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By Dawn
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At Big Bear, Ridge, Brooke, Bridget, Nick, and Thomas are sitting around the table eating and Bridget mentions that it has been a long day for everyone. Thomas says that he came because they wanted him to, but it does not mean that he has to be happy about it. Nick jokes about being single and how he and Bridget are both single, but not “poking around”. Thomas scoffs and says that Bridget won’t be single for long. Brook retorts that he is not single, he is a teenager. Thomas says that he is not going to meet anyone like Amber again, and that although they didn’t like her, she was good for him. Nick says there’s nothing like a wild one, and then begins to tell a story, when Ridge cuts him off and stresses that they came to Big Bear to be together as a family and to put the “disaster with Amber” behind them and tells Thomas that he is not going to allow him to obsess about her and says that he, as well as the rest of the family, are better off without her in their lives, and says that she is not going to interfere in their lives ever again.

Amber is watching from the telescope and tells Clarke that if it wasn’t for Ridge, she’d be there with them right now. She looks at a map and points out where the mine is.

She tells him to get his coat on, and he says that he is all for taking Ridge down a peg, but he wants to know how she is going to do it. Amber, however, still says that it is best that he don’t know. Clarke sees a black box, picks it up, and asks Amber if her plans have anything to do with it. She throws out her hands and tells him to be careful. He asks her if they are taking it with them, and wants to know what they are going to do with it. Amber is very vague, just saying that when she does what she came there to do, there will no longer be an almighty Ridge. Clarke looks worried and upset as Amber starts to walk out the door, calling for him to follow suit.

Nick says that he’s just saying that there are advantages to being a free man. Ridge gets up to get a drink and says that they are not going to talk about Amber. Nick says he’s not and Brook says that Nick is right; Thomas does not need to be in a relationship. Nick says that if you want to be in one, talk to Bridget because she can set him up. And they tell the story about how Bridget set him up on a date with Sasha. Everyone laughs and jokes.

Amber and Clarke get to the abandoned mine and she starts pulling away at the debris and she starts to pry the boards that close off the mine. (Intro music)

Nick and the Forrester’s joke more about Sasha and they start to talk about playing a game, but Thomas says he wants to go to bed, and Nick starts talking about leaving, but he gets talked into staying (bad weather equals bad roads) Thomas offers Nick to bunk with him and says not to worry about waking him up when he comes in, because he is so tired he would probably sleep through an avalanche. Ridge and Brook also go to bed, but not before Ridge warning Nick not to keep Bridget up too late. After they all leave, Bridget asks Nick what he wants to do. They both smile.

Back at the mine, Amber has the boards of the mine. She pulls out a rope and tells Clarke to drop it down the shaft. Clarke is worried that she wants him to go down there, and is relieved when she says that she is going to be the one to go down, but warns her how dangerous it is. She goes to the box and Clarke questions why she is taking it. She does not answer him, just says to keep a hold of the ladder because if she drops it, that’s the end of her plan. With Clarke’s help, and a slight slip, she heads down the shaft.

Bridget walks over to Nick by the fire with two cups of hot coco and thanks him for cheering Thomas up. And they talk about how everyone got a laugh about Sasha and Nick tells her that they were all laughing at his expense and about how she was laughing the loudest of all. She says that he has that effect on her, about how he is rough around the edges. He tells her that that is not going to change, and she says that she wouldn’t change a thing (soft music is heard in the background)

He sits down on the floor with her and thanks her for inviting him to Big Bear. She tells him that he has been a good friend, and he asks her if that is what they are, just friends.

Amber calls up to Clark telling him to hold the ladder because she is coming up. He says he has a bad feeling about this then holds the ladder, telling her to come up. She climbs up and Clark, noticing that the box is empty, asks Amber what was in the box.

In their bed, Ridge and Brook are kissing. Brook tells him that she misses spending time here and they talk about her leaving in the morning, because of the weather and how she does not want to keep Hope and RJ “cooped up”.

Then Ridge tells her that Eric could use her help. Then they start talking about Bridget and Nick. Brook says they are just friends, and Ridge thinks that there is something going on between them. Ridge says that he asked Nick about it and Nick didn’t deny it. Brook is in denial about it, saying how the two have set up dates for each other, and how Bridget isn’t interested in anyone right now. And she firmly states that nothing is going on between them.

Bridget and Nick are still sitting in front of the fire, and a musical montage starts. (Dancing in the moonlight) they are smiling at each other, then Bridget looks away, flashing back to when Nick sang at the Jacki M party, and seeing him with Sasha, and the time when he climbed over the couch to her, grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder and ran around the room with her like that, and then back to the party. The flash ends, and Nick looks over at her, and seeing that she is cols, grabs a blanket and puts it around her, and then he hold her as they watch the fire together.

Amber is covering the mine back up, (no boards this time) and asks for Clarke to help. He says “If you cover up the hole like that, someone’s going to fall in” She looks at him, about to say something, when her cell phone rings. It is Thomas calling, and he asks her how she is doing. She rambles on telling him how much she misses him and how hard it is without him and how his family is angry with her.

He says that they have a right to be angry, and then she goes on with her defenses. He tells her that what she did was wrong and she starts shooting the mouth about “Almighty Ridge” Thomas stops her, saying that what happened to their relationship wasn’t his fault. Amber tells Thomas that she loves him and always will, no matter what happens, and that everything she is doing she is doing for them (Her and Thomas) then hangs up the phone. Clarke asks her if she is sure she is doing the right thing. She says “Someone’s got to put a stop to Ridge’s Arrogance and it looks like I am the only one who can do it.

Ridge asks Brook why she does not agree with him. She says that Bridget is too smart to put herself in that position. Brook does not want Nick with her daughter. She tells Ridge that if it will make him feel any better, she will keep an eye out. They kiss and she gets up out of bed to check on RJ and Hope.

Nick is still holding Bridget, and he asks her if she is still cold. She says it is getting late and he has a meeting tomorrow. They decide to go to bed, but before they get up, he leans in and gently kisses her. He pulls back, and they look at each other, then he kisses her again, Bridget puts her arms around him as the kiss intensifies. The music gets more intense as the bedroom door opens and Brook comes out, and sees them kissing.

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