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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/3/05



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Brooke’s car:

Brooke, Thomas, Hope, and R.J. are on their way to join Ridge, Bridget and Nick at Big Bear. Brooke calls Ridge on the speaker phone to tell him that they are finally on the way up there. Ridge asks about the showdown and is upset to learn that Thorne won. He thinks they should cancel the trip and go back to L.A. to be with Eric. Brooke says that she already mentioned that to Eric and he wouldn’t hear of it. Hope asks if they are going to go skiing. Ridge tells her that she is going to stay inside and stay warm. Brooke is surprised to hear that Nick is up there too, and out skiing with Bridget. When Ridge mentions that with the wind chill it is on 10 degrees up there. Thomas thinks they should have gone to Hawaii. Ridge announces that Bridget and Nick just got in and tells Brooke he will see them when they get there.

Forrester Cabin:

Bridget and Nick stumble in from the slopes and try to warm up by the fire. Ridge is a bit miffed that Nick is there. Nick and Bridget both ask for some hot chocolate and Ridge heads to the kitchen to get it for them. Nick rubs Bridget’s feet to help her warm up. Ridge gets the hot chocolate ready while he watches Nick and Bridget very closely.

Bridget starts to get feeling back in her feet and Nick starts to tickle her feet. When Bridget tells him to stop, Ridge steps in and hands them both their hot chocolate. He firmly tells Nick that when Bridget says ‘stop’ he should stop. Bridget tries to lighten up the mood a little bit, then announces that she is going to change clothes. While she is gone, Nick and Ridge bicker back and forth. Nick still feels that Ridge needs to keep his distance from Bridget. Ridge demands to know what Nick’s intentions are. Nick claims that he and Bridget are just friends. He tells Ridge what a wonderful girl Bridget is. As Nick continues to sing Bridget’s praises, she comes back into the room. The two men don’t see her as she stands and listens to their conversation.

Nick tells Ridge that Bridget has started laughing again and the two of them enjoy being around each other. Ridge gets his feathers ruffled even further when Nick starts telling him all the things he enjoys about Bridget … her funny smile and her brilliant mind are top on the list. He tells Ridge that Bridget’s mind is almost ‘Yoga-like’. Bridget accidentally knocks over some skis and draws attention to herself. She tells them that she overheard a lot of their conversation and she would like to know what about ‘intentions’ too. Just then, Brooke and the rest of the gang burst through the door. Hope is happy to see Nick and squeals with pleasure. Brooke tells Nick that she is happy to see him there as everyone comes in and starts to get settled down. As they all sit around the fire and chat, Nick flies Hope around the room and plays with her.

Brooke announces to a disappointed Hope that it is ‘jammie time’. Hope goes along with it when everyone else announces that they are changing into their pajama’s too. All file out of the room, with Hope calling for Uncle Nick to follow. Bridget stops him and chastises him for comparing her to Yoda. Nick gets out of the serious talk by answering to Hope’s call. In the bedroom, Thomas tells his father and Brooke that he is going to hang out in his room. He is really down. Ridge suggests playing a board game, but Thomas doesn’t think that sounds like fun at all. Brooke asks if he is having second thoughts about breaking up with Amber. Thomas admits that he can’t just turn off his feelings for her. Ridge understands that it is hard to let go, but promises his son that it is the best thing he could ever do for himself.

Amber’s Cabin:

Amber continues to watch every move at the Forrester cabin through her telescope. She remembers some of the wonderful times she had with Thomas and allows the hate to grow even bigger. Clarke arrives and Amber is very happy to see him. She tells him that she needs his help. She won’t tell him what her plan is, just that she is going to prove to Thomas that Ridge is the problem, not her.

When Amber shows him the telescope and he realizes that Ridge and family are at the other end, he gets worried and tries again to talk Amber out of doing anything she will be sorry for. When they go back into the cabin, Clarke picks up a bag and tries to get Amber to leave with him. Amber freaks out and grabs the bag away from him making Clarke wonder what is in it. The way Amber acts about the bag, he thinks there might be a bomb or something in there. Amber tells him not to be ridiculous. She has a map and shows him an area that she needs him to help her explore. She explains that when she was there with Rick a few years ago, and they found an old mineshaft. She tells him that the mineshaft is central in her plans. Clarke again tries to talk her out of all of this but Amber only tells him again how much Ridge has hurt everyone. She is determined to go through with her plan, claiming that it isn’t revenge. She just wants to get Thomas back. She goes back to the telescope and continues to watch every movement at the Forrester cabin.

When she sees Ridge talking to Thomas, she instinctively knows that Ridge is telling Thomas to forget her, and again vows that Ridge will pay for what he has done this time. This time, he is hers.

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