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Deacon’s house:

Deacon comes home to a very worried Jackie. She was worried that he would be angry with her for pulling him out of his business trip.

Deacon tries to crudely come onto Jackie and she realizes that he has been drinking again. Deacon goes off on her and tells her that he doesn’t want to hear a lecture right now. He rudely tells her that he needs a lover right now, not a mother; God knows she is old enough to be his mother. Jackie is shocked at his words and tells him that she thought the age thing didn’t matter to the two of them. Deacon continues to rant and rave at her and tells her that he doesn’t want to be in this relationship any more. Jackie starts to cry and begs him not to say those kind of things. She knows they can get back to what they had if he will just let her help him stop drinking. Deacon realizes that he isn’t getting through to her and acts as if he is about to start getting violent. He over throws the coffee table and yells at her again that he wants out. He grabs her by the arm and shoves her out the front door telling her to never come back.

Then he collapses against the door and cries. He wishes happiness for Jackie now. Now she can be with her family. He turns the coffee table upright again and looks at a picture of him and Jackie, remembering happier times with her. He knows that being with her family is what makes her happy. He tells the picture that he will never forget her, and he will never stop missing her. Outside, (even though Deacon threw her out of the house without even her purse) Jackie looks at the same picture of her and Deacon. Clutching it to her chest, she sobs for what they have lost.

Marone Industries:

Bridget finds Nick with diving gear on over his clothes and wonders what he is doing. He tells her that after he has been away from the office for a while, he has trouble getting back into work again. He asks how she is doing and if she still has all her fingers and toes. She tells him that she does, all thanks to him. He tells her that he doesn’t want any ‘hero-worship’ going on, but then tells her that a ‘little’ hero-worship would be okay. They slyly flirt back and forth as they talk about what he had to go through to pull her out of that mine shaft. When Nick’s phone rings, Bridget realizes that he was hoping that the call would have been from someone else. Nick admits that he was hoping to here from his mother because he is worried about her.

Bridget admits that she knows Deacon is drinking again. She tells him that it just doesn’t make sense to her that he would start drinking again. He had his whole life back together. From Nick’s guilty look, she guesses that someone helped Deacon to start drinking again. She asks if Massimo was the one just as Mass enters the office. Bridgett demands to know if he did something to make Deacon start drinking again. Nick tells Massimo that he didn’t tell Bridget anything.

Mass reminds Bridget of all the nasty things that Deacon did to him, he thinks he is fully justified in whatever he does to Deacon. Massimo scoffs at Bridget when she tells him that Deacon has changed because of how much he loves Jackie. He tells her that Deacon has not changed a bit. He is manipulating Jackie just like he did Bridget. He reminds her that Deacon put him in the wheel chair and tells her that he could have broken Deacon’s legs. Bridget tells him that he should have, because what he has done is much worse than breaking Deacon’s legs. He has broken Deacon’s spirit!

Café Russe:

At Brooke and Ridge’s table, he continues to profess his love for her. He assures her that nothing or no one can ever come between them again. Brooke admits to him that when she saw the picture of him and Bridget together, it brought back all of her insecurities. She tells him that she never realized that she had these feelings inside until she was forced to deal with them. When Bridget and Ridge both searched their hearts and told her that they honestly didn’t have feelings for each other, that is when she truly felt like she was past the betrayal. Ridge tells her that he is sorry she had to go through all that. He promises that she will never have to go through that kind of pain again. Brooke starts to cry tears of happiness. She is so happy that they have put that chapter of their lives behind them. Ridge tells her how beautiful she is. She doesn’t agree since she has mascara running down her face. She excuses her self to go to and fix her makeup.

Clark and Amber watch Ridge and Brooke from their table. Clark tries to talk Amber out of causing problems for them, but Amber’s mind is made up. She is determined to bring Ridge down because of the horrible way Ridge has treated her. She tells Clark that the picture proves that Ridge still wants Bridget. He could have kissed her on the cheek or the forehead but he didn’t. The fact that he kissed her on the lips proves that she is right. When Amber sees Brooke leave the table, she manages to get two dinner plates with covers and sets one down in front of Ridge and one at Brooke’s place at the table. Ridge is shocked to see her. She tells him that she is serving something special for him and Brooke and urges him to see what is on the plate. Ridge sees the photo album and starts to go through it. The first few pictures are still of the Christmas dinner that they all shared. He doesn’t understand what Amber is trying to do.

She encourages him to continue looking. Ridge is rocked when he turns the next few pages and sees four or five copies of the picture of him kissing Bridget in the mineshaft. He asks Amber how she got the picture, but she side steps the answer. She tells him that he forced her to do this. He refused to treat her with any kind of kindness or respect. She has spent her whole adult life trying to get his approval but he insisted on being a jerk to her. Ridge sits quietly listening to Amber’s whole speech.

As all of this soaks in, he first gets a look of terror on his face, and slowly the look turns to one of realization. Amber notes that Brooke is on her way back to the table and tells him that Brooke has a photo album of her own to look at when she gets back. Brooke stops to talk with friends at another table as Amber continues to revel in her victory of the mean and evil Ridge Forrester. She tells Ridge “How do you think she'll like her filet of betrayal -- with a little incest sauce and some divorce on the side?”

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