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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/7/05



By Dawn
Pictures by Boo

At Big bear, Brook, Ridge, Thomas, and Bridget are eating breakfast. Brook asks Bridget how late she and Nick stayed up the night before. Bridget played it cool, saying she was not sure. Ridge asked her what they did, and she said that they were just talking. Thomas mentions that Nick was still sleeping soundly when he left his room.

At that moment, Nick walks in, he sits down to eat. Nick says he needs to get going soon, and Bridget tries to talk Nick into staying long enough to hit the slopes, but he says he really needs to go. She tries talking Thomas into going, but he bows out too, saying that he, Brook and the kids are heading back home today. Then he leaves to go and get RJ and Hope’s things together. Ridge then asks Brook if she’s OK. He says that she looks as if something is wrong. She flashes back to the night before when she caught Nick and Bridget kissing. She looks quite disturbed.

Amber is again looking at them from the telescope, and tells Clarke that they are eating like one big happy family. Clarke says maybe they are happy, but Amber says that she talked to Thomas and he was not happy. Clarke then demands to know what is going on with the trap she set and with the mine shaft. He also wants to know what is inside that box. Amber does not have a chance to respond because the cell phone starts to ring. It’s Thomas on the phone, calling to see how she is doing. He was worried about her because of the way she was acting on the phone the night before. She said that she was a little emotional, nothing to be alarmed about. He tells her that he is going back home with Brook and the kids. She tells him that is a good idea. He tells her that Ridge and Bridget is staying at Big Bear to hit the slopes a few more times. She makes a comment about what a little ski bunny Bridget is, then Thomas tells her to take care of herself and ends the call, not knowing that Ridge is behind him listening.

Brook tells Nick that he should get going if he wants to get to the meeting on time, and He says that he is going to say bye to the kids. Bridget starts to go with him, but Brook asks her to stay and help clear the dishes. Nick says no, that Bridget promised to show him the view before he left. (a ploy to get some alone time with her) Then they scurry off, leaving Brook looking after them, disgruntled.

Thomas turns around and sees Ridge. He asks if that was Amber on the phone and if she was calling him. Thomas said that he was calling her because he was worried about her because she had not shown up at the fashion show, and Ridge says that he is concerned about him, and asks if that was their first conversation. Thomas admits that he called her yesterday. Ridge tells him that he can’t let Amber suck him back in like that. Thomas tells him that Amber is hurting. Ridge tells him that he needs to realize that Amber did this to herself and has no one else to blame. Thomas understands that, but tells Ridge that Amber is not acting like herself, and tells him about the cryptic way she was talking the night before, and it worries him.

Amber tells Clarke that Thomas still cares about her and Clarke says that’s good, she can now call off her plan. She laughs, and says no, everything is starting to fall into place. Brook and the kids are leaving, and they will be on the slopes for sure. Then she tells Clarke to man the telescope because she needs to know everything that is going on in there.

Outside, Nick and Bridget start talking about the night before. Bridget says that she was up all night thinking about the kiss, and said that they can’t pursue a relationship. That there are just too may problems with it. Nick looks hurt for an instant, but then he tells her that he agrees with her. Bridget looks a little thrown off that he was agreeing with her, but then she gets right back into it, and they start counting off the reasons why they can’t have a relationship.

Bridget says that she just can’t get involved with another man that was involved with her mom. She asks him if they messed their friendship up, and he says no, and then she tells him that he means a lot to her, and he dittos. They chit chat a little about their plans for the day, and then she sticks out her hand for him to shake, he takes it, and then pulls her into a hug. She has a tear in her eye, and in her ear, he whispers “you can do better than this crusty old sailor” The hug ends, then he heads back into the house, leaving Bridget to her thoughts.

Amber asks Clarke if he sees anything, and he says it would help if he knew what he was looking for. She asks what Bridget is doing, and he tells her that she is outside putting on her cross country skis. (You can see Bridget taking off) Amber is concerned about which path she is taking. Clark tells her that she is heading out from the west side of the house. Amber seems pleased, and then he looks away from the telescope and asks her why she is getting Bridget involved with her plans for Ridge. Amber says that you can’t have a trap without bait, then puts on her coat and hat and tells Clarke to stay put and trust her.

In the cabin, Brook asks Nick where Bridget is. He tells her that she went skiing, and Brook is upset that she went out by herself. Nick asks her if she was worried about something, and Brook just mentions how the temperature is dropping. Brook comments on how strange it is that Bridget was going out by herself, that she only does that when she has a lot on her mind. Nick says that maybe she does and Brook asks him if he knows what it is. Brook tells him that she saw them kissing last night. He comments on the fact that she hasn’t said anything to Ridge and she told him that she wanted to give him the chance to explain. Nick insists that there is nothing to explain, that it was just a kiss, and Brook tells him that whatever is going on between then has to end.

Ridge asks Thomas what he meant by Amber being cryptic. Thomas says she keeps talking about how Ridge needs a wake up call and that he doesn’t get what she means. Ridge tells him that the last time he spoke to Amber; he was pretty harsh, because he was upset about the photograph of him and Bridget. Thomas asks him what he said to her, and Ridge tells him that he didn’t saying that she didn’t need to hear, and that she does not belong with the family, or with Thomas.

Amber is running toward where the mine shaft is, hiding behind a tree. She watches Bridget from her binoculars. Bridget stops and flashes back to the night before when she and Nick kissed. She has a smile on her face. Then Amber starts screaming for help (not really in any danger) then starts running. Bridget, not knowing it is Amber, skis off after her (a pretty long trek) Music is playing very intensely. She calls out for the woman (Amber) to wait up.

Amber crosses a very narrow bridge, crosses it carefully, then keeps running. Bridget gets to the bridge, calls out ”what’s going on?” then begins to remove her skis. Placing the skis in the snow, she crosses the bridge after Amber.

Thomas and Ridge are still discussing Amber. Thomas tells him that he is taking this all wrong. Ridge retorts by telling Thomas that she is not going to give up. Thomas tries to get him to listen, but Ridge says that he is through listening, and then tells him to get his stuff together because Brook is leaving soon. Thomas is stunned that there are no more lectures coming from his father. Ridge quickly flattens that by telling him there will be more when he gets home, and that he does not want Thomas calling her when he gets back to LA, and tells him that if he knows Amber, she is plotting some way to get him back, and tells Thomas not to fall into her trap.

Amber gets to the mine, and says “I got this far; this has to work” then hides behind a bush. Bridget gets to the mine area, calling out to the woman that she saw before, but not seeing her now. Bridget starts walking closer and closer to the grassy area where the mine is hidden, and she shivers from the cold. Amber is watching in anticipation, but looking very nervous as well.

Brook tells Nick that whatever is going on between him and Bridget can’t go on any further. Nick stops her, wondering why she is so steamed up about it. Brook tells him that she is concerned about her daughter.

She knows that Bridget has benefited from his friendship, but that’s all it can be. He told Brook that they went outside telling each other that nothing could happen. They talk more about the cons about why a relationship can’t happen, Brook again arguing that Bridget does not need to be involved with a man that she was involved with. Nick tells her that Bridget is in no danger from him.

Bridget calls out to the woman who was yelling, asking if she’s hurt, if she’s ok. Wondering where she went, she begins to walk around. She sees the glove lying on top of the grassy area and she tarts to walk towards it. She yells out “are you injured??? Hello???” From behind the bush, Amber whispers, “come on, just a little bit further, just one more step” Bridget starts to take a step, and branches crunch. She starts to back away, and then begins to stoop down closer to the glove. Amber is whispering “come on”. Bridget is bent over towards the glove, looking around very concerned.

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