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By Dawn
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Ridge calls Forrester looking for Brook. He wants to warn her that Amber may stop by there. Megan tells him that she was there the day before with Thomas and Ridge tells Megan to inform security that Amber is banned from the building. Megan notes that he sounds riled up, but he tells her that she canít do anything to hurt him. It is Thomas that he is worried about.

Amber is showing Brook the picture of Ridge and Bridget. Amber tells her that Ridge told her it wouldnít happen again, but it did. Brook wants to know where she got the picture, and Amber tells her that it was taken in the mine shaft where she trapped them. Brook is stunned and Amber tells her that she tried to warn her, but she wouldnít listen, so she had to prove it. Brook looks again at the picture while Amber continues to soak into Brookís mind that Ridge crossed the line yet again, and how Bridget looked up to him as a father figure and he betrayed her and that he betrayed Brook too, because he kissed her. Brook tries to think that it is not real, but Amber presses on, telling her that it is. How Amber was made out to be the enemy when it was Ridge the whole time, and how he violated not only Brookís trust, but he violated Bridget as well. Brook yells no, but again, Amber presses on, throwing the picture back in her face, forcing her to look at it. Brook takes it, and begins to weep. Amber takes the opportunity to tell Brook that she (Amber) deserves to be a part of this family, and it is Ridge that has to go. As Brook continues to stare at the photo and weep, Amber tells her that she did not do this to hurt anyone, and tries to sway Brook into leaving Ridge. Brook tells Amber that she is right and she has been right all along Amber sits down next to Brook and tells her that this family is better off without him, and she knows it is going to be hard, but tells her that she does not have to do this alone. She tells Brook that she can depend on her to help with RJ and the girls. Then the door opens and Brook walks in the door (oh sheesh- itís another dream of Ambers!!) and sees Amber on the floor with a photo album and asks her what she is doing there. Amber tells her that there is something that she needs to talk to her about and it canít wait anymore.

Deacon walks in and Jackie questions him about where he was. He tells her that he was at the office supply store, and he asks her if she thought that he was at a bar getting drunk

Massimo asks Nick if he told Jackie about Big Bear. He tells her he did, and Mass continues to tell him how proud he is of him. Then he asks him in a not so subtle way about Jackieeís relationship with Deacon. Nick tells Mass that what he did to Deacon was a hit below the belt.

Massimo tells him that he gave him a fighting chance, and he blew it. Jackie needs to find out the truth about Deacon now before she gets in any deeper. Nick asks him if he is protecting her, and Mass sighs and says yes. After Nick asks why, he replies because she is Nickís mother. Nick comes back by reminding Mass that she cheated on him. Mass retorts that she was manipulated. Nick asks him why he is playing games with Deacon if he still loves her. He continues by urging Mass to tell her how he feels. How he still loves her.

Jackie tells Deacon that she was concerned about him, but Deacon tells her that he is a big boy and he came home because he wanted to see her, not for a lecture. He says that he doesnít need this and turns to go. Jackie stops him by grabbing his briefcase and it opens, revealing a bottle of Vodka. Deacon swears that he didnít drink out of it today, that it was from yesterday and he has been completely focused on the business trip that he forgot it was in there.

Jackie tells him that he is not going on a trip and she is taking him off the account. She says that is best for him. Deacon asks her if she has lost faith in him, and she says no. Deacon begs her to let him go on the trip, but she does not budge, and Deacon leaves.

Brook tells Amber if she came here to stir up trouble it is not going to work, but Amber insists that she is trying to make peace. She made the family a photo album, but Ridge did not appreciate the sentiment and threw her out. Brook tells her that she canít force anyone or bribe anyone for them to accept her. Amber gets all offended complaining that she is always wrong and Ridge is so perfect (get off it Amber!) Brook tells her that he is perfect. Amber tells her to think again she reaches into her purse about to grab the photo, when Ridge walks in, and tells Amber that he told her to leave, but she instead stuck around to plead her case to Brook. She retorts by saying that she does have a case, and a good one at thatÖ about what kind of man Brook is married to.

