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By Leigh
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At Spectra, Amber makes it clear to Ridge that she doesn't want to show the picture of him kissing Bridget to Brooke. Ridge asks if all he needs to do is stand clear of her and Thomas and Amber asks if they've got a deal.

On Nick's boat, Bridget arrives as Nick is talking on the phone with Massimo.  Nick tells Bridget that Massimo wanted to thank her for not telling Deacon about the plot to get him drinking again.

Bridget tells Nick that she doesn't agree with Massimo's tactics. He tells Bridget that Jackie and Massimo saw each other and things seem to be going well with the two of them. Nick shows Bridget that he's prepared a meal for her to show how grateful he is.

Expecting Ridge, Brooke removes her robe when there's a knock at the door, but when she opens it it's Stephanie! Stephanie asks if she's doing another porn show like at the hospital!

Stephanie tells her the reason she's there is to let them know that Eric is talking about retiring from Forrester Creations. She tells Brooke that running the business without is family is lonely for Eric, and he's feeling like his dream has come to an end.

At Spectra, Ridge reiterates Amber's demands, and she tells him she thinks it's a fair tradeoff. Ridge tells her he'll hold on to Brooke and Thomas and have her put in a mental facility because trapping him and Bridget in the mineshaft was twisted revenge. Amber tells him it's about justice not revenge and points out that obviously by the picture he actually still has feelings for Bridget. Ridge tells her the feelings in the mineshaft were not romantic and she knows that, however, Amber tells him it's Brooke's reactions to the photo he needs to worry about. She asks him how he'll feel when Brooke isn't part of his life and adds that it's pain beyond belief … after all she tells him she knows exactly how that feels.

On Nick's boat, Bridget comments about the wine and is surprised Nick bought it. He tells her it was on sale! Then she looks around and comments about how cleaned up his place looks and Nick tells her he's trying to impress her. Bridget tells him the most impressive part is … and she opens a closet and everything comes crashing out! She asks him how he got all that stuff in such a small space!

At Brooke's, she tells Stephanie that Ridge is just trying to get his life back on track after the accident at Big Bear. Stephanie again sparks Brooke's insecurities about the relationship between Ridge and Bridget, and asks her if she's worried about the two of them. Stephanie asks if she it's gone through her mind about what might have happened between the two of them while trapped in the mineshaft.

At Spectra, Amber tells Ridge that she'd do anything to get Thomas back because she loves him.  She tells him that he's different since he found out that he's not a Forrester. Amber brings up all the people he's been pushing around, and tells him that someone has to make him realize what a jerk he' been. Ridge can't believe that she was worried about what he was going to do when she was the one who almost killed Bridget.  Amber tells him that she was the one who called mountain rescue.

Stephanie explains to Brooke that sometimes in situations such as Ridge and Bridget being trapped in the mineshaft people do things that they wouldn't ordinarily do. Brooke insists that nothing happened and Bridget and Ridge would never betray her, and she's surer of that than anything else in her life.

Amber tells Ridge that she didn't try to kill him and it wasn't her intention to leave him in the mineshaft so long. Ridge asks her if she really expected him to make love to Bridget while she suffered from hypothermia and couldn't even move. He tells Amber that he thinks the police will see it his way too, and tells her she's guilty of kidnapping, assault, and attempted murder!

Bridget is impressed by the meal that Nick prepared for her. Bridget tells him there must be many lonely women pining away after him and he nods adding, especially now that he's attached. When Bridget asks him what he's attached to he tells her his job in LA. She tells Nick that with him she feels safe and she's not concerned with the difference in their ages because he's like a big kid. Bridget tells him that she knows who he is and she's found what she's been waiting for. She adds that she's on board for the duration.

Brooke tells Stephanie about the dinner she and Ridge had at Café Rouse. She tells Stephanie that Ridge promised her that she'd never feel the kind of pain again she felt about him and Bridget. Brooke tells her that she has total and complete trust in Ridge.

Ridge grabs hold of Amber and tells her the state will press charges against her for luring him and Bridget into the mineshaft. Amber insists that it'll never go to court, but Ridge yells at her, "The hell it won't!" She tells him that he doesn't have the nerve to bring the picture to the police because it'll be plastered all over the newspapers and he won't risk Brooke finding out. Amber tells him that he's bluffing, and Ridge tells her he's not and that he's got an ace up his sleeve that he intends to use.  He tells her that he'll tell Brooke himself, and right after he tells her he's going to the L.A.P.D. and she'll spend the rest of her life in prison.

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