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By Linda
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Todayís show takes place in three locations; we begin at the home of Brooke and Ridge. Brooke is there, with a visitor and we hear her saying, "I guess you think it strange; we do not even know one another that well, and here I am pouring out my personal problems to you." It is Hector that she is talking to, and he says, "I am glad that you called me; you do not need to be alone at a time like this." Brooke laments to the time not so very long ago that he was with her, reassuring her that Bridget and Ridge were alive and would be found. "Now I cannot believe that something like this is happening," she says as she stares at a photo.

Hector asks her is she is sure that something really happened. Brooke then tells him that this is the very reason she called him over - saying, "you are a man of high integrity and I can trust you; please tell me if I made a horrible mistake by sending Ridge away; was I overreacting?" She continues by sharing how very hurt and angry she is, how betrayed she feels. Hector asks if she is talking abut the kiss and Brooke says yes. Hector says that Ridge did think they were possibly dying, and Brooke admits that the kiss was probably innocent. But Brooke just cannot get it out of her head that Ridge "went there again with her daughter." He made a vow that this kind of thing would never happen again - no matter what the circumstances. "I really trusted him," Brooke cries, "until I saw this picture." She is referring to the one she has been staring at - Ridge and Bridget. She begs Hector to tell her that she is wrong, that Ridge is only comforting her daughter, she cries out, "tell me Hector, say it, I have to know that there was no passion involved here." But Hector says nothing and Brooke says, "you canít say it, can you?" "Ridge knew better; I told him never to cross that line again; he knew it was wrong."

Hector tries to comfort Brooke (since when have they ever been close - is this a hint of things to come?) saying, "I understand how much this hurts, as I raised my daughter all alone and I knew from the first moment I held her that she was a precious jewel that I must protect at all costs." He totally understands where Brooke is coming from, which seems to disappoint her as she thought he would defend Ridge and tell her that she was simply being irrational; she wanted to hear Hector say, "call him and tell him to come back home." She carries on about how she fell in love with Ridge the first time she ever saw him, and the only thing she has ever wanted was to be his wife and mother of his children. She adds, "we went thru hell to see this happen, but we did it and I only pray to God that this is the way Ridge says it is - but it just keeps going around in my head that Ridge did the one thing I begged him to never do again." Hector tells her that she should not continue to beat herself up over standing up to Ridge saying, "itís about time somebody did!"

At the Shady Marlin, we find Nick and Bridget. She spent the night there and feels guilty for taking Nickís bed from him. Nick insists that she did not take his bed and she gives him a kiss. Nick asks her if sheís hungry, but she says no as she is still upset over what happened last night.

Nick reassures her that she was not at fault in her mom and Ridge breaking up, but Bridget still feels guilty. Bridget says, "none of this would be happening if it wasnít for Amber." This is news to Nick and Bridget explains how Amber followed them to Big Bear, and how the "girl" she heard crying for help was really Amber. "She set it up and trapped me in that mineshaft." Nick cannot understand what Amber did this for and Bridget continues, "she trapped me hoping that Ridge would come after me and then she could get evidence to take to my mother." Nick becomes irate as they almost froze to death out there and says that Amber should be put away for life. Bridget says that she will if Ridge has anything to do with it and says, "she got what she wanted down there - a picture of Ridge kissing me."

Nick asks questions about the kiss and Bridget says that it wasnít like he thinks - that she barely remembers it. She tells him that she really only knows because Amber had a camera hidden down there and took pictures. Then she took them to Ridge - and he in turn showed them to Brooke. Ridge did not intend to be blackmailed, but Brooke went ballistic. She tells Nick that Brooke had warned Ridge that if anything like this ever happened again, their marriage would be over. Bridget defends Ridges, saying, "this was not a betrayal." But, Nick sees it as a betrayal, that Ridge had no valid reason to kiss her . Bridget defends him, saying that she guesses he was only trying to comfort her. Nick isnít buying into any of this as he tells Bridget, "Forrester is sick - very sick." He adds, "he is not going to get away with it this time!"

Bridget begs Nick to let it go - but he says, "No - he took advantage of you, and how very hard you have worked to get over your feelings for him and then when you are practically unconscience, he takes advantage of you." Bridget insists that it is Amber he should be blaming because she set this up to get exactly what she wanted. And that was to break his promise to her mother. Nick still says it never should have happened as Ridge has also continued to hurt his wife and his children; he is simply following the same old pattern he always has. Nick adds, "it will not happen anymore!" No matter how Bridget tries to defend Ridge, Nick is not to be swayed. He has had enough and he tells her that she deserves better and that her mother deserves better. "You, your mother, and your whole family have been victimized and it stops here," he says as he picks up his keys to leave. Bridget tries to stop him, but he only tells her to wait her for him.

