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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/18/05

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By Dawn
Pictures by Boo

Ridge and Brook are getting ready to go to Café Russe and as they are getting dressed, the love bug comes along and they start making out instead of getting ready.

Amber is looking again at the incriminating photo, and adds it to the photo album that she made for Ridge. Clarke comes in and she tells him what happened with Brook and Ridge. Clark tells her to let it go, but Amber will not listen to reason. She still insists that she is going to have the last laugh.

Deacon can’t stop thinking about Jacki. Heather tells him not to beat himself up, but Deacon tells her that he really blew it and he is a loser. Heather looks very concerned for him.

Nick is still trying to talk Jacki into going back to Massimo, but Jacki is hard to convince. She looks like she is considering what Nick is telling her.

Heather tells Deacon that he is not a loser. Deacon tells her how great of an assistant she is, but advises her to quit because one of these days she is going to come into work not knowing whom she is working for; Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. He tells her that Jacki got a glimpse of the other side of him and it scared the heck out of her. He continues by telling her how he thought that he had gotten rid of his dark side and can’t understand how he got back in. Heather looks guilty as all get out, but Deacon doesn’t see it. She tells him that he has beaten it before and he can again, but Deacon says that he didn’t beat it in the first place, because if he did, he would not be going through it all again, this time taking Jacki down with him.

Jacki says that she is aware of Deacon’s faults, but she does not expect him to be perfect. Nick accuses her of using Deacon as a rebound and that he knows that Mass is the love of her life and that Mass feels the same way. She says that she will always love Mass, but she loves Deacon too. Nick tells her that she may feel something for Deacon but it is not love. He tells her that she may have a last chance with Massimo and put her family back together again, but she can’t let it slip away. She tells him that she cares about her family, but it was her secrets to keep him and Brook together. Nick tells her that there is another woman in his life now, but he won’t tell her who. He is trying to lure into coming home.

Clarke reminds Amber that Bridget and Ridge could have died in that mine shaft and she is not doing the right thing by doing what she is planning. He says that revenge can be made by success. Proving them wrong. Amber says that she is going to prove them wrong, but with the photo. Amberís phone rings and it is Thomas. He tells her that he heard about the album that she made for the family.

He tells her it was really sweet of her to do that. She tells him that she is not going to give up trying, and Thomas tells her that he hates seeing her get hurt over and over again. She says that Ridge canít keep her down, and she will win him over again. Thomas invites Amber for coffee at Insomnia, and she tells him that she does not want to put him in the middle of her and his family, and that she does not just want him for an hour, she wants him forever. She declines the invitation, but tells him to hang in there, and it will all work out in the end. Amber tells Clark that Brook and Ridge are at the Cafť Russe and she tells him that they are going there as well.

Deacon tells Heather that it is no use trying to get sober when it is not going to last. Heather tells him that he does not mean that, but Deacon tells her that he is tired and miserable and he is deluding himself by saying that he is happy. He looks at a picture of Jacki and tells Heather that he can’t ruin the best thing that has happened to him. As long as he has her by his side, he will have the strength to get through this. He decides that he is going to beat the bottle, and do it for Jacki.

Jacki tells Nick that she takes full responsibility for the distance between them, that the family is torn apart because of her secrets, but Nick tells her that nobody’s hands are clean. He said that he is not there to rehash how everything fell apart; he is there to try to put it back together. He tells her that she and Mass are good for each other, but Jacki tells Nick that it is too late.

At Café Russe, Ridge is toasting to Brook to not ever take a single moment for granted and always taking advantage of the amazing life that they have. They talk about their family, and more pointedly about the near tragedy with Bridget. Amber and Clarke come in, and Amber sees them having a good time.

Deacon comes into the house, and hears Nick and Jacki talking. Jacki is saying how much she and Deacon need each other and that she is not going to abandon him. Nick tells her to forgive herself and the rest will fall into place. Jacki says that this is her life now, but Nick insists that it doesn’t have to be that way. Jacki says that she can’t deny how happy she was with Mass and they were a family together, but Deacon needs her and she can’t leave him alone with all he is dealing with. Nick takes her hands in his and tells her that she has been given a small window of opportunity and he does not know how long Mass is going to keep it open for her, so she needs to make a decision.

Brook and Ridge are talking about how Bridget is healthy and moving on with her life. Ridge commends Brook for her courage when Amber came to her with the photo of him and Bridget together (not the current one- the one before).

Amber and Clarke get seated at a table within eye view of Ridge and Brook, Clarke again tries to get Amber out of showing Ridge the photo, but she insists that it is the only way. Amber keeps looking over her shoulder and chastises Ridge. Clarke again tells her that she can’t do this because it will incriminate herself, but Amber asks him why she should sacrifice her happiness for Ridge. She says she is not going to do it.

Brook tells Ridge about how her heart was pounding when she had to ask him if he still had feelings for Bridget. Ridge tells her that she was brave. She was afraid that she would be swallowed up hole by the abyss if he said that he still had feelings for her daughter. It would have changed their past and rewritten their entire history. Ridge tells her that nothing is ever going to separate them again. And it will only get better after everything they have had to face. Ridge tells her that she will never have to doubt herself, him, or their love ever again and she is on solid ground and will never have to worry about the abyss because he is never ever going to let her fall. Then he gets up and kisses her.

Amber and Clarke are watching all this and Amber tells him to enjoy this time while he can because these carefree moments with your wife will be your last. Then she reaches into her purse and gets the album. And looks at Clarke mischievously.

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