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Cafť Russe:

Sally, Thorne and Darla revel in how well Spectra is doing and the fact that Thorne is staying with the company. They are there to meet with Deacon and Jackie who are running a bit late. Jackie enters and notices that Deacon isnít at the table with the Spectra group. She remembers Deacon being drunk the night before and worries why he isnít here already. She calls and leaves a message on his phone reminding him of the meeting before joining Thorne, Darla, and Sally.

She tells them that Jackie M has come up with a marketing idea that will benefit Jackie M and Spectra. Deacon has all the specifics though and they will have to wait for him to explain.

Massimo and Nick are at another table. Nick wonders why his father called this meeting. Massimo sees Deacon walk in and tells his son that they are there for an experiment. Nick notices Deacon come in also and watches him go the table to join Jackie and the Spectra group. Nick thinks it is a bad idea for them to be there and tries to get his father to leave. Massimo isnít about to go anywhere as he continues to watch Deacon closely.

Back at the Spectra table, Deacon joins the group and immediately stops the waiter and asks for a drink. Everyone at the table is a bit uneasy as they all know that Deacon is alcoholic and shouldnít be drinking. Jackie quietly asks him not to have another drink, which he ignores.

Deacon explains that he forgot all the notes he had on the new marketing plan, but they are not to worry. He tells them that now it is time to celebrate and they can all discuss business later. Sally asks him what is up with his drinking again. Deacon explains that he used to have a problem with drinking, but he has a handle on it now. Massimo and Nick approach the table. Deacon calls them Popeye and Bluto. He taunts Massimo with the fact that Jackie is with him now.

Nick doesnít understand what is going on and canít believe his father is taking this kind of talk from Deacon. Deacon continues to mouth off to Massimo until he finally works himself into an anger and tries to lunge at Massimo. He ends up tripping and falling to the floor. As Sally and Jackie yell for someone to help Deacon up, Massimo puts his foot on Deacons chest and informs him that it is his turn to say something now. Deacon looks as if he has sobered up a bit very quickly.

Big Bear:

At the Forrester cabin, Brooke tells Ridge that Thomas is reading Hope and R.J. a story, giving the two of them some time alone before Brooke and the kids head back to the city. Ridge is concerned because Thomas has called Amber twice since he has been up here.

Brooke understands that Amber is upset. She lost Thomas and her place in this family. Ridge has no sympathy for her at all, as she brought all of this on herself. After the two say their good-byes, Ridge watches as Brooke and the kids drive off and then returns to the cabin and worries about Bridget. He decides to give her 10 more minutes before going out to look for her.

At the mineshaft, Amber still hides in the bushes and impatiently waits for Bridget to take the one wrong step. Bridget looks as if she is suspicious of the glove before pushing her suspicions away and taking one step closer to the glove.

When she takes that one step, she falls through the hole and is knocked out when she lands at the bottom of the shaft.

Amber rushes back into her cabin where Clarke has been waiting for her. She quickly grabs her backpack and pulls out a laptop. She tells Clarke that she never meant for Bridget to get hurt. Clarke starts to get alarmed. As the two of them look at the laptop, Clarke slowly realizes that what Amber had in her package that she took down into the shaft was an infrared camera. She put it there so she could watch what goes on in the mine. As the picture slowly comes into focus, they realize that Bridget is unconscious.

Clarke starts to put together this Ďplaní of Amberís and he isnít pleased about it at all. Amber tries to explain again that she is only trying to Ďsaveí the Forrester family from Ridge and his bullying ways. She is a bit freaked out that Bridget isnít moving and swears that Bridget will be okay. She half way explains her thinking in all of this in true Amber style, trying to justify what she is doing. She sees that Bridget is waking up and is relieved that she isnít hurt. When she hears Ridge outside, she rushes to the window with her binoculars and realizes that Ridge is taking off to look for Amber. Clarke worries because it is way too cold outside for all of this to be happening, but Amber is thrilled that her plan is working. Ridge is out looking for Bridget now.

Ridge takes off down the trail that he thought Bridget took. He calls out to Bridget many times, but doesnít get an answer. In the bottom of the mineshaft, Bridget comes too and slowly pulls herself into a sitting position. She weakly calls out for help.

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