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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/22/05



By Leigh
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At the Café Rouse, Amber leads Ridge to believe she's got another picture of him and Bridget kissing hidden underneath the cover over her dinner plate. Ridge asks her where she got the picture and Amber tells him he should be more worried about Brooke seeing it.

Massimo admits to Bridget that all it took was a few doses of grain alcohol and Deacon was on his way back to drinking. Bridget tells Massimo that she can't believe how cruel he is, but Massimo counters telling her how Deacon seduced Jackie right in front of him when he was stuck in the wheelchair and not even able to breathe on his own. Nick tries to calm Massimo down but Massimo tells her that he hopes Deacon is suffering and adds that it's nothing compared to what he did to Jackie and him.

Just as Amber tells Ridge that Brooke is on her way back to their table Clarke cuts off Brooke and begins to make small talk. Clarke tries to get Brooke to sit down and have a drink with him but she declines and makes her way to her table and then sees Amber.

At home alone, Deacon keeps hearing Jackie's voice. He remembers special time that they spent together and tells himself that he's got to get out of there.

Brooke tells Amber that she knows she misses Thomas but intruding on their dinner is not going to help her cause. Brooke notices and mentions that Amber has brought it along. Amber tells her that she's made some changes and adds that she and Ridge were having a nice chat and that she was sensing an attitude change on Ridge's part. Ridge tries to get Brooke to leave but Amber insists she's not trying to ruin their evening. Brooke tells her if she doesn't leave that she and Ridge will. Amber starts taunting Ridge again … telling Brooke that she wants to see the look on her face when she opens her food plate. Finally, Amber lifts the lid and it's food! She comments to Brooke that it looks delicious, and tells Ridge that it's all up to him, then Amber leaves them alone.

Brooke tells Ridge that they should not allow Amber to ruin their night together.

Jackie goes to see Nick at his office. When she gets there Massimo is there and he tells her that Nick is out. Massimo asks her if there's anything he can do for her.

In her car, Bridget calls Deacon and tells him that she needs to talk with him. Deacon tells her that it's not a good time. Bridget asks where he is and tells him she's coming right over. Deacon asks if she hadn't heard that he's a disaster waiting to happen and if it's important she's got the wrong guy. He tells Bridget good-bye. Bridget tries to stop him from hanging up but she's too late.

In their car, Ridge mind wonders and he's thinking about he and Bridget's time in the mineshaft and remembers that he thought he was going to lose her. He questions if he really kissed her and how Amber got the photo. A horn blows and startles Ridge back to reality. Brooke asks him if he's okay and mentions that he hardly ate anything. Ridge tells her that Amber spoiled his appetite. He tells Brooke that he's going to drop her off and go and get them some dessert.

At Spectra, Clarke is freaking out. He tells Amber that the stress of waiting for her to show that picture to Brooke was horrible. Amber tells him that she never really intended to show Brooke the picture because after all she's going to be her stepmother-in-law one day. Amber tells him she's sure that Thomas will take her back and everything will work out for her. Her cell-phone rings and it's Ridge, he asks where she is and tells her to stay put that he's on his way to see her. Amber tells Clarke that he might want to leave since Ridge will be there soon.

Bridget arrives at Deacon's but he's already gone. She finds a letter of resignation from him to Jackie. Nick arrives shortly after there and Bridget fills him in that Deacon quit his job and she tells him how bad Deacon sounded on the phone. Bridget tries again to reach Deacon on his cell phone and when it rings she realizes that he left the phone there in his house. His answering message tells the callers not to leave a message because he won't get it.

In Nick's office, Jackie tells Massimo that he was right about Deacon. He tells her that he doesn't take any pleasure in her pain and she hugs and thanks him.

At Deacon's, Nick sees that the phone book is open to rehabs and he tells Bridget that Deacon is going where he needs to be. Bridget asks Nick if he doesn't think Jackie deserves to know the truth about what Massimo did to him. Nick tells her that he thinks this is the best thing that happened for his family and now they'll have another chance to be a family. He convinces Bridget that she needs to leave this alone and it's best for everyone including Deacon.

Ridge confronts Amber at Spectra. He can't believe that she deliberately trapped him and Bridget in the mineshaft and actually had a camera placed down there. Ridge tells her that Bridget almost died! Amber admits that she made a mistake and Ridge tells her that she's sick! He explains that the kiss wasn't anything romantic and was only because he thought she was going to die, but Amber points out that Brooke certainly won't see it that way. Amber tells Ridge that Brooke will never see that picture if he'll just let her and Thomas see each other again. She tells him that together they can put an end to all of the hurt and claims she doesn't want to be his enemy. She promises him that if he'll give her another chance he'll never regret it.

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