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Amber is shocked that Ridge has threatened to send her to jail. She warns him that she can’t show the picture to Brooke, it will destroy his marriage. Ridge reminds her that is exactly what she has been threatening to do. Amber tells him that she didn’t want to break up his marriage. She grabs the picture back from Ridge and starts to leave, telling him she only wanted his attention. She stops cold in her tracks when Ridge tells her that she got his attention, and will get the attention of many others when she goes to prison. He wonders what she thought would happen. She just gave him proof that it was her that trapped him and Bridget down in the mine. Bridget almost died.

Amber tries to turn the attention back to what Ridge did wrong. She tells him that kissing his wife’s daughter was disgusting and she won’t let him turn this back around to her again. Ridge won’t let her hold the picture over his head either. She offers to tear up the picture and all the copies that she has of it. She wants to just forget the whole thing. Ridge tells her that he is going to tell Brooke about the whole thing, then he is going to the police with his story. He thinks the whole thing just might have been worth it, because now his whole family is going to hate her. Amber tells him that he has no proof that she took that picture. Ridge thinks it would take a detective a whole two days to track down where the 911 call came from to the rescue team. He is sure there are credit card receipts, fingerprints, surveillance equipment, etc. Amber tries once again to plead with him that if he shows the picture to Brooke, he will destroy her. Ridge tells Amber that he and Brooke really do love each other, and Brooke will feel the same way he does. She will root in jail. He tells her that she should be happy that Bridget didn’t die, or she would be sitting on death row. He storms out, leaving Amber to worry about what he will do. She paces the office and tries to convince herself that Ridge won’t show the picture to Brooke. If he does, it will blow his marriage wide open.

Ridge & Brooke’s house:

Stephanie and Brooke continue to argue about the relationship between Ridge and Bridget. Stephanie still thinks there is something to worry about. Ridge’s behavior lately is showing a very disturbing pattern. His feud with Thorne, his trying to remove Eric from his own company. Brooke continues to insist that Bridget and Ridge only have feelings of friendship toward each other. Stephanie brings up the ordeal that Bridget and Ridge just survived. They almost died together, that builds a bond between people. Brooke is obviously letting Stephanie get to her again, but she covers well and again insists that Bridget and Ridge do not have feelings for each other. Stephanie then asks her about Bridget and Nick. Again, Brooke tells Steph that Nick and Bridget are just friends also. She knows because she talked to Nick about it. Stephanie wonders why Brooke would object to Bridget seeing Nick. Brooke explains that she doesn’t think it is healthy for Bridget to see another man that used to be involved with her mother. Stephanie makes a wise crack about Brooke thinking that any man that is bitten by the ‘Logan bug’ never gets over it.

Brooke realizes that Stephanie is again referring to Ridge and is quickly loosing patience with Stephanie. She once again tells Stephanie that she believes in her husband, as Ridge enters and wants to know what is going on. Brooke tells him nothing and Ridge asks his mother to leave. He wants to talk to his wife alone. Stephanie tells him that she came to see Ridge about something important, but she can see that it isn’t a good time. She tells Ridge that she will see him tomorrow as she leaves. Brooke thanks her husband for rescuing her. Ridge tries to get Brooke to tell him what the argument was about, but Brooke doesn’t want to spoil the night. It was supposed to be a celebration. She asks where the desert is that he was supposed to be picking up. He admits to her that the dessert was an excuse as he takes a peek at the picture in his pocket. He tells her that there is something he needs to tell her.

Shady Marlin:

As Nick cleans up the dinner dishes, Bridget looks around and asks about some of the artifacts that he has collected during his travels. He tells her a story about being stranded on an island and being taken in by a tribe that nursed him back to health. He shows her one carved statue telling her that the tribe carved it for him to show that they thought of him as a God of virility and manhood.

As he hands the statue back to Bridget, she sees a ‘made in China’ sticker on the bottom and calls him on his tall tale. The two cuddle on the couch for a bit and share their thoughts about each other. It is clear that the two of them are falling in love. Nick asks if she minds listening to a new song that he is writing. She readily agrees and he pulls out the guitar. He tells her that the song is about the way he has been feeling and the things that he thought about when he was out in the snow looking for her.

He sings her the beginning of a very pretty song and Bridget is clearly touched by the song. The two of them decide to spend some time on the deck and share a cup of coffee. Bridget tells him that she has enjoyed the whole evening. Nick reminds her that the evening isn’t over yet. She is pleased to hear that he isn’t ready to get rid of her yet. As Nick’s song plays in the background, we are treated to a collage of scenes with the two of them lovingly enjoying looking at the stars and Nick showing Bridget some card tricks.

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