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By Dawn
Pictures by Boo

Brook thanks Hector for staying the night and he even made breakfast for her. She thanks him for all the help that he provided. He notes how dedicated she is to her family- nothing that he would have expected.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Bridget that she is very lucky. Bridget is concerned about Ridge, but he assures her that he is fine. She continues to explain to the Doctor about his symptoms after his fall. Ridge concurs that she was right about her diagnosis; he had a grade 2 concussion. The doctor tells him no strenuous activity until his brain heals. Ridge makes a joke about Bridget needing a new ski partner, but she tells him that she is not hitting the slopes anytime soon. The doctor leaves and Massimo commends them on how they were able to survive.

Eric and Ridge talk Stephanie into taking a nap in Ridgeís room, and before she goes, she tells Bridget that she should get some rest as well. Everyone takes the cue, and the room clears out, but not before Eric thanks Nick for everything he did. Bridget looks at Nick in a way that makes Eric curious as to what is going on between the two of them.

Thomas gives Caitlin a broach- his way of thanking her for her help the day before. They embrace, and Amber catches them. She steps back and watches them, looking hurt and angry.

Massimo says his goodbyes to Ridge and Nick, and after he leaves, Ridge thanks Nick for saving them. Then he tells Nick to go and see Bridget. Nick is taken aback at Ridges change of heart concerning their relationship. Ridge tells him that if he cares about her, he would go and see her.

Bridget is in tears as she and Eric talk about what a close call she had. They embrace.

Stephanie is in Ridges room napping (covers nearly consuming her so that her face is not visible) when Brook enters the room. She is unaware that it is Stephanie sleeping, and not ridge, and she has a skimpy nurse’s uniform on. She talks provocatively, and Stephanie, now awake, is doing all she can not to laugh.

Eric and Bridget talk about Nick and how he saved her. Bridget tells him that they are friends, and Eric wonders aloud if it isnít something more.

Eric approves of the relationship, and at that moment, Mr. Hero himself enters the room. Eric takes the opportunity to leave to check on Stephanie. Nick comes bearing gifts. First off is a Popsicle, (a joke- what she almost became) then the second one is a bottle of suntan lotion. He explains that it is for the trip that they are going to take together on his boat. She wonders why he would want to take a trip with her, and he replies that someone needs to keep a closer eye on her, because he almost lost her and he canít have that happen again.

Amber interrupts Thomas and Caitlin and Caitlin makes an excuse to leave.

Brook starts to massage Ridge (AKA Stephanie) and after a little bit, the door opens and Ridge calls her name.

Brook, confused, looks at the door, and then Stephanie pops out from under the blanket. Brook is mortified and Stephanie is laughing her fool head off.

Amber tells Thomas that she has missed him. She tells him that they are going to find their way back to each other. She says she will do whatever it takes, but warns him to look for things to get harder before they get easier.

After she tells him she loves him, she leaves the room and pulls out the picture of Ridge and Bridget kissing in the mineshaft.

Ridge tells Stephanie that Eric is waiting to take her to brunch. After a few more jokes, she leaves. Ridge tries to kiss her, but she says the moment passed. They talk about how they always find their way back to each other. He tells her that everything else seems trivial compared to her and that if he never worked another day in his life that would be OK, because he has her. They kiss and embrace.

Nick and Bridget talk about how they named all the reasons that they could not pursue a relationship, but when he couldnít find her, that is not what he felt. He cares about her and likes being with her, and that is all that matters to him. Bridget tells him that she hasnít lost her, but that he saved her. Not from the mine, but since day one when she came home, he has been there for her.

She mentions the kiss that they shared, and that she does not want it to be their last. He says him either, and they kiss.

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