B&B Wednesday Update 3/2/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/2/05



By Leigh
Pictures by Boo

At their house, Brooke tells Ridge that she told him the only thing she couldn’t handle was something going on between him and Bridget. Ridge swears to her he kissed her goodbye and that's all it was.

Nick sits on his boat working on the song he wrote for Bridget when Jackie arrives. She sits and listens to him play without him knowing; when he's done she applauds. Jackie tells him she's come because she misses him and would like things to be back the way they were.

Amber arrives at Sally's office, Sally is angry with Amber, and tells her that she didn't think about the implications this scandal would have on Spectra. Amber tells Clarke and Sally that she doesn't know what's happening between Ridge and Brooke but that Brooke went off on her.

Ridge continues to try and explain to Brooke that he's not involved with Bridget. He tells her that she and the kids are the most important things in his life. Brooke tells him the picture doesn't look like a man that loves his wife, and asks him why he did it. Bridget comes in and hears the conversation going on between Brooke and Ridge.

Bridget hears Brooke tell Ridge that she'll never be able to look at him the same way again, and then Bridget asks Brooke what's going on.

Jackie tells Nick that she's sorry for all the mistakes she's made. Nick tells her that everyone makes mistakes and she just shouldn't repeat them. Jackie asks Nick about the new woman in his life, and wants to know who it is.

Sally tells Amber that it is no surprise Brooke believed Ridge and not her. Sally tells Amber that if she thought Amber going to jail would squash the story from the press … she'd drive her there herself. Sally tells Clarke and Amber that she's worried about their respectability in the fashion world.

Bridget tells Brooke that she wants to help with whatever is wrong. Ridge asks Brooke to keep "this" between them, but Brooke goes on and asks Bridget if she can be honest with her. Brooke asks if there's anything Bridget wants to tell her about what went on at Big Bear. Brooke tells her how worried she was when she and Ridge were lost. Bridget tells her everything is okay, but Brooke shows her the picture and asks her to tell her what this is. Bridget looks puzzled.

Clarke tries to calm Sally down telling her Spectra has survived bad press before. Sally tells Amber that their only hope is the photo makes Brooke angrier at Ridge than at her!

Jackie presses Nick, asking him for the name of his new woman. Nick tells her that he doesn't want to jinx it and he wants to be safe. He tells Jackie that "she" is a little younger and Jackie tells him she won't cast stones about that. Then he tells her that it's Bridget.

Bridget asks if that's her in the picture, and how it was taken. Ridge fills Bridget in about Amber's scheming the whole mineshaft incident. Bridget asks if anyone has called the police and states that Amber won't get away with this. Brooke looks at Ridge and tells him he didn't get away with it either. Bridget tells Brooke that nothing was going on, and Brooke tells them that Amber's plan worked because she knew how Bridget and Ridge felt about each other.

Clarke tells Amber and Sally that their future depends on the strength of Brooke and Ridge's marriage. Sally tells Amber to print the picture because she wants to show it to Stephanie. She tells them that Stephanie will want to keep the whole Big Bear incident quiet as much as they do.

Jackie starts to pace around, saying Bridget's name over and over again. She tells Nick that she likes Bridget but … she's Brooke's daughter.

Bridget tells Brooke that the picture is Amber's scheme to break their family apart, and that it's all about Amber not them. Brooke tells them that it makes her sick that they kissed and she can't stand to be in the same room with the two of them. Bridget begs Brooke not to throw away everything she's always wanted because of the picture, and she tells her not to let Amber do this to her.

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