B&B Thursday Update 3/3/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 3/3/05



By Leigh
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Bridget tries to tell Brooke not to overreact to the picture because there was nothing romantic or passionate about it.

Jackie questions Nick if his feelings for Bridget have something to do with Brooke. She asks him if Brooke were single would he want her back.

Hector goes to see Caitlin at Forrester. Hector invites Caitlin to get a bite to eat with him and tells her that Samantha isn't feeling well and needs some peace and quiet. Caitlin shows Hector the wedding dress she's designed for Samantha.

Sally stops in to see Stephanie at home. She tells Stephanie that she's always been concerned about her and her family. Sally shows Stephanie the picture of Ridge and Bridget kissing in the mineshaft.

Brooke tells Ridge and Bridget that she would like to pretend the picture never existed. She tells Bridget that the image in the picture won't just go away and she'll think of it every single time she sees the two of them together. Brooke asks Bridget if this is her way of punishing her for the mistakes she's made with Deacon and Nick.

Nick refuses to answer Jackie's question and tells her that Brooke is not single and never will be. He tells her all he wanted for Brooke is to be happy and she is. Jackie asks him if the passion he feels is the same for Bridget as he had with Brooke. Nick tells her he's moving forward with his life with Bridget.

Stephanie asks Sally if she's had the photo made, but Sally explains that Amber and Clarke were involved and the picture is legitimate. She explains to Stephanie that Amber tried to blackmail Ridge but he turned the tables on her. Stephanie is worried about how this picture will affect Brooke and the children. She then tells Sally it'll hurt Spectra's business too. Sally tells her it won't because she's sure Stephanie will make sure the picture doesn't hit the press.

Bridget and Ridge tell Brooke that they've made peace with the mistakes of the past. Bridget tells Brooke that the feelings she had for Ridge were before she started falling for Nick. Brooke tells Bridget that she's involved with the same men she was involved with. She tells Bridget that there's a problem with this and that she wishes there was some way they could convince her that there are no feelings between them. Bridget and Ridge try to convince Brooke to settle down and think about everything. She tells Brooke that when she's upset she does things she wouldn't ordinarily do. Ridge tells Bridget to give he and Brooke some time alone.

Hector tells Caitlin that the dress she's designed for Samantha is beautiful. Caitlin goes on and on, telling Hector how much it means to design her mother's wedding dress. She can tell that something is wrong and asks Hector about it. He tells her that he and Samantha are talking about holding off on the wedding for a while. He tries to explain that the two of them have things they need to work out. He tells her that it's been hard on Samantha living with a man who has been a bachelor for so long but they'll work it out. Caitlin cries because she's worried that they'll not get married.

Sally tells Stephanie that once the press gets their hands on this the scandal will hurt Ridge. She promises Stephanie that if Ridge and Brooke call the police she'll make sure the picture is plastered all over the tabloids.

Nick continues to work on the song he has written for Bridget when she arrives. Bridget is crying and asks Nick to just hold her. Bridget tells him she can't stop seeing Brooke's face and hopes that Brooke and Ridge will be okay. She tells him that they might be breaking up.

Ridge tells Brooke that he thought all her doubts and insecurities were behind them. Brooke tells him that there's always an excuse and a reason for the things he does. He tells Brooke that she's got to know that the two of them are real. Brooke tells him she can't be there with him right now and asks him to leave, and he does.

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