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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/25/05



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Eric & Stephanie’s:

Stephanie doesn’t quite believe Bridget’s feelings for Ridge are a thing of the past. Bridget assures her that they are. She is upset that Stephanie brought this up to Brooke. Stephanie tries to explain to her that she really was thinking of Ridge and Brooke’s marriage. Bridget doesn’t believe her. She thinks that Stephanie really did this to break up Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie denies this and continues to try to convince her that she really was trying to help, not destroy. The two of them discuss Amber’s actions too for a bit before they both agree that they can all put this behind them now. Stephanie then starts in on Bridget about Nick. She tries to pry and see if there is anything going on between Nick and Bridget. Bridget tells her that she and Nick are just good friends. Stephanie brings up the ‘date’ that Bridget set up for Nick and Bridget tells her that it was just an inside joke.

That is what friends do, they hang out and have fun together. Stephanie keeps trying to push the issue, but Bridget insists that Nick is too rude and too surly for her. She is adamant that they are just friends, and that is all they ever will be.

Ridge & Brooke’s:

Brooke is straightening up when the doorbell rings. It is Nick. Brooke thanks him for coming over and shows him to the front room. She explains that Ridge has gone out to get some sushi. She knows that Nick doesn’t like sushi and excuses him from staying for dinner. Nick is curious about why she has called him over there.

She tells him about the ‘breakthrough’ that she had with Bridget and Ridge now. She proudly tells him that her marriage and her family have come out of the whole thing stronger than ever. Nick is happy to hear this. Brooke knows that Bridget has been confiding in Nick and she wanted to thank him for being a friend to Bridget. Nick tells her that he thinks Bridget is a great person. Brooke agrees with him about her daughter being a great person as she serves him a glass of wine. Nick tries to down play his part in Bridget being happier lately, but Brooke knows how good of a friend he can be. She knows he has the ability to pull people out of very dark places and make them feel better about themselves. Brooke is very grateful to Nick for all that he did for her and her daughter. Brooke tells him that she was afraid that he would get on his boat and sail away forever after what happened between them. Nick admits to her that he did think about it. With a mischievous smile, he tells her that it was just too much trouble. Brooke tells him that whatever caused him to stay, she is happy that he did stay and continue to be his friend. She suspects that his interest in helping Bridget was out of friendship to her. Nick just tells her that he thinks Bridget is a good egg and deserves to be happy.

Brooke tells him that he deserves to be happy too, and gently kisses him on the cheek. R.J. starts to cry and Brooke excuses herself to go and feed him. Nick tells her that he will let himself out. After Brooke leaves the room, Nick finishes his glass of wine and starts to head out the door. When he opens it, he finds a startled Bridget just getting home. Nick realizes that she is a bit preoccupied and starts to leave but Bridget asks him to stay. She tells him too, of the breakthrough that she had with her mother and Ridge. She tells him that it was a big relief to finally get everything out in the open and to admit that she is over Ridge. Nick is happy for her. Bridget tells him that she couldn’t have done it without him. Nick thinks she could have done anything without him. Bridget tells him to stop downplaying his part in it. He gave her another perspective and made her realize that she was putting Ridge up on a pedestal. Nick tells her that he understands growing up in Beverly Hills doesn’t always mean that you are happy. He thinks she came out of all of it pretty well. Bridget tells him that she thinks she is ready to move on and find someone to be close to. Nick tells her that he thinks that person will be one lucky sailor.

Bridget catches the word sailor and Nick tells her he was using it as a figure of speech. He tells her that he won’t be fixing her up on anymore dates. He is good for fixing broken hearts, but not good as a matchmaker. She is on her own in that department. Nick takes off, leaving Bridget to contemplate.


Thorne, Sally, Clarke and Darla are all still in Sally’s office. Sally explains her offer to sell Thorne half the business for 50 million. Sally explains that the company has been her life dream, her sweat and tears. The only reason she is offering the deal to Thorne is because she loves him like family. Thorne thinks hard about the offer. He knows that 50 million is a lot of money to come up with. Sally tells him that it is a drop in the bucket compared to what they can make at this company. She can make it without Thorne, she has before. But with Thorne, the sky is the limit. Thorne tells her that he needs to have his financial advisors look over the books. Sally tells him that he can crunch the numbers any way he likes, but he knows that this is a good offer.

Thorne agrees that it is a good offer, and compliments Sally on being a good business woman. She promises to be an even better partner. She tells him that she knows that he can get his hands on that kind of money, it’s not like she is asking him to knock off an ATM machine.

Darla and Thorne go to Thorne’s office to discuss their options. Thorne explains that the banks were willing to loan him money when he was trying to buy Forrester, but Spectra is a much bigger risk.

Darla thinks that means that they couldn’t do this even if they wanted to. Thorne explains that he could do it if he asks his family to buy his stock out for Forrester. Darla realizes that is a huge step for her husband to take. She knows how much Forrester means to him, it is a part of his legacy. They discuss what it would be like for him to go back to Forrester. Thorne tells her that Ridge promised things would be different if he would come back. Darla doesn’t really believe that. Thorne asks her as his wife, what she thinks he should do. Of course, Darla will support any decision that he makes, but she really tries to sway him to Sally’s side. She reminds him of all that he has gone through to finally get the respect that he so well deserves. Thorne is really trying to think this decision through. He is concerned that Spectra may go up in a ball of flames, and if he has given up his share of Forrester, he doesn’t know how he will provide for his family.

Darla tells him to follow his heart, and he will know that he has made the right decision. Thorne realizes that his stake in Forrester really means a lot more to him than he thought it did, otherwise he wouldn’t be having such a hard time making a decision.

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