pictures by Boo

In Morgan's hotel room, she tells Ridge again that Brooke called. Ridge looks confused and asks who Brooke is.

Amber arrives at the coffee house and sees Thomas studying. When she approaches him he tells her to get away from him. Amber tells him she didn't mean to hurt Ridge or Bridget and she trapped them in the mineshaft because she was desperate. Thomas tells Amber he should have listened to the warnings others gave him about her.

Nick consoles Brooke as she waits for Ridge to return home. Nick also tells Brooke that he and Bridget changed their minds about seeing each other. Brooke tells him she still has reservations about their relationship.

Morgan asks Ridge if he's feeling any better, but he goes back to sleep. She looks his symptoms up on the internet and determines that he has had a concussion.

At the coffee house, Amber tries to explain to Thomas why she did what she did when Bridget arrives and sees the two of them talking. Bridget tells Amber the only person they need protection from is her.

Morgan puts a damp cloth on Ridge's forehead, and remembers when Ridge held her in his arms. When Ridge wakes Morgan tells him that he fell off a stool at the Café Rouse and he doesn't even remember Café Rouse. Ridge stops her from calling the doctor and strokes her face telling her that she's sweet. Ridge gets up saying he needs to splash his face with water, and Morgan returns to the computer and reads an injury like Ridge has had could lead to amnesia.

Brooke tells Nick that she wishes she could give her blessing to his relationship with Bridget but she can't. Brooke tells him that Bridget deserves a man who can love her completely and Nick agrees. Nick tells Brooke that Ridge is a lucky man and he should be there with her now. She thanks Nick and he tells her to be happy before he leaves.

Amber tells Bridget she's not a threat to her or anyone and she was only trying to help. Bridget rehashes the whole scenario and how she trapped her and Ridge in the mineshaft.

Amber tells Bridget that Brooke will get over what she's done and will be stronger because of it. Bridget tells her the whole family is finally through with her. Amber asks Thomas if she's right.

Morgan slowly smells Ridge's jacket. When he comes out of the bathroom, Ridge tells her he doesn't remember anything.

Morgan tells him the reason he was in the bar was because he was angry and had an argument. Ridge tells her that he can't remember what he was angry about but asks her if they can forget about it.

On the Marone jet Nick places flowers and spruces the jet up. Bridget arrives and Nick tells her that they're leaving town … just the two of them.

Bridget tells him she's just seen Amber and it has her a bit upset. She asks Nick if she can take a rain check. Nick tells her he's seen Brooke and she doesn't want to let the picture ruin her marriage. Bridget thanks him because he encouraged Brooke to follow her heart. Bridget agrees to fly away with Nick. Nick assigns Bridget captain duties and asks where she wants to go. Bridget can't decide and Nick tells her she needs to be spontaneous. The two begin to kiss and she tells him she thinks she can get the hang of it.

Amber cries as Thomas tells her she tries too hard. He tells her his mom used to tell him that sometimes you just have to let go. Thomas tells her the kind of love she needs he can't give her and adds that he's through with her. He leaves Amber sitting alone at the table.

Ridge's cell phone (he doesn't remember it's his) rings and Morgan turns it off telling him they'll leave a message.

Brooke is leaving a message for Ridge. She tells him she hopes they can work "it" out and to call her.

Morgan tells Ridge there's aspirin in the bathroom and he can get some rest while she finishes packing. He asks where they're going and she tells him not to worry she'll handle everything. When he goes into the bathroom Morgan shuts off his phone mumbling sorry to Brook because Ridge isn't available. She picks up the phone and asks for international reservations; while on hold she tells herself she and Ridge will now have their chance.

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