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By Leigh
Pictures by Boo

Ridge cries in the bottom of the mineshaft as he holds Bridget. He asks her if she can hear him and she gives no response. Weakly he calls for help.

In her cabin, Amber phones in an anonymous tip to the Mountain Ranger Station and tells them that she heard voices near the mineshaft. Clarke tells her that Bridget isn't moving and he thinks Bridget might be dead.

Brooke arranges for Caitlin and Thomas to watch Hope and RJ and gets ready to head to Big Bear when Hector shows up. Not wanting her to go alone he tells her that he'll take her.

Nick is searching for Bridget and Ridge (having already found their skis). He yells for both of them and Ridge hears him. Ridge yells that they're in the mineshaft. Looking at Bridget he tells Nick to hurry.

Amber paces back and forth frantic that she might have killed Bridget. Clarke tells her they've got to go and see if they can help, so they both get their coats and head toward the mineshaft.

Nick finds Ridge and Bridget! Ridge begs Bridget to come back and tells her that help is on the way. Using a rope he lowers himself into the mineshaft. Bridget wakes when she hears Nick's voice. Ridge and Nick bring Bridget out of the mineshaft. Above ground the medics tell Ridge that Bridget is suffering from hypothermia and has severe frostbite. The medic wants to check out Ridge but he tells him that he's fine.

Nick tells Ridge that he'll call Brooke and let her know they've been found. The medic now insists that Ridge is not walking to the helicopter and he needs to be checked out. Nick tells Bridget that he's not leaving her till he knows she's safe.

Amber and Clarke hide from all the activity with the medics. Once they're gone Amber cries because she almost killed Bridget.

Clarke tells her to calm down and tells her he's got to get the camera she placed in the mineshaft. Clarke tells her she got what she wanted; a picture of Ridge kissing Bridget, but that she's got to let this go because her life will be destroyed if anyone finds out what she did.

At the hospital, Bridget tells Nick that she realizes she wasn't dreaming and he really did rescue her. Ridge comes into her room just as she's asking Nick about him. Ridge tells her that he is fine and her body temperature is almost back to normal, but the frostbite is still an issue. Brooke arrives at the hospital and is relieved that they're both okay. Brooke and Ridge leave Bridget's room. Alone, Bridget tells Nick that the memory of his kiss is what kept her going while in the mineshaft. She tells him that when he told her that she could do better than him he was wrong and that she can't do better than him. Nick bends and gently kisses her.

Ridge thanks Hector before he heads home telling Brooke that he's giving them time to be alone. Ridge tells Brooke how terrible things were and he thought that Bridget didn't/wasn't going to make it.

In her cabin Amber remembers the things that Ridge and Brooke both said about Bridget. She remembers Ridge telling her that what happened between him and Bridget was in the past, and Brooke saying that the two shouldn't get too close. Amber decides that she can't let it go and she'll use the tape of Ridge and Bridget kissing to get Thomas back.

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