B&B Thursday Update 2/10/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/10/05



By Dawn
Pictures by Boo

In the mine shaft, Ridge awakens and is thankful that they made it through the night, and that means that people will notice that they are missing and will be looking for them.

Brook wakes up and finds that Ridge is not in bed. She looks at her cell to see if he called, but no one had.

Clarke wakes up and sees that Amber had been up all night, watching the monitor. He tells her that this has gone on long enough and they need to get them out of there. Amber insists on waiting a little longer.

Bridget wakes up and finds that they have been in the shaft all night. She worries that no one will find them.

Brooke goes out the front door and sees that Ridge’s car is not in the driveway. Thomas comes in the room and Brook shares with him her concerns. Nick knocks on the door, asking for Bridget (she left her cell in his car) he sees the concern on their faces and they tell him that they have not been home. Nick offers to go to Big Bear and look for them.

Bridget and Ridge try to get their bearings. Bridget is not looking well at all. They again begin calling for help. Amber is watching from the monitor.

Nick tells Brook and Thomas to make some calls to the Highway patrol and to the neighbors at Big Bear.

Clarke tells Amber again that they need to call this off. Amber will not hear any of it. Clarke tells her to get them out or he can’t be a part of this anymore, and he will get them out himself. She tells him that he is now an accomplice. If she goes down, he does too. She says she just needs a little more time.

Bridget and Ridge are very cold and tired, and Ridge talks Bridget into giving it a rest. He tells her that they cannot panic, and that they are not in any immediate danger. Bridget tells him that if the temps keep dropping, they will be in extreme danger. Ridge is starting to get numb, and Bridget tries to give him his coat back, but he won’t hear of it. He tells her that it won’t be long until they get out. They begin calling out again.

Clark hands Amber a cup of coco. She tells him that she does not want them to get hurt. She knows that she is pushing the envelope, but she wants to catch them in the act. Clarke asks her what would happen if someone finds them before that happens.

Thomas called the neighbors at Big Bear, and Ridge’s car is still there, but there is no fire, and no one is there. She starts putting two and two together and comes to the conclusion that Bridget did not come back from skiing and Ridge went out to look for her.

Brook calls Nick to tell him, and Nick tells her to keep him updated and he will do the same.

Bridget and Ridge are starting to loose their voices calling for help. Bridget is getting much weaker. She says that she should have stayed in Copenhagen. That she should have solved her problems herself. Ridge tells her that they are not in the shaft because of her. She tells Ridge that he may never see his kids again because of her. Ridge tells her that she is not thinking clearly. Ridge is checking her to see if she can feel him poking her arm, and she can’t. They are both in the first stages of hypothermia. Bridget tells him that if someone does not find them soon, they will not survive.

Clarke tells Amber they do not look good and they need to get them out of there. Brook will forgive Ridge and all of this will be for naught. Amber tells him that that is not going to happen and Ridge is going to be exposed for the hypocrite that he is and once Brook throws him out, she and Thomas can be together again.

Thomas and Brook are making phone calls. Brook is talking to Ranger Hamilton and then one of the other phones ring and Thomas and Brook trade phones, now Thomas is talking to the Ranger and Brook answers the other phone. It is Nick, and he is at the cabin (wow that was fast!) and there is no sign of Bridget and Ridge (duh!) but he sees a note that Ridge left for Bridget saying that he went out to look for her and that he was taking the west trail. She relays that to Thomas, and he in turn to the ranger. Brook has a feeling that something terrible happened and tells Nick to hurry. Thomas consoles Brook as she wonders what is happening.

Nick gets on his skis and starts down the trail.

Ridge and Bridget are getting weaker. Bridget again says they are not going to make it. Ridge tells her she needs to fight the hypothermia, but she can’t. She is lying on the floor with her eyes closed. Ridge tells her that there are people looking for them and they will find them. They have to believe that. He holds her, trying to warm her up.

Amber sees it, and tells Clarke that it is finally happening. And is taunting him again, telling him to go for it.

Ridge and Bridget are very close to each other. Their faces are only inches apart. Ridge looks as if he is about to kiss her…

And of course we have this cliffhanger! Got to wait till tomorrow to see what happens!! Awwwww man!!!!

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