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By Linda 
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We start out today with Eric begging Thorne to come home as he admits that he is struggling and needs him. He has discovered that not having his family around has robbed him of his motivation. All he ever wanted was to do was build up a successful company to leave to his children and now it is simply a moot point. Thorne agrees with his father that he wants the family to heal also.

Eric and Stephanie question their son, "are you still angry with us?" Thorne attempts to explain that he now wants to fulfill his own dream...build his own legacy. His mother assures him that he can do this at Forrester. She re-enforces everything that Eric has said, telling Thorne, "we need you; weíve seen what you did at Spectra and we want you to come do the same at Forrester."

Darla knocks on the door and as Thorne invites her in, he asks if she heard what Stephanie had just been saying. "Yes," she answers, "Forrester needs you." Stephanie and Eric begin to tell Darla all the things they have just shared with Thorne. They add that they are trying their best to pull their family back together. Thorne tells his parents that the folks over at Spectra need him also, but they counter with, "they are not your family." Thorne disagrees and likens their working relationship to a real family relationship. "Thatís all well and good," Stephanie says, "But we are talking about blood here." Thorne is quick to add that his folks at Spectra poured their "blood, sweat, and tears" into their work, but his parents begin a new tangent saying that Thorne is gambling with the future of Alexandria - his daughter. Her reminds his son that he would be selling his Forrester stock and buying into a company whoís success may be only temporary. Thorne says he understands the risk he's taking. Stephanie encourages him to make sure he thoroughly studies Spectraís history and then she reminds her son that he could be risking everything that he has.

Over at Spectra, Serge is having a fit over his vegetable tray. Clark has "pig's in a blanket" and Serge doesn't want to have anything to do with "anything in a blanket" unless it's six foot two and built, "like you," he chirps to Clarke. Sally informs Serge that he will be serving all the guests and sends him of to take care of some last minute details as the guest of honor is due to arrive any minute. Clarke asks Sally is she is all right, and she admits she feels slightly fluttery, "after all, I am giving up half of my legacy, but I know Thorne is worth it." Clarke says, "itís time to call the troops and Serge asks for the honor - but he picks up the mic and starts out with a half baked Elvis imitation. Sally finally shoos him out and she admits to Clark that she's getting worried..Darla and Thorne should have been back by now. Clarke agrees and says that can mean only one thing, "Eric and Steph are trying to talk Thorne out of selling his shares and throwing in with them for the long haul," he says. "No," Sally screeches, "I have to get over there now!"

Eric gets a phone call and tells Megan, no more calls. The discussion continues as Thorne warns Darla not to let his parents get her involved in this. But, she will stand by her man and defends him against all of Stephanieís arguments. "Darla," Eric reminds her, "your husband is risking 50 million dollars."

"I can appreciate that Eric," Darla tells her father in law, "but, I believe in Thorne." She tells him that she sees the arrangement at Spectra as a tremendous opportunity for Thorne, and he will be in charge over there, with Sally. Eric argues that Thorne will be in charge at Forrester, but Darla claims he will have to share that title with both Eric and Ridge. She is afraid that it will always be two against one. "Thorne has come into his own at Spectra and heís working harder than ever before, and heís happy." Eric says Sally doesn't need a partner; she's only offering to sell because it's a shrewd business move. She's securing the Forrester name for years to come and it's only costing her half her profits. "Is that so?" asks Sally from the doorway.

Thorne tells Sally that his parents have every right to try and talk him out of this enormous risk. She reassures them that she is not there to make trouble, but Stephanie wants to know just why she is there.

"I just wanted to see the looks on your faces when Thorne chooses me over you," Sally says. When Darla reminds her that it is Spectra over Forrester, Sally cuts to the chase and says not it goes much deeper than that as she reminds Thorne of all the things his family has does to him on the past. "That's water under the bridge, Sally," Thorne says, but Sally adds that the water is murky and polluted! She goes on to say that Thorne may have forgotten all the names that Ridge has called them through the years, but she hasn't. Thorne turns to Sally and stops her saying, "mom and dad have given me a lot to think about." Eric encourages his son to take his time, but Thorne says, "I donít need anymore time; Iíve heard from all of you, and now I know what I have to do."

