B&B Tuesday Update 3/8/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/8/05



By Dawn
Pictures by Boo

At Café’ Russe, Ridge causes a commotion when he collapses on the ground. Morgan is there to help.

At Spectra, Thorne finds out what Amber did and tells her that if it was up to him he would prosecute her. He warns her that if Ridge and Brooke don’t make it through this, neither will she.

At home, Brooke looks at a framed photo of her and Ridge. She picks it up and looks at it longingly, then takes the photo of him kissing her daughter and puts it on top of the framed photo. At that moment, the doorbell rings and, thinking that it is Ridge, Brooke rushes to the door, only to find Nick standing there, not her husband. Nick presumes that he is interrupting her and Ridge, but discovers that Ridge has not yet made it home.

She and Nick talk about what would happen if Ridge did come home. Brooke confides in Nick that she is afraid that Ridge will never come home. Nick takes her in his arms and holds her as a single tear drops from her eye.

Ridge comes to, and he insists that he is fine, but the camera is still showing that he has blurred vision. Morgan and another man (identity unknown) help him up and she has the bartender get him water. He asks what happened, and Morgan tells him. Ridge says that he feels dizzy and after taking a sip of water, thanks Morgan for her help.

Thorne tells Sally that he has had enough of Amber and she is fired. Sally tried to reason with him, but he tells Amber to get out of the building.

Nick and Brooke continue their conversation. (Pretty much the same dialogue as everything else regarding the Ridge/Bridget “scandal”) Nick tells her that the one thing that she can be sure of is Ridge’s love for her. Brooke wonders aloud why he is not there if he loves her so much.

Ridge, still disillusioned, tells Morgan that he has a headache. She tries to get back to their previous conversation, but Ridge does not recall talking to her before (Oh no- please not another CBS amnesia case!!!! I’ve had enough of that!!!!) He gets up to go, but the dizziness stops him. Morgan thinks that it would not be a good idea for him to drive, and tells him that she will take him down to her hotel room and call a cab for him. He agrees, and they go, with the bartender watching curiously.

Nick and Brooke are still talking (about the same stuff- boring), and Nick tells her that she is the only one that can get through to him and deflate his ego. She is always going to love him, and she needs to forgive him and let him come home.

Amber is devastated and tries to reason with Thorne, but he is adamant. She leaves the room. Sally tries to change his mind, telling him that Amber is one of Spectra’s best designers, but Thorne will not budge on his decision. Amber gets to the elevator, and then a musical montage of all the good times she has had at Spectra. (Looks almost like a final farewell to Amber-like she’s leaving or something.) She cries and says goodbye.

Ridge and Morgan get to her hotel room and he asks what they are doing there (Did you forget already, Ridge?) and Morgan explains it all to him. She helps him into the bed, but she looks as if she is in no hurry to call him a cab. She instead sits on the chair next to the bed, and Ridge takes her hand in his and thanks her.

Brooke apologizes for all the tears, and he tells her that he is there for her. She tells him that she has taken enough of his time, but he insists that he is there as long as she needs him. He tells her that she needs to crack the door for Ridge to come in. He has a lot of pride. He tells her no more tears, sadness, or pain, and she says “Aye, aye captain. (Finally- a smile from Brooke!!!)

Ridge is sleeping, and in his coat, his cell phone is ringing. She tries to wake him up, but he’s out cold. She picks up the phone and listens to the voicemail that Brooke left, telling him to come home. She gets him up and tells him that Brooke called, but he acts as if he does not know who she is. (Looks like CBS has another amnesia case on their hands. Lovely.)

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