B&B Monday Update 1/24/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/24/05



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

So Brooke is pretty upset and wants Ridge and Bridget to admit their true feelings, no matter how latent. The two look at each other and admit they do love each other, but not in a sexual way at all. Once again, Ridge professes his undying love to Brooke, which seems to make everything better. She looks at the picture of Ridge and Bridget again and sees a platonic moment between the two...not a love glance. Everyone shares a group hug. Ridge blames Amber for all this trouble, for Brooke (although mad at Amber) is glad the whole thing blew up because now she feels 10 times better than she did before. They agree to never discuss the matter again...yeah.

Over at the Forrester mansