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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/1/05



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Forrester Creations:

Hustle and bustle is the order today as everyone runs around getting ready for the fashion showdown between Forrester and Spectra. Eric makes a few suggestions for one of the models that Samantha and Caitlin are working on. He then checks in with Thomas. Thomas asks if Stephanie is going to be there. Eric reminds him that she is visiting her sister in Chicago. Hector comes in to offer his help but Eric tells him that he thinks they have everything under control. Hector wishes him luck. Megan tells Eric that there are a lot more reporters showing up than were invited. Eric tells her that they have to find a way to accommodate them all because the stakes are too high to offend any of them. Ridge calls Eric from his car. He tells Eric that he would have postponed the trip to Big Bear if he had known this show was going on. Eric assures him that he can beat Spectra without Ridge, but he does need Ridge and Thorne both back working at Spectra when this show is over.

In the hallway, Darla finds Sally getting gift bags ready for the reporters. She has put together gift sacks with t-shirts, key chains, and CD’s which Darla thinks is innocent enough until she finds cash in each of them. Sally has put 500.00 in each sack as a part of their ‘gift’. Darla tells Sally that she has gone too far this time. A disappointed Sally removes the money from the sacks. Darla runs off to check in with Thorne, while Darla goes to the showroom.

She has hired a bunch of cheerleaders to pretend to be reporters and really cheer up the Spectra collection. She tells the girls that this show is like the championship game to get across to them how important it is.

Thorne finds Darla backstage giving last minute instructions to the Spectra models. Darla admits that she is really nervous and asks Thorne if he is ready for the outcome of this show. Thorne tells her that he made the bet with his father, and is ready for whatever circumstances result in the show. If he wins the bet, Eric will buy his shares in Forrester and Thorne will become a full partner with Sally. If Eric wins, Thorne will go back to work for Forrester.

Brooke is also running around working with the Forrester models, as Thomas and Caitlin have a little chat. Caitlin is pleasantly surprised when Thomas mentions to her that he and Amber have cooled things off before running off to help Brooke.

Back in the showroom, Sally corners Jarrett and tries to slip money in his pocket. Jarrett chastises her and tells her that he is surprised that she still doesn’t have confidence in her own line. Sally denies this and tells him that this is their best line yet. Jarrett tells her that he will be the judge of that.

Eric finds Megan again and gives her ‘Sally watch’. He wants to know if there are any suspicious people there at all. Megan takes off to check everything out. Brooke asks Eric if he really thinks Sally will try to pull something. Eric is sure she will because he knows how much she wants to keep Thorne. Eric is very proud of what his son has done for Sally, but it is time for him to come home now. Brooke offers to call Ridge and have him come back, but Eric tells her that Ridge should enjoy his vacation while he can. He will be back at Forrester soon enough. Eric takes off to find Thorne and runs into Sally.

Sally tries to tell Eric how important Thorne is to her. Eric understands, but makes it clear that he wants his son back at Forrester where he belongs. He finds Thorne and tells him that he really can’t wish him luck today, because he wants to win so badly. He appreciates that Thorne is willing to settle this on the runway though. Thorne tells him that some people would think he is in a win/win situation. Either way, Thorne comes out with a good position. Thorne feels that he still has a lot to prove though. Eric tells him that he can help Thorne take his talent to the next level. Thorne asks if he is saying that Thorne needs him. Eric tells his son that they need each other.

In the showroom, Sally steps onto the runway and calls attention. She tells the reporters that their applause will determine the winner here and how important this show is. She tells them that the Spectra line ‘sizzles’ as she puts a finger to her chest and makes a sizzleing sound.

Thorne and Darla watch from backstage as they discuss how important this show is. Darla knows that Thorne feels a loyalty to his parents, but she lets him know that she feels that loyalty to Sally too. She reminds him how he looks forward to work since he has been at Spectra and asks if he really thinks his designs are good enough to keep them at Spectra. Thorne tells her that they are about to find out.

Spectra Couture:

Clarke comes in to find Amber has spent the night on the couch in the office. Her makeup is still streaked over her face from all the crying she has been doing. She tells Clarke what happened and that Thomas broke up with her. She tells him too, how Ridge rubbed it in and called her a loser. Amber is angry with Ridge and tells Clarke that Ridge has met his match in her. She plans on destroying Ridge. She tells Clarke that since Ridge took what is most precious to her, she is going to return the favor. Clarke figures out that she thinks she can use Bridget to split Brooke and Ridge up. He tries to advise her not to get in the middle of Ridge and Brooke, but Amber’s mind is made up. When Clarke is distracted by a phone call, Amber takes off for Big Bear.

Big Bear:

Bridget and Nick arrive at the cabin. Nick is impressed with the place. Bridget realizes that Nick is showing a bit of enthusiasm. Nick admits that he is feeling a bit excited and is anxious to hit the slopes. Bridget tells him that he won’t be able to avoid her family the whole time they are up there. He hands her a package of steaks and tells her to lay them out and he will grill them up later. Bridget is surprised to hear that Nick cooks too. The two of them take off to do a bit of skiing. When they return from skiing they are surprised to find the steaks gone and a huge mess on the floor. Bridget realizes that the culprit is Hercules, the neighbor’s St. Bernard.

Nick and Bridget play with the dog for a bit and talk about how loyal dogs can be. Nick decides it is time to take the dog home. Bridget tells him where Hercules lives and Nick takes off with Hercules in tow. Ridge comes in as Nick is leaving. Bridget tells him that she invited Nick to join her. Ridge wonders how close they are getting. Bridget tells him that she and Nick are just friends. Ridge notices the mess and Bridget explains that Hercules paid them another visit. Bridget wants to catch the sunset and heads out to the balcony with Ridge following her. Ridge tries to probe deeper about Nick. Bridget insists that they are just friends. Ridge tries to warn her that Nick is a pretty complicated person. The two of them discuss her and Nick’s relationship as Ridge runs his hand over her hair and shoulders.

In a cabin across the way, a realtor shows Amber the view of the cabin and mentions that the Forrester’s cabin is within sight of this one. Amber pretends to be awed that the fashion moguls are so close to her. She tells the realtor that she will take the cabin. She very quickly sets up a telescope and gets it aimed at Bridget’s cabin.

She gets what she is looking for shortly as she watches Ridge and Bridget chatting on the balcony. When she sees Ridge touch Bridget’s hair, she comments that he can’t keep his hands off of Bridget and is please that he is going to make this so easy on her.

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