We find Massimo and Heather meeting, as they discuss Deaconís fall from sobriety. Massimo is surprised that it has taken this long as men like Deacon spend their time right on the brink and it usually does not take much to push them over. "So what now," Heather asks her boss. Mass says it depends on Deacon; they have launched the ship on which he is the captain - a drunken captain. Heather states that she hopes Jackie is up for the ride, as she notes that seeing the real Deacon up close and personal is not going to be pretty. Massimo agrees, but believes that it would happen sometime and heíd rather it happen before Jackie is tied to Deacon permanently. Mass sees all this a his way of "protecting" Jackie. "You know what, Massimo," Heather says, "I used to wish youíd fall in love with me, but now I am glad you didnít because being loved by you is a very dangerous proposition."

Jacqueline's not in any danger, Massimo tells her. But, Heather feels that they have unleashed a monster in her home. Mass tells her that Deacon was always a monster, as he tells of when he was in the wheelchair and Deacon used to come right up into his face and him. He would torture him with the idea that he was going to take his wife, his home, his business, all because he knew that Massimo couldn't do anything as he was totally helpless. Now he's back and he is doing something; he is doing the best thing for Jacqueline and thatís is to let her see Deacon for what her really is and then get the hell out. "Assuming she can get away," Heather says, "what if he drags her down with him?"

Deacon arrives home on cloud nine, and kisses Jackie as he enters the kitchen. He twirls her around as she remarks what a wonderful mood he is in and comments that AA must be working wonders. Deacon ignores this response and says that she works wonders for him. He dances her around the house and states that he does not know what heís been so worried about as his life is great. Jackie reminds him that he is a recovering alcoholic who was craving a drink, but Deacon laughs and says he is craving her.

"Have you been drinking?" Jackie asks, in shock. Deacon admits that , yes - he had one drink. Jackie is terrible upset, but Deacon assures her, "honey, I can handle it." Jackie argues that an alcoholic cannot handle a drink - not one - not ever. Deacon then states that he is not really an alcoholic and heís only had one drink and he feels great. He adds that he is not a bit worried; he knows heís made mistakes in the past, but those are not going to be repeated. And he says his biggest mistake was pinning everything on alcohol. Jackie does not understand what he is saying and he explains that booze was just his excuse, a way for him to run away from his responsibilities, but he does not feel that way any more.

He goes on rambling saying, "I feel great, better than I have felt in weeks." Jackie says, "that is only because you are drunk." "Oh, I got a little buzz going on, but I am not drunk, and what is the matter with that?" Deacon questions her. He moves in closer and tells Jackie that it would surely be a shame to waste the way he is feeling as he attempts to draw her close. "Donít," she tells him. "Ohh, stop acting like some kinda English school marm," Deacon suggests as he kisses her on the neck. But Jackie isnít acting and she isnít happy, in fact, she is quite frightened. She tells him to let her go, but he refuses. As she tries to get free, Deacon tightens his grip on her. Jackie insists that he is holding her too tightly, but Deacon insists that he wants to be close to her.

She tells him that he must let her go as she is not in the mood, but Deacon promises that he can change that.

Finally, Jackie demands to be let go and then forcefully jerks herself free. Deacon, realizing that he's been trying to force her against her will, says he's sorry. He adds, "itís happening again and I donít understand why." Jackie tells him they will get him help. But, he tells her to leave as he needs to be alone right now. .She doesn't want to go, but he gets angry, pounding the coffee table with his fist saying he needs to be alone right now. "Please, just leave me alone," he cries. Jackie, feeling every word as if it were a physical blow, turns and leaves the house..
Deacon pulls a bottle out of his jacket and goes to the sink where he takes off the cap, as if to pour it down the sink. He pours a bit and then stops, looks at it, and takes another drink, near tears...

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