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Thorne and Darla come out of the elevator ready to enter Sally’s office. They hear Sally celebrating something inside her office.

They enter to find that the new sales figures have come in for the week. Sally rants on and on about how good they are doing, and how well they will be able to do as a team once Thorne takes her up on her offer. Darla tells her to can the sales pitch as Thorne informs them that he has already made up his mind. Sally is eager to hear what he has to say. Thorne tells Sally that he was surprised that she wanted him to ‘buy’ into Spectra since he put her on the map. Sally starts to defend herself again, but Thorne tells her that he understands that it is her sweat and tears. He tells her that the 50 million is a lot of money to come up with and for him to do it, he will have to sell all interest in Forrester.

Sally starts to get a bit disappointed as Thorne continues to string her along. Finally, Thorne announces that he has decided to do just that. He is taking her up on her offer. Celebration erupts in the room as all are excited about this wonderful new partnership. Sally starts to get on the microphone to announce a party when Thorne stops her. He tells her that he hasn’t told his parents yet, and asks her to hold off the announcement until he returns from doing so. Sally agrees and Thorne takes off to talk with his parents after a good luck kiss from Darla. Sally and Clark worry slightly that Eric and Stephanie will be able to talk Thorne out of this, but Darla assures them that Spectra is Thorne’s home and family now. Sally pushes her worries away and orders Clarke to get a party planner here. They are going to have an all out celebration. Darla thanks her for going all out for Thorne. Sally tells her that it is what any mother would do for her children. The two of them hug in celebration.

Forrester Creations:

Eric joins Stephanie in his office as he shows her the new sales figures for the week. He admits that Spectra is still climbing while Forrester is just holding steady. He tells her that he isn’t going to pull his hair out of it. Stephanie knows that is because of what Ridge told them last night. Eric is high on adrenaline as he remembers what Ridge told him. He is so happy that Ridge was finally able to get through to Thorne and that the two of them have managed to put their differences aside. He always knew that this company would remain a ‘family’ run business. Eric starts making plans on what a beautiful office he is going to create for Thorne up on the executive floor. Stephanie tries to caution him that he may be getting way ahead of himself as Thorne hasn’t announced his decision to anyone yet. Eric tells her that Thorne knows that he belongs here, not at Spectral. He realizes that Thorne has to deal with Darla and Sally. Stephanie reminds him that either of those women in Thorne’s life could persuade him to stay at Spectra. Just then, Megan comes in over the intercom to announce that Thorne is there to see them. Both of them great Thorne with open arms. Eric tells him that they are happy to have him back and how happy he is that they will all be working together again. Thorne tries to tell them what his decision is, but they both keep rattling on about Thorne coming home. Thorne finally gets it out that he is staying at Spectra. Both of his parents are shocked that he would stay with Sally after she exploited his name.

Thorne explains that he and Sally discussed it and have come to an understanding about that. Stephanie guesses that Sally made Thorne a new offer. Eric asks how much Sally is paying him and is shocked when Thorne tells him that he is paying Sally. Thorne explains that he will be buying half of Spectra from Sally for 50 million dollars. He also informs his father that he knows it is a good deal. Eric inquires as to how Thorne is going to come up with that kind of money. Stephanie realizes that Thorne plans on selling his interest in Forrester Creations. Thorne explains that he knows that will mean that he is cutting all ties with the family business. He explains to both his parents that he wants to finish what he started. He wants to be able to soar as a winner. Stephanie tells him that he has already proven that he is a winner, and he can soar at Forrester too. Thorne disagrees, he will only be one of the shareholders here at Forrester, like he was before. As half owner at Spectra, what he says goes. Stephanie reminds him that Sally can always so no to anything he proposes as the other owner. Thorne reminds them that Sally has given him full rein so far. Eric thinks that Sally will only do that as long as they are showing a profit. One bad sales report, and she will yank that power from him. Thorne trusts Sally not to do that. Thorne tells him that he has a vision of the heights he can take Spectra too. Eric tells him that he had a vision for Forrester too. For it to always be a ‘family’ business where they could all work together for a common goal. He begs his son not to go. We see that this is breaking Eric’s heart.

Jackie M:

Deacon is in the office having a very hard time concentrating on his work. Heather comes in to give him the latest sales reports and he snaps at her pretty hard.

He apologizes to her and tells her that he is just having a bad day. He agrees when Heather suggests that it is a good time for her to take her break. After Heather leaves, Deacon tries to concentrate on the new sales report and finally throws it to the floor in frustration. Jackie comes in and starts to pick up the papers for him when she notices his hand shaking badly. She realizes that he is again wanting a drink badly. Deacon admits that he does want a drink, but he will not give in to it. Jackie offers all the support she can and offers to call his sponsor and take him to an AA meeting. Deacon tells her that he doesn’t want her to do that. He knows that she has an important interview set up today and he doesn’t want her to change her plans.

Jackie tells him that she wants to help him. Deacon tries to explain that she will be helping him more if she will not change her life to accommodate his cravings. Finally, Jackie agrees to go to her interview after Deacon promises that he will get himself to a meeting and call his sponsor. Jackie offers her support again and regretfully asks her sales lady to keep an eye on Deacon.

Outside, Massimo waits in a limo for Heather to come out and give her report. Heather tells him that Deacon is about to fall apart, but she confirms that Deacon is fighting it really hard.

Massimo isn’t worried. He is certain that his plan will work. He asks if she took care of the ‘other’ project. She confirms that the bar has been fully stocked for the customers, and Deacon. The two of them see Jackie leave and Heather decides that her break is over. She returns to the boutique as Massimo lurks outside.

Back inside, Deacon goes to the kitchenette looking for coffee. When he doesn’t find any made, he looks under the sink and sees the fully stocked bar with a bottle of vodka conveniently placed right in front. He is startled and hesitates for a few minutes just looking at the bottles. Heather glances in and sees the troubled look on Deacon’s face before smiling and quietly leaving. Deacon finally picks up the bottle and stands up with it. He slowly unscrews the lid and smells the devil drink.

Massimo watches through the window and counts down. ‘Three……two…..one’. Deacon gives in and takes that first drink. Massimo says ‘mission accomplished’.

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