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By Leigh
Pictures by Boo

At their home, Ridge holds the picture of him kissing Bridget in the mineshaft and Brooke asks him what it is a photo of.

Hector arrives home and surprises Samantha. She obviously doesn't want him there and tries to get him to take her out.

Her mother Priscilla comes through the door saying, "Fresh from Paris," when she sees that Hector is there she doesn't look happy.

At Spectra, Clarke comes into Sally's office as she's getting all dolled up for a party she's been invited to at the Café Rouse. She tells Clarke that she was invited after depositing her fifty million dollars at the bank. Clarke tells her that he might be heading for jail because Amber has gotten him into trouble.

Driving her car, Amber keeps mulling over the threatening things Ridge said to her; that he was going to the police right after he tells Brooke about what she did.

Ridge continues to tell Brooke that Amber almost killed Bridget. He adds that there's more, and holds the picture. He tells Brooke that Amber took the photo with a hidden camera she placed in the mineshaft in an effort to entrap him and Bridget. Ridge tells her that Bridget was dying in his arms and all he was doing was saying goodbye to her. He tells Brooke that Amber wants her to see something ugly and sorted but it was only goodbye. Brooke is shocked by the picture and holds her hands over her wide-open mouth.

At Hector's, he is visibly upset and asks Samantha why she invited Priscilla into their home. She tells Hector that her mother is helping with their wedding plans and that it's her way of reaching out. Hector tells Priscilla that they don't need her help and tells her to get out.

Clarke fills Sally in on all the mineshaft details. He tells her how Amber trapped Bridgett and Ridge down there in attempt to get them to show their true feelings for each other. Sally asks him how he got involved, and Clarke tells her he had no choice. She tells Clarke that this whole mess will make it look like her design team was trying to bump off Ridge.

In her car, Amber tells herself that once Brooke sees the picture she'll know it wasn't her, and that Ridge was trying to seduce her daughter. She hears sirens and is worried that Ridge has already called the police.

Ridge tells Brooke that he knows it must be a shock but he wants to make sure that she understands, and that he was trying to say goodbye because Bridget was dying. Brooke is upset and tells him that she warned him to never cross that line again and the picture shows he kissed her on the lips. Ridge tells her he's not in love with Bridget and she's not in love with him. He begs Brooke to understand and believe him.

Hector tells Samantha that her mother is trying to buy her way into their lives, and that he wants her out now. Priscilla tells Hector that she wishes she would have taught Samantha to make up her own mind years ago because she might not have fallen for a man who tries to control her.

Clark tells Sally that Amber did get a picture of Ridge kissing Bridget on the lips. And tells Sally that once Amber showed Ridge the picture he turned the tables on her and threatened that he will be calling the police.

Ridge tells Brooke that Bridget is an amazing person but he's in love with her and always will be. He tells her that while trapped in the mineshaft he and Bridget talked about Brooke and how much Bridget wanted him to go home to her and their kids. Brooke tells Ridge that she trusted him and that he promised her he'd never cross that line with Bridget again. Ridge tells her that she should be angry with Amber and not him. Amber walks into the house while Brooke and Ridge are arguing and when Brooke sees her she asks Amber if she's responsible for the picture. Amber admits that she is and tells Brooke that she did it for her.

Sam asks her mother and Hector to stop arguing. She tells them both that she's never been happier in her life. Hector questions Samantha about Caitlin and if she's seen Priscilla and Sam tells him that she has not. Hector spouts that Priscilla cheated Caitlin out of a life she could have had. Priscilla tells Samantha that she'll only be supportive, but obviously Hector doesn't feel the same because her wants and needs mean nothing to him.

Sally tells Clarke that the future of their business depends on how Brooke takes the fact that Amber trapped Ridge and Bridget in the mineshaft. Clarke tells Sally that it all depends if Amber can convince Brooke that Ridge did something much worse with Bridget than she did by trapping them.

Ridge tells Amber to get out, but Brooke stops him and tells Amber she wants her to stay. Brooke walks over to her and smacks her across the face.

Amber, rubbing her face, tells Brooke that she deserved it, but to look at the picture and see how Ridge and Bridget are looking at each other. Brooke tells her that what she did was insane and she in fact is insane! Amber yells at Ridge that he's not worth Brooke's love and devotion and the picture proves it. Amber adds that she may go to jail but at least she has the satisfaction of knowing she exposed Ridge for what he is.

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