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At Stephanie and Eric’s house, Nick tells Ridge that he will not allow Ridge to hurt Bridget and Brooke anymore. Ridge scoffs at him, and mocks him for trying to save the family from a world of hurt. Nick tells Ridge that he is not the only one who thinks what Ridge did with Bridget was disgusting, and reminds him of how Brooke kicked him out of the house and how she can’t stand to be in the same room as him, and he looks him in the eye and says “You’re not at all sorry for what you did, are you”?

Stephanie shows up at Brooke’s. Brooke tells her that if she called her here to say I told you so then just get it over with. Stephanie tells her that she warned her that this might happen, and that she takes no pleasure in it. Brooke finds that hard to believe that Stephanie is not thrilled at the idea of Brooke being out of their lives. They discuss how upset they are at Ridge, and Stephanie admits to seeing the photo. Stephanie tells her that she does not have to remind her of seeing your husband in the arms of another woman, because she has been there. Brooke sits on the couch and wonders aloud why Ridge did what he did to her with her own daughter, after everything they had talked about and what they have been through. Stephanie tells her to pull herself together and start making decisions before things get out of hand.

Ridge tells Nick that he does not owe him any apologies, and Nick comes back saying that he does owe someone an apology. Ridge tells him that he did not do anything wrong. Nick looks totally shocked and reminds him of exactly what he did. Ridge starts getting angry and said that there was nothing romantic about it. Nick starts coming around the chair that he was standing behind and gets into Ridges face (or at least close enough) and tells Ridge how he knows how Bridget was confused about her feelings for him and how Brooke was worried about it and that she warned him not to get near her daughter, or she’d leave him, but he did it anyway. Ridge tells Nick that what he did or didn’t do is none of his business. Nick concedes that it’s not. It’s all about Ridge. And Nick is trying to get through to him, telling him that he needs to step back and reset his compass. Ridge asks him what happens if he does not want to take Nick’s advice; is Nick going to take over his family? Nick tells him that someone has to run his ship, and how can Ridge run it when he doesn’t seem to think that what he’s done is wrong. Ridge turns his back on Nick and starts to walk away. Nick tells him that is what Ridge’s problem is. Ridge tells him to get off of his soap box. Ridge tells him that he (Nick) has an agenda. He tells him that he is onto him. He thinks that Nick is overjoyed because now he can just swoop in and take Brooke away from him.

Brooke asks Stephanie what she is talking about. She says that the situation canít get any worse, but Stephanie insists that it can, unless she puts a stop to it. She asks Brooke if she knows who showed her the photo, and tells her that Sally did, and she is threatening to go to the media if they press charges against Amber and Clarke. Brooke turns the tables and says ďSo the situation could get worse for you and your precious reputationĒ.

Stephanie tells her to stop acting like a child, and tells her how it could affect her children if it becomes a public scandal. Stephanie tells Brooke that she just saw Ridge, and the kiss is no longer the issue. The issue at hand is what they are going to do about it. Brooke thinks that Steph is taking sides, but Steph says it isnít about taking sides, itís about family. Brooke retorts that it is about a family that she wants to protect no matter what. Stephanie tells Brooke that both she and Eric are appalled about what has happened, but they all need to put it behind them. Brooke tells her that it wonít be so hard for her (Steph) because she wouldnít have to live with that image burned into her brain, but she (Brooke) does. Stephanie believes Ridge when he says that there was nothing romantic about the kiss, and tells Brooke that she has to be smart about this, accept it, and donít blow it out of proportion. She tells her to take Ridge back. Now.

Ridge reminds Nick about how he warned him that this day would come. Nick tells him that he told him to take care of his wife and family. Ridge finishes his sentence, saying that if he left Brooke crying, he (Nick) would be there to pick up the pieces. Ridge starts mocking him again, and asks him who he thinks he’s kidding. Nick tells him that he is wrong again, but Ridge tells him that he has been waiting for him to screw up. Nick tells him that there is a big part of him that he (Nick) believes that Ridge does not deserve a woman like Brooke, especially after what he’s done, but he came here to tell him to go home back to his wife and kids and do everything that he can to salvage that marriage, even if it means getting on his hands and knees begging to take him back. Ridge once again gets offended, telling Nick that it’s not enough to seduce his wife, but now he wants the added satisfaction of humiliating himself. He goes on by saying maybe he (Nick)wants to wait until she is over him (Ridge) before he (Nick) jumps on her this time. Nick tells him that he does not want his wife. (Starts getting argumentative and tempers are getting red hot) Ridge says that he has never stopped wanting her, Nick says he is with Bridget now. Then Ridge really ticks Nick off when he says “Who just happens to live in the same house as we do. Under the same roof as the woman you are really after. I see a pattern here, Nick. It’s all becoming really clear. You and Bridget. You’re not trying to protect her. You don’t give a damn about her. (Nick tells him to be careful) She’s just a means to an end for you, Nick. You are using Bridget to get to her mother”.

Apparently Nick took all he could take, because at this point, he rears back and sucker punches Ridge in the jaw. Ridge is not knocked out cold, but he looks much disoriented.

Nick is telling Ridge never to think that way about Bridget. Ridge looks at Nick, but can’t see him clearly. He looks stunned from what just happened. Ridge does not answer to anything that Nick is saying to him. He slowly gets up and walks out of the house, not looking good at all. Nick calls after him, telling him not to blow his marriage into pieces.

Stephanie is trying to make Brooke understand what she needs to do. She is concerned about the children, and how much they have already suffered from Brooke’s mistake. They rehash (yet again) what happened and who’s to blame. Stephanie tells her to make this marriage work while it still can.

Nick is looking out the window when Bridget comes in. She asks where Ridge is, and he tells her pretty much everything that they discussed, minus the small part about punching his lights out.

Ridge walks into Café’ Russe, still very much disoriented. The bartender greets him, and offers a cup of coffee, but Ridge opts for water instead. He gets it for him, and Ridge has a hard time focusing on the glass to pick it up. He takes a sip, and not far from him, Morgan puts down her menu and sees Him. She smiles to herself and says that she knew he would show up eventually.

Brooke tells Stephanie that she would love nothing more than to let Ridge back in, but she does not think it is possible. Steph tells her to make it possible. Her family is the priority, not her bruised ego. Sometimes women have to look the other way, for the children’s sake. Stephanie tells her to make peace with Ridge.

Ridge is drinking his water when Morgan goes to him. It takes a moment to realize who it is. He tells her to go away, but she sits and says that she wants his forgiveness for what she did to him and his family.

She says that she has dealt with her demons and is better now. He asks her what she wants, and she insists that she wants to make amends in order for her to move on with her life. She says that she understands if he canít give that to her. He starts looking really queasy, and his eyes roll into the back of his head and he passes out on the floor. He looks conscious, but in a lot of pain.

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