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Hector & Samantha’s:

Priscilla continues to ruffle Hector’s feathers. Priscilla doesn’t think that Hector is sensitive to Samantha’s needs.

Hector doesn’t think that she is anyone to talk since she stole Samantha’s baby from her. Priscilla can’t believe he still holds on to that grudge. Hector doesn’t believe that Priscilla is there to ‘help’ at all. He believes that she is there to point out that he can’t afford to give Samantha the millionaire lifestyle that she is used to. No way can he afford 20,000.00 a dress for the wedding, with horse drawn carriages. She asks him if he thinks a barbeque with the fire truck bringing the bride would be appropriate. Samantha tries to step in, but Hector and Priscilla are well into their argument. Priscilla points out that Samantha thrives on art, culture, beauty and romance.

She thinks it is awful of him to expect Samantha to suppress that part of herself. She tells him that maybe that is how things are expected to be in ‘his culture’ but it isn’t good enough for her daughter. She can’t even believe that her daughter lives in a place like this. Samantha tries to get her mother to hush but Priscilla tells her not to worry, Hector probably hasn’t heard a word she has said. Hector realizes that Samantha has been talking to her mother when Priscilla comments that he didn’t listen when Samantha told him the same thing. Priscilla tells him that is what daughters do, confide in their mothers. Hector reminds her that his daughter never had a chance to learn that. Samantha tries to explain that she believes her mother is really trying. The cake that Priscilla brought if from the best bakery in France; it is where her father used to take her as a little girl. Hector decides to have a look at this cake and takes it out of the box. He comments how pretty it is, then digs in and gets a big handful and takes a bite. He asks Priscilla if he is offending her. He explains this is the way they eat cake in ‘his culture’ and asks if she wants a bite.

She declines, but he insists and smears cake all over her face. Samantha isn’t happy. She runs to get a towel for her mother to clean her face. Priscilla tells her daughter that she is actually happy that this happened. Maybe now Samantha will see Hector for who he really is. Hector yells at her to get out of his house, he never wants to see her in his home again. After Priscilla leaves, Hector asks Samantha why she is talking to Priscilla again.

Samantha explains that Priscilla is her mother. Even if Hector doesn’t believe that Priscilla has changed, she does believe it. She wanted to prove to her mother how happy the two of them were. Now Hector has just proven to her that all her suspicions were correct. Hector points out that Samantha has obviously told her mother about all of his character flaws. He doesn’t understand why she has done this, she knows how he feels about secrets. Samantha tells him that she is well aware how he feels about secrets and everything else, but he doesn’t know how she feels. She wonders if he cares. He tells her that she just needs to talk to him. She tells him that she has tried, but he just shuts her down. End of discussion. 

He treats her like one of the children. She tells him that she loves him and respects him more than any man she has ever met. She doesn’t feel that same respect coming back to her though. She thinks that he doesn’t really love her, he loves the idea of a perfect wife and mother. She doesn’t think she can live up to that, and probably wouldn’t even if she could. She thinks they should have gone slower and gotten to know each other better. Hector tells her that already knows her. She tells him that he doesn’t know her and he should, if he is going to marry her. She tells him that she isn’t ready for marriage as long as she still has all these questions. She leaves him standing alone in the front room as she runs upstairs.


Clarke and Sally continue to discuss what Amber has done. Sally is furious at Amber for being so stupid. She worries that one of their best designers is now going to end up in jail. Clarke tries to plead Amber’s case and explain what she was thinking.

They discuss Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. Clarke can’t believe that Ridge would really show the picture to Brooke. Sally doesn’t know who is crazier; Amber or Ridge. Clarke admits that they were freezing to death, the kiss was anything but romantic. Sally guesses that the picture made it look romantic though and Clarke admits she is right. Sally tells hijm that she knows how Brooke will react as a woman. Brooke will be angry with Amber, but she will also be furious with Ridge. Clarke knows that Brooke and Ridge have already weathered many storms, maybe they will this one. Sally warns that this is more than a ‘storm’. Brooke and Ridge are headed for a category 5 hurricane. The more Sally thinks about it though, she thinks that may not be such a bad thing for Spectra. Clarke doesn’t understand what she is thinking. She explains that if this does all blow up, once the tabloids get a hold of the story, it can’t be a good thing for Forrester Creations. Clarke doesn’t like the idea he gets from Sally.

They would never be the ones to leak it to the tabloids. Sally tells him she understands that people shouldn’t profit from other’s grief, but if an opportunity drops in their laps they should take it. Clarke warns her that kind of thinking is what got Amber in this position in the first place. We can see Sally’s devious wheels turning in her mind.

Brooke and Ridge’s house:

Amber continues to shove the picture in Brooke’s face and claims that she didn’t want to hurt Brooke. She only wanted to keep her from getting hurt again.

Ridge tells Brooke that Amber is playing her again and not to fall for it. Amber keeps telling Brooke that she wanted to show Brooke that there really is something going on between her husband and her daughter. Finally Brooke has had enough. She tells her that the picture only proves that Amber has totally lost her mind. Bridget and Ridge could have been really hurt. They could have broken their necks when they fell into the shaft. They were there for days with no food and no water. They almost froze to death. Amber again tries to tell her that she was trying to protect the family from Ridge. Brooke screams at her that she doesn’t believe that. She was trying to get revenge on Ridge for not letting her see Thomas.

She tells Amber that she will never forgive her for this, and neither will Thomas when he hears about all of this. This seems to start to get through to Amber and she quiets down for just a bit. Then she gets really desperate and charges into the conversation again. She again shoves the picture at Brooke and tells her that she was trying to prove to Brooke how out of control Ridge is now. He not only went after Amber, but Thorne and his father too. Brooke has had enough of Amber and picks up the phone to call the police. Amber tries to plead with her, but Brooke yells at her to get out of her house. Amber finally gives up and runs out the front door. Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks they should let Lt. Baker deal with Amber on this one now. He wants to thank her for how she handled all of this.

Brooke is strangely quiet as Ridge admits that he was nervous to show her the picture. He knew that he had to though for the sake of their marriage. He knows that they can survive anything as long as they are honest with each other. Brooke comments what a shock it is when you think that you know someone and then something like this happens and you realize that you don’t really know them. Ridge tells her not to waste any more time thinking about Amber. She shocks him when she informs him that it was him she was talking about, not Amber. She asks him how he could have done something like this. With tears streaming down her face she tells him that she begged him to stay away from Bridget. For Bridget’s sake and for the sake of their marriage. She demands to know why he would do something like this.

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