Massimo tells Nick that he will not be her consolation prize. She will have to decide on her own who she is going to be with. Nick tells him that Jackie thinks Mass hates her. Mass says that either Deacon gets over his addiction and finds some way to make a life with her or he is going to prove to her what a weak selfish man he is. Nick then adds (sarcastically) that she will all of a sudden come to her senses and come back to him. He tells Mass that he knows that he wants to make a clean break, but turning Deacon back to the bottle is not the way to do it. And he does not want to see his mom hurt again.

Deacon, back at Jackie M., talks to heather and tells her that Jackie pulled him off the project. He tells her that he does not deserve Jackie and he does not think he ever will.

Jackie pulls a photo of her and Mass out of her wallet and stares at it. Nick shows up, and they talk about Deacon.

Nick tells her not to let Deacon drag her down with him. He tells her to come home. She says she canít leave him, not when he needs her the most.

Amber tells them that the photo album is not all she has to show them. Ridge tells her that is enough, and tells Brook to go upstairs so he can handle Amber, but Amber asks him if he is scared for her to know the truth about him. Ridge asks her what she is up to now, and Amber again says she is trying to make peace. Brook tells her that by trying to cause trouble in their marriage is not getting her any closer to Thomas. Amber tells her that Ridge isnít the man she thinks he is. Brook asks her if she knows what he did in Big Bear by saving Bridget, , and Amber tells Brook that she does not understand what happened up there.

Brook says she understands that there was a very bad accident, and Bridget could have died, and Ridge is a hero, and there is nothing that Amber can say or do to make her doubt that. Then she turns to go upstairs, leaving Amber and Ridge to a staring contest.

Heather tells Deacon that it is not the end of the world that Jackie took him off the project, but Deacon tells her that Jackie does not trust him anymore, and why should she, seeing what he is going through. Heather urges him to talk to her, saying that she is sure that Jackie didnít mean to make him feel this way. Deacon says that he knows she didnít, that she wants to help him, but it is not good for her.

He tells Heather that he is a drunk. He thought that he had it beat, but something happened and everything fell apart and he canít seem to fix it and Jackie canít fix it for him. He loves her too much to let her go down with him and she deserves better.

Nick tells Jackie that she does not owe Deacon anything, but Jackie insists that she does and she canít turn her back on him. Nick tells her that she needs to take care of herself and tells her that Deacon took advantage of him when she was most vulnerable and that is why she is with him. If it werenít for him, she and Mass would still be together. Jackie says that she does not know if that is true, and if it was, it isnít now. She says that Mass asked her to leave and she canít go back. Nick asks her what she would do if he told her that she could, and that Mass would take her back, would that change anything? She looks stunned. Nick tells her to think about it, because she can have her family back if she chooses for it to happen.

Ridge tells Amber that sheís had her fun, but it is time to go. Amber tells him that what she is there for is not fun. Ridge tells her that she has been tormenting the family for months and surely she has fun with it, but Amber insists that it is not fun for her trying to convince him that she is worthy of Thomas. She tells him that if he is playing what goes around comes around with her; she will fight him the same way. Ridge questions what she means, and Amber tells him that it didnít have to be this way if he would have met her halfway, but now he is going to be sad and sorry because she knows how long he and Brook have waited to be together, and how much they love each other, and how they have had the fairytale life and it didnít have to end, but she can only take so much.

Ridge asks her what she is talking about, and she tells him that she is talking about him and his holier than thou attitude. But he has done something far worse than she could ever have dreamed of. Ridge sarcastically tells her to enlighten him, but she tells him that he will find out soon enough and when he does, and when his world comes crashing down, he will remember that she came to make peace, not war. Ridge says ďHere we go with the threats again. Am I supposed to be frightenedĒ? She says that he should be, because he is going to pay. Then walks out the door. Ridge rolls his eyes after her. Outside, Amber takes out the picture and smirks.

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