B&B Monday Update 1/31/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/31/05



By Boo & Glynis
Pictures by Boo

first half by Boo

On the Shady Marlin, Bridget tries to explain to Nick everything that happened with the picture that Amber took. Nick isnít happy to hear any of it, and continues to blast Ridge for letting things get out of hand. Bridget gets a little frustrated that she canít make him see that it wasnít like what Amber said. She explains that they felt they had to tell Thomas about her and Ridgeís past before Amber does. Nick thinks that maybe Amber was onto something. Bridget again defends Ridge and tells Nick that Ridge didnít do anything wrong. Nick disagrees, saying that he shouldnít have his hands all over his wifeís daughter. Bridget tells him that Ridge didnít do that, just the picture made it look that way. Nick isnít convinced at all.

At Ridge and Brookeís place, Ridge again tells Thomas to get rid of Amber now. Amber pleads with Brooke to help her out and tell Thomas that she wasnít angry when she came there. She begs Thomas to listen to her and believe that she was only trying to protect the family. Thomasí face is unreadable as he listens to her. When Ridge sees Amber starting to cry, he tells Thomas that Amber is manipulating him. Thomas tells his father that he needs some time alone with Amber and takes Amber to the patio. Ridge tells Brooke that if Thomas doesnít break up with Amber after this, he has lost his son. Brooke comforts him and assures him that Thomas is a smart boy and will make the right decision.

On the patio, Amber continues to cry and plead her case. Thomas isnít sure what to believe, but is seeing what Ridge has been telling him all along. He tells a broken hearted Amber that they need some time apart. After hugging her, he angrily goes back through the front room and grabs his back-pack and slams out the front door. Ridge looks to Amber on the patio and is happy that she is finally out of their lives for good.

Back on the Shady Marlin, Nick tries to tell Bridget that he saw this coming. He tried to tell Ridge that he should keep his distance from Bridget but Ridge wouldnít listen. Bridget again tries to tell him that nothing happened. Nick thinks that women are an obsession with Ridge. He has to have all the women he knows stringing along or he isnít happy. He points out to Bridget that he did the same thing to Brooke for years. Bridget realizes that she is getting nowhere with him and tells him that she didnít come over to discuss all of this. She pulls out a nice pair of skis and tells him that she came over to give them to him. He asks her why. She tells him that her family is going to Big Ben for a vacation, and he is coming with them.

second half by Glynis

Amber has lost her battle. Ridge has won. With tears streaming down her face, she faces Ridge once more. She knows that he is about to throw her out of the house. She has lost Thomas, and now the humiliation of Ridge having the last word after all. She finds Ridge sick and she tells him so. He doesn't have to argue with her anymore. It is over. He has the pleasure of tossing her out of the family for the final time. He likens it to throwi9ng out the trash.

He finds her to be a joke. Brooke stands by and listens to Amber and Ridge. Amber walks over to Brooke taunting her about the photo and might have happened. Amber was there and she saw the desire in Ridgeís eyes. She is sure that Brooke will be seeing the same desire one day too. Amber knows that Brooke will really regret that she didnít believe when she has the chance. Amber knows that one day she will have the pleasure of seeing Ridge fall. Ridge laughs at Amber. She has no brains, no education. She is like a parasite, an idiot. He refers to her as a jiggling bowl of insecurities. She attracts little boys, but then they find out that she has nothing upstairs. Ridge is so happy that he is going to take Thomas up to Big Bear to celebrate. He will make sure that amber will never be a part of the family again. The Amber saga is done. Amber tries to hold her head up as she walks to the door, but it is hard. Ridge shouts a last, "Goodbye!" as she opens the door.

Bridget and Nick spend time together. She can see that he really is a great guy. Thanks to him she feels like herself again. She kisses his cheek. He turns to her to see what that really meant. Bridget plans that they should drive up to the slopes before the rest of the family shows up. Nick likes that idea. He will show her the ropes on the slopes.

Amber is crying and driving home. She still looks like a mess with the mascara running down her face. In her mind she replays the scene. Amber remembers Ridge telling her that she is a joke, and that she will never amount to anything.

Amber almost crashes, as she is so deep in her thoughts. She swerves right on time and avoids getting hit by a semi. The radio is on and Amber overhears how the weather is going to be bad up at Big Bear the following day. She brings the car to a stop in the night. Amber goes into deep thought. Slowly a smile comes to her face. She has an idea. So Ridge thinks that she will never get into the family again eh? He will see. She will show him. "Watch out Ridge."

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