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Amber continues to pace around the office and look at the picture. Clarke comes in and realizes that the meeting between her and Ridge didnít go the way she had hoped. Amber immediately blames it on Ridge saying that he did it again and turned everything around on her. She informs him that Ridge took a copy of the picture and plans on showing it to Brooke. Clarke canít believe that Ridge will do that; he will destroy his own marriage if he does.

Amber tells him that she tried to talk him out of it but he wouldnít listen. She claims that Ridge is so obsessed with getting her, he doesnít even think of what he will do to Brooke. Clarke thinks that Ridge is bluffing, but Amber isnít so sure. Clarke is shocked to hear that Ridge was talking about calling the police. Amber tells him that Ridge was going to show Brooke the picture and then go to the police. Clarke gets a bit worried when Amber tells him that the two of them will be going to jail for kidnapping and various other charges. He demands to know if she told Ridge that he was involved in this. Amber admits that she was so upset, she doesnít really remember what she told him. They will figure out that she couldnít have done this alone though, and they will both be dead meat. Clarke isnít so sure. He thinks that once Ridge shows Brooke the picture, Ridge will be too busy trying to save his marriage to even think about going to the police.

Shady Marlin:

Stephanie pays Nick a visit to talk about his relationship with Bridget. She asks how the dinner with Bridget went.

Nick comments that nothing gets by her and asks if she is doing a rate-a-date article. Stephanie jumps on the word Ďdateí. Nick asks why she is there. She tells him she just dropped by for a beer and some conversation. She wants to talk about Bridget. Nick asks what about Bridget. Stephanie understands that Bridget is a very attractive young woman, but reminds him that she is Brookeís daughter. She is concerned because of that and because Bridget hasnít always made the best choices in men. Nick takes exception to a few of her comments, but Stephanie keeps pushing. She reminds Nick that he and Brooke were at the alter not too long ago. Nick tells her that everything between him and Bridget is out on the table. They have talked about all of it. He assures Stephanie that Bridget isnít the Ďdefaultí girl and that he sees Bridget for exactly who she is. A very bright, intelligent woman.

Stephanie reminds him that he did date her daughter, Felicia, for a short time. Nick tells her that some things are just not meant to last. Finally, Stephanie starts to back off a bit and even kind of gives her blessing to Nick. Nick is happy that he was finally able to convince her. Stephanie tells him that it isnít her she needs to convince; he needs to convince Brooke. Nick is shocked that Stephanie brings up Brooke. Steph tells him that Brooke told her that she had talked with Nick about Bridget. She wonders if Nick still has any feelings lingering for Brooke. Nick insists that he has moved on and so has Brooke. Brooke is happy in her life right now, he has accepted that. He thinks it is time that Stephanie accept it too. She will never be able to break Brooke and Ridge up, and neither will anyone else.

Eric & Stephanieís:

Bridget stops to see her father on her way home from her dinner with Nick. She is beaming at what a wonderful evening she has had. Eric is concerned that she is getting involved with Nick and he starts to grill her in the same way his wife is grilling Nick. He isnít thrilled when Bridget gleams that Nick is the most charming man she has ever met. She sings Nickís praises pretty loudly and Eric becomes a bit more than concerned. Bridget tells him that Nick makes her happy and asks if that isnít what Eric wants for her. Eric assures her that he wants her to be happy; he just doesnít want to see her rush into anything. Especially not with Nick Marone. The two of them discuss the fact that Nick used to be in love with Brooke.

Eric remembers what the whole mess with Deacon cost them all. Bridget tries to assure him that Nick is completely over her mother and that the situation this time is totally different. Eric isnít so sure. He reminds her that there is a whole city of eligible men at her disposal. She remembers that he hated anyone she has ever brought home when she was dating. He tells her that it is his job to hate every guy she dates because none of them are good enough for her. Bridget appreciates that he loves her and wants to protect her. She asks him to trust her this time. She knows what she is doing. Bridget again goes into detail explaining to her father what a wonderful man Nick is and how happy she is when she is with him. Eric admits that he has seen that she is happier lately, but he is still worried about her. The two of them share a hug as Eric assures his daughter that he loves her and will always be there for her, no matter what happens.

Ridge & Brookeís:

Ridge confesses to Brooke that he really went to see Amber, instead of going out to get dessert. Brooke isnít surprised as Ridgeís mood changed completely after he and Amber talked at the Cafť. She realizes there is more going on than she knows and wonders what Amber has done now. Ridge reminds Brooke that Amber is determined to be with Thomas. Brooke tells him that she doesnít want Amber with Thomas any more than he does, but she doesnít believe that Amber can be malicious. Ridge tells her that Amber is much more dangerous than Brooke knows; Amber is out to completely destroy their whole family. Brooke is shocked when Ridge tells her that Amber almost killed Bridget. Amber is the one that is responsible for Bridget falling into the mineshaft. At first Brooke tries to tell Ridge that Bridget falling into the mineshaft was a complete accident.

Ridge tells her that the woman that Bridget followed into the woods was Amber. Brooke doesnít understand why Amber would try to hurt Bridget like that just because she was mad that they wouldnít let her see Thomas. Ridge informs his wife that Amberís plan was far more than just trying to hurt Bridget. Brooke can hardly believe what she is hearing, and having a hard time letting it soak in. Ridge tells Brooke that Amber counted on the fact that he would go looking for Bridget when she didnít return. Brooke still doesnít understand why Amber thought that would help her to be back with Thomas. Ridge explains that Amber thought that if she trapped him and Bridget together that they would both act on feelings that she thinks Bridget and Ridge still have for each other. Brooke realizes the enormity of what Ridge is telling her and she is livid. Ridge tries to tell her that there is more to the story, but Brooke is determined to call the police immediately. Ridge stops her and tells her that he has to tell her the whole story, then they will call the cops. Brooke agrees to listen to the rest of the story. Ridge tells her that Amber planned this whole thing very carefully. He tells her about Amber watching them while they were all at the cabin and that she planted a camera in the mineshaft. Brooke is so mad now that she still has a problem letting things sink in. She demands to know why Amber would want a camera in the mineshaft. Ridge explains that Amber wanted the camera in the mineshaft so that she would have proof that she was right, and she wasnít going to let them out of the mineshaft until she had that proof. Brooke canít believe that someone would be that much of a monster, she almost let them die. She believes that it was all for nothing because Amber never got the proof.

Ridge slowly takes the picture out of his pocket and tells Brooke that there is something she needs to see. Brooke looks as if she is in total disbelief before she even looks at the picture.

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