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By Leigh
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Brooke arrives at Eric and Stephanie's looking for Eric so she can sign off on Thorne's stock sale. Stephanie mentions to Brooke that Nick seems very fond of Bridget, but Brooke brushes it off telling her that they are just good friends.

Stephanie tells Brooke she should be glad that Bridget is attracted to another man. Brooke gets spastic and starts telling her how disgusting it is that she keeps trying to make her nervous about Ridge and Bridget and insists that nothing is going on between them.

At Spectra, Clarke scares Amber as she works on a photo album from last Christmas. He asks her what she's hiding and sees the picture of Ridge kissing Bridget in the mineshaft. Clarke tells her that she almost killed them and she shouldn't be playing games. He warns Amber that if Brooke sees the picture there will be serious consequences.

Amber tells him that she's going to give the photo album to Ridge and hopes he sees what a wonderful time they all had and accept it as a peace offering.

Stephanie questions Brooke about being so defensive and tells her that it makes her wonder if she's really as confident as she claims. Brooke calls Stephanie the town crier because of Amber overhearing her and Ridge talk about Bridget. Stephanie tells her that she didn't know Amber was eavesdropping and adds that she's on Brooke's side. Brooke tells her that it's cruel to keep bringing it up and besides it's over.

At Spectra, Amber tells Clarke that if Ridge is reasonable she won't have to show Brooke the picture of him kissing Bridget.

Sally, Thorne, and Darla arrive for a meeting in Sally's office, but Amber quickly excuses herself. Clarke tells them they don't want to know what Amber is up to. Sally announces the official team of Thorne Forrester and Sally Spectra. Clarke congratulates both of them and tells Thorne he's made a good decision. Thorne looks sad and tells Sally that he wishes his success didn't come at Eric's expense.

Eric arrives home from Forrester Creations and is a bit tipsy. He tells Stephanie that he joined the employees in the sewing room for a very dry martini. Stephanie is surprised that he'd want to celebrate and Eric tells her that he's very happy for Thorne and all is success. Eric asks her to fix them a drink and begins to sing as he plays the piano.

Amber arrives at Ridge's house, when he opens the door and sees her he tells her to get lost. Amber tells him she's not leaving till he sees what she brought him, adding, "It's a real eye-opener."

Eric continues to sing and play the piano, and Stephanie brings him his martini. Eric starts talking of vacationing and finally tells her that he's decided to retire from Forrester Creations.

Amber tells Ridge that what she has to show him might change his life, but he tells her that he's not interested in anything she has. She tells him the pictures are of the Christmas that almost never happened. Ridge tells her it won't make up for all the bad she's done. Amber tries to tell him that she and Thomas will be together again and she'd prefer not to have to sneak around behind his back. She asks him to give her a second chance.

At Spectra, Sally tells Thorne that Eric will rise to the competition from Spectra and they should get ready because he's going to come back at them full force.

Stephanie is shocked that Eric decided to retire. She tells him that he has many good years ahead of him. Eric tells her the point is why wait to do the things they'd like to do. Stephanie tells him he's running away because he can't face running Forrester without his kids there. He tells her that without the kids working at Forrester he has no inspiration and doesn't see the point anymore.

Amber continues to try and reason with Ridge. She asks him if they can't just let bygones by bygones and tells him that she hates to see the family torn apart. Ridge tells her that if she really cares about the family she'll take her bribe and leave! Ridge tells her that he won't consider a truce with her the woman who robbed Thomas of his childhood and mother! He tells Amber that her scheming and obsessive behavior make her no better than Sheila. When Amber brings up his relationship with Bridget again Ridge loses it. He takes her photo album and throws it across the room and yells at her to get out! Ridge walks out of the room and while Amber is picking the photos off the floor Brooke comes home. Brooke questions her about what happened, and Amber tells her that she tried to call a truce with Ridge but he wouldn't go for it. Amber starts ripping Ridge about his relationship with Bridget, but Brooke tells her to stop. Amber then shows the picture of Ridge kissing Bridget in the mineshaft. Brooke asks, "What's this?" Amber tells her that it is what it looks like and there's no mistaking it this time. Amber tells Brooke, "Not so decent and loyal after all, is he?"

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