We move over to the Forrester mansion where Stephanie is standing by the fireplace staring at the same photo. Eric joins her and wonders what is bothering her. He is concerned because she did not sleep well last night and didnít even touch her breakfast. As he continues to question her, they hear the door open - and in walks Ridge! "What are you doing here?" he asks his son. Ridge says that he spent the night in the guest house and snidely asks, "anything wrong with that?" Eric seems puzzled and looks at Stephanie for answers.

Stephanie shows him the picture she has been staring at. As she fills him in on the details and he looks at the picture, he becomes irate. "Ridge, this should have NEVER happened," Eric tells his son. Ridge tries to defend himself saying that he had no idea they were being set up. But this does not hold water with Eric as he reminds Ridge of the time at Big Bear when he witnessed Ridge and Bridget the first time - and he turned his back. "But, I swore to God that if it ever happened again, I would not ignore." Ridge becomes defensive that Eric seems to be taking Amberís side over his, saying that this is exactly what she wanted; she wanted everyone to think that he crossed the line. "But," Eric adamantly says, "you did cross the line again." Ridge goes on that it was freezing down there, and he thought they were gonna die, as he suddenly asks, "where did you even get this picture?" He thinks Amber furnished it, but Stephanie says that Sally brought it over, and that she is threatening to take it to the press.

Eric jumps back in and tells the two of them that the only thing he is interested in is his daughter and how she has been hurt again by this.

He jumps Ridge, wanting to know how he could be so reckless, and show such blatant disrespect for his wife and his family. Ridge defends himself by saying that he knows what is in his own hear, and he also knew what he felt in the mine shaft was not passion - but compassion. "Amber nearly killed us down there, and now everybody is blaming me; well I am sick of it, I did not do anything wrong, and if you all have so little faith in me then you can just go to hell," Ridge screams out as he storms away. An angry Eric tells him, "do not ever talk to me or your mother that way again." But Ridge is infuriated and continues that there was nothing sexual about that kiss, and it is not a violation or a betrayal. Eric says that is not how it looks, but Ridge does not care how it looks, it is what it is! Father and son continue to spar, as Ridge defends himself , saying, "you were not there." Stephanie jumps in now and says that Brooke must be pretty disgusted with him. Ridge says that she is, but only because of all the ideas his mother put into her head, but Eric warns Ridge not to blame his mother for this. "Yeah, right, and Amber is just an innocent bystander," Ridge sarcastically says. But Eric calls him down, saying he has run roughshod these past months - over Thorne...over Thomas...over him. He informs Ridge that there is something very, very wrong with him as he picks up the picture and orders Ridge to stay away from his daughter. "She has been hurt by you, and so has Brooke, which is why she canít stand the sight of you, and neither can I!" He storms out, as Stephanie just shakes her head and leaves also. Ridge sits and rubs his temples.

We next see Ridge on the phone and he is calling Sally. He tells her tp answer the phone, "I know you are there, and I swear if you breathe one word of this to the tabloids I will make sure that you regret it for the rest of your life." As he hangs up, Nick says, "you are one sick bastard." Ridge doesnít care what Nick thinks and goes to leave. But, Nick stops him and informs his brother that he needs a "good ass beating."

The two of them go round and round as the name calling continues. Nick, however, has the upper hand as he lists the faults of the might Ridge - how he rejected the Morone name - and him, as a brother. Then he turned on his other brother, Thorne, and tried to ruin his career. He goes on, "not to mention what you tried to do to the man who raised you, putting him out of his own company." He tells Ridge that he sat back and watched all this happen, as Ridge says, "that was a smart move on your part." But, Nick disagrees, saying that he should have gotten involved sooner - before Brooke and Bridget got hurt. "Brooke worships the ground you walk on and Bridget is so innocent and naive, but what did you do to the two of them? Well, no more!" "They need protection from you and I am here to see that they get it; I am making this my business because you screwed up - with Brooke, Bridget, Eric, Thorne and your kids. The pedestal theyíve put you on for years is gone, and I am putting you on notice that from now on you will answer to ME!"

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