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By Linda
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Today we find Ridge and Brook at home, comfortably kissing on the couch. She comments, "as nice as this is, itís just the calm before the storm." Ridge could care less and continues kissing his wife, only to be interrupted by Bridget, as she asks if they wanted to see her.

Ridge tells her that they called Thomas and heís on his way home from the library. Brooke tells her itís going to be okay. As much as she hates it, Bridget knows they must tell Thomas the truth; he must not hear if from Amber. Thomas arrives and Ridge tells him to come in and sit down for a minute. "Whatís going on?" Thomas asks. Ridge tells him they need to talk to him about Amber. Thomas says that he has had enough lectures to last him a lifetime about Amber, but Brooke insists that he must listen to what his father has to say. Thomas tells her no; "I know exactly what Dad is going to say."

Ridges starts out by telling his son that Amber is not the woman he thinks she is, and that he will prove it. He tells Thomas about the other night when Amber was sneaking around outside with a camera and took a picture of him and Bridget in what Amber thought was a "compromising position." "All she was trying to do was get some kind of dirt on me," Ridge adds. Thomas asks what she saw and she tells him, "your dad and me." Ridge hands him the picture, but Thomas does not understand what it means. Brooke tells him that there was a time when Bridget and his father had feelings for each other. "Did Amber take this picture because she thought there was something going on between you and Bridget?" Thomas asks his father. Bridget cuts in and admits to him that there was a time, a very long time ago, after his mother died, that she and Ridge got very close.

A shocked Thomas stops them and wants to know if during the time Bridget was staying with them were they......Bridget interrupts him and assures him that nothing like that ever happened. Ridge, Brooke, and Bridget try to explain to Thomas the emotions that were being felt during that time and how Ridge and Bridget simply turned to one another in support and understanding. "Anyhow," Brooke says, "the whole thing is that Amber took the picture in an attempt to come between Ridge and me; she brought it to me and tried to convince me that they still had feelings for one another." Thomas isnít believing this as he does not believe Amber would do anything to hurt his family. Ridge adds that this is just another example of how unstable Amber is as she was trying to save her own relationship with Thomas by blackmailing Ridge.

At Spectra, Amber comes into Sallyís office and notices that itís decorated for a party. Clarke and Serge come in and catch her eating a grape. Clarke tells her to stay away from the produce and introduces Serge - the party planner. However, Serge calls himself a "special events coordinator" as he introduces himself to Amber, who cannot believe that Sally sprung for a party planner. Clarke tells her a lot more will change when Thorne becomes partner. Amber asks if heís really buying half the company. Clarke tells her itís a done deal; all they have to do is sign the papers. Amber starts to leave, but Clarke asks her to stay. She tells him sheís really not in the mood and he asks Serge if heíd excuse them for a minute. Serge tells them he guesses heíll go "trim his chia pet" and leaves. Clarke turns to Amber and tells her to let him guess, "your plan to help Ridge and Brooke blew up in her face."

She tells him yeah and that Stephanie threw her out. Clarke comments, "Stephanie is a lioness; you donít mess with her family." Clarke gets a phone call and says, "thatís great; Iíll get everything ready." Amber asks if Thorne is on his way back and Clarke tells her it sounds like he has good news. Amber whines that she wishes somebody had some for her and wonders if Sally would mind if she just took off.

Back at the Forrester mansion, Amber comes in and hears the conversation and tries to defend herself saying that she was not trying to threaten anyone; she was trying to help. She tells them to ask Brooke as she knows; she tells Brooke to tell them why she came to see her. Ridge tells her that theyíve already told Thomas the truth. Amber is skeptical that they told him about him and Bridget after Taylor died. Thomas tells her they did. She tells him then he knows why she was so concerned. Ridge tells her she was only concerned about herself. More words are exchanged until Ridge tells Bridget that she does not have to stand around and listen to all of this. Amber is livid, wanting to know if Bridget is going to simply be allowed to bad mouth her and walk out. Thomas jumps in and says that Bridget was not badmouthing her. Bridget tells him sheís really sorry he got dragged into this and that she never wanted him to find out this way.

Bridget goes to leave and walks by Amber, but Amber cannot keep her mouth shut. Ridge jumps Amber for having the nerve to say anything to Bridget. He turns to Thomas and asks him if he now understands just what kind of person Amber is and all the ways she has tried to hurt his family. Amber bursts into tears at Ridge continues to rip her to shreds saying that she seduced Thomas. She struggles to defend herself, but is fighting a losing battle, as Ridge tells Thomas that he is just too good for Amber and that she will ruin his life.

"I love you too much to see that happen," Ridge tells his son; "you have to end it now - look her in the eye and tell her that you want her out of your life forever."

At Forrester Creations, Darla asks Thorne if heís made up his mind. Thorne tells her that he canít accept Sallyís offer if his mom and dad wonít buy back his stock. Eric and Sally argue back and to over who needs and wants Thorne more.

Thorne tells them to prove it. He states that he sees this as a challenge and that he wants to prove that Spectraís success was not just a fluke. "I am not afraid to prove it," he tells his father, "I will pit my designs against yours any day." Eric asks if heís talking about another challenge like the one he had with Ridge. Stephanie jumps in and reminds Thorne that he had a successful showing, but ultimately lost. Thorne tells them if he loses again, heíll come back to Forrester along with the Forrester name. Sally emphatically says no, however Thorne adds, "if Spectra wins, theyíll buy back my Forrester stock; it will be the ultimate fashion challenge; dad, are you up to it?"

Sally tells Thorne that this is ridiculous; "we already have a deal and Iíve agreed to sell you half the company." Thorne reminds her that he canít buy it if his parents wonít buy back his stock. Sally tells him that they are holding him hostage. But, Eric says that fifty million dollars is too much to pay for a company like Spectra. Sally states that their company is worth every penny and it is all thanks to Thorne. Asking for a moment alone, Sally and Thorne sit and she tells him she admires his "chutzpah" and his optimism, but she doesnít want her company caught in the middle of this. Darla thinks sheís afraid that theyíll lose. But, Sally says she isnít afraid of anything and finally agrees to compete on the catwalk once again - with the winner getting Thorne!

Back at Spectra, Serge leads Darla, Thorne, and Sally into Sallyís office as the employees sing "for heís a jolly good fellow." Clarke tells Thorne that Sally wanted to throw him a big party to celebrate his first day as partner. Sally stops him and announces that they have nothing to celebrate. Thorne protests that there will be, but Sally insists Serge and the gang go. After they leave, Clarke asks Sally whatís going on and she tells him that Thorne has challenged Forrester to another dual. "If we win, we get Thorne, but if we lose, he goes back to Forrester, and takes his name with him." Clarke reminds Thorne that he and Sally had a deal, but Thorne tells him that he canít buy into Spectra if he canít sell his shares of Forrester.

Sally comments that his parents want him back. Clarke thinks thatís blackmail. Thorne tells them to relax saying, "what happened to your confidence in me; we are going to win because we have the momentum - Spectra is on the rise and we are going to beat Forrester Creations and become the leading name in haute couture."

Back at Eric is sketching and Stephanie asks if heís going to re-do the entire collection. Eric tells her he is; heís going to win this competition, as it may be the only chance he has to get Thorne back at Forrester. "I am going to win this competition and reunite my family." But, Stephanie wonders if Thorne might really have a chance of winning, but Eric doesnít think so as he believes Spectra is only doing so well because of the Forrester name. Stephanie also reminds Eric that the press was less than ecstatic over their last showing, but Eric assures her that he is going to fix all of that and this collection will be a real winner. He says, "we are not going to lose our son to Sally Spectra, and I am not going to let Thorne throw away his legacy as he needs to be there with me, and his brother; this company will be a family business again."

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