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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/9/05



By Dawn
Pictures by Boo

Trapped inside the mine, Bridget is frantically calling for help. Ridge is out on his skis, looking for her.

Amber and Clarke are talking about what happened with Bridget. Amber is amazed that she did not get hurt. Clarke tells her that Bridget could have broken her neck. She lashes out at him, telling him that she feels bad enough already. Clarke tells her that is she feels bad now, just wait till the Forresterís find out that she was behind this stunt.

Amber tells him that she guarantees that Bridget and Ridge will be snuggling in the mine and she will have all the proof she needs.

Back in L.A., Thomas and Brook talk about how long of a drive they had, and Thomas tells her that she should get some sleep. Brook declines, saying that she wants to wait up for Ridge and Bridget. Thomas comments that it will probably be awhile, considering Bridgetís love of skiing. Brook tells Thomas how good it was to see him and his Dad playing games. Thomas agrees, but says it is not like it used to be.

Brook tells him that Ridge had legitimate reasons to keep him away from Amber. He argues that Amber is not a bad person. Brook agrees, but adds that she makes bad choices especially when she wants something that she canít have. Thomas asks her is she means him, and she says that and trying to get into the Forrester family again. She has been desperate to get back in, and when that happens, trouble is bound to follow.

In Café Russe’, Massimo has a foot on Deacon (who is lying on the floor) and tells Deacon that he is going to listen to him now. (Nick is standing behind MoJo, looking down at Deacon in disgust) Massimo says it is only fair, given how Deacon treated him when he was helpless in the wheelchair after his stroke. Deacon says that he can’t breathe, and Massimo mocks him and says that now Deacon knows exactly how he felt, unable to take a breath on his own, and how Deacon took pleasure in tormenting and mocking him. He says that it must have made him feel superior. He screams, “Where’s your superiority now you germ”? Jacki, looking scared to death, tells Massimo to please stop. He turns and walks away. Jacki and Nick help Deacon up and into a chair. Jacki sits in a chair next to him and rubs his shoulders, telling him that he’s going to be ok and going to get through this. At that moment, Massimo returns, screaming, “Will he”? and then gets in Deacons’ face again, asking him if he has it in him to do what he did (recovering so quickly). Deacon looks up at him, not answering. Massimo goes in again, saying “I asked you a question, Sharpe. Answer me.” Deacon tells him that he does not have to answer him. Massimo looks at Jackie and says Deacon has to answer to her, and he is doing a lousy job at it. She had dreams and he shot them all down. Jacki defends Deacon, telling Massimo that he is trying” Massimo again taunts Deacon, telling him that this is his chance to prove himself. If Deacon wants Jacki, then he must show her that he deserves her.

Amber looks at the surveillance monitor, and then turns it off. Clarke asks her how Ridge is going to have romance on his mind after falling into a mine. She doesn’t think it will be a problem, given their past attractions for each other. Once they are in the mine and have to be together to get warm, it is bound to happen. Clarke tells her that this is not a game, and wants to call rescue for them. Amber says no, Ridge has had too many breaks. She sees Ridge and tells Clarke that they have to get to the mine. Clarke sees the axe and asks what it is for. Amber ignores him and tells him to get going.

Nearing the mine site, Ridge calls for Bridget, but he is not close enough yet. Bridget is calling out too, and Ridge, after a bit, sees her skis where she left them just before the narrow bridge. He can’t figure out why she would just leave them there, and wonders what is going on. He calls out for her again. He notices that there are more than one set of tracks, and then he takes off his skis to follows them

Inside the mine, Bridget tries to keep warm and tells herself that Ridge will figure out where she is and that she will be alright.

Inside his car, Massimo tells the driver to drive away, and then stops him when Nick opens the door. Massimo apologizes for cutting their time short. Nick understands why Massimo left, especially after he accomplished his objective. Mass looks taken aback, and asks Nick what he means. Nick knows that Massimo wanted him to see everything that happened in the café and calls Mass on it. He questions Mass if he set Deacon up to get back on the bottle. Massimo looks at him, and then looks away.

Amber and Clarke get to the area where the mine shaft is and she tells Clarke to get the rope. Bridget calls out asking if anyone can hear her. Amber and Clark are right above the mine shaft, but quickly run away when they hear Ridge calling out for Bridget. He nears the mine shaft and Bridget hears him. Ridge gets to the shaft and they try to figure out how to get her out. He finds the rope that Amber left and starts to tie one end to a tree trunk. Amber and Clarke are watching from behind a bush. Ridge tells Bridget to grab the rope, but Bridget says that she canít because her fingers are frozen. So Ridge begins to climb in. As he is making his way down with Bridget guiding him, Amber and Clarke emerge from behind their hiding place.

Amber removes the axe from her backpack. She uses it to slice the rope, sending Ridge flying the rest of the way down to the mine shaft. His face slams into the wall of the shaft. Bridget screams. It appears that Ridge is unconscious. Amber and Clarke gather their things and quickly leave.

In the car, Nick and Massimo talk about how Massimo set him up by having someone spike his protein shakes. Massimo says that justice has been served. He says he could have done worse, but he is a better man than that.

Brook leaves a message on Ridges cell phone, telling ridge to wake her up when he gets home.

Ridge wakes up, and he is bleeding a lot. He asks what happened. She asks him questions about where he is, who she is (sheís his princess) he appears OK, other than the bleeding. He has his cell phone, but it is out of area. He asks her how she got all the way out here without skis and Bridget tells him about the woman who was crying for help and how she got down there and how the woman disappeared. Ridge tells Bridget that someone will send a rescue team for them, but she think that will not happen until morning. Bridget thanks him for coming to look for her. Ridge promises her that he will get them out of the shaft.

And then holds out his arms to hold her. She goes to him, and they sit on the floor of the shaft, she is half crying, half shivering.

Back at their cabin, Amber rushes in to the monitor, dying to know what is going on. Clarke is concerned about the weather, but Amber is in no way alarmed. She taunts Ridge to go for it and don’t forget to smile at the camera. It will be the last time he smiles for a long time.

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