B&B Wednesday Update 2/2/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/2/05



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

Today was all fashion!

So the competition is underway to see which fashion house: Spectra or Forrester is on top. Spectra gets the ball rolling with two really great designs. There are cheers in the audience, but recall that Sally hired some cheerleaders to pump things up.

From behind the curtain, Darla notes that the cheerleaders seem out of place and Sally slyly admits what she did. Jarrett narrates that Spectra designs are classic and elegant and really have the haute coutour look. Next, two of Forrester's designs hit the runway. They aren't bad, but kinda blah and there isn't much applause. For some reason, Thomas and Hector noticed the lack of applause and stopped clapping themselves. That's the time to actually pick it up a notch boys! Eric, Caitlin, and Sam worry about the lack of applause. Sensing he is losing, Eric makes a final change to his show stopper and inserts a wedding gown in place of the original design.

Brooke isn't so sure, but the design ends up getting many cheers. So Forrester is back in it, however, Spectra's showstopper stuns everyone. Check out the screen caps, I think it was just a glorified mini-skirt and a fancy hat, but everyone cheered, and they cheered much louder than for Forrester. So that's it, Spectra wins for the first time in history.

Dejected, Caitlin wonders what happened. Thomas tries to comfort her, which lapses into a small kiss. Man, that was quick Thomas.

Sam is also depressed, but Hector tells her the designs weren't bad. He makes a fire analogy that attempts to cheer her up. He says that even the best fire fighters can't put out every fire.

Eric is of course the saddest of them all and Brooke tries to console him. After Thorne comes out to a standing ovation, he visits with his father who says he'll miss him. They hug. Darla and Thorne go back out on the runway. They seem like the new power couple.

By the way Stephanie is noticeably MIA throughout all of this. Recall that she is visiting her sister (presumably good ol' Pam) in Chicago. Also, no scenes involving the gang in Big Bear so we'll see how that all plays out tomorrow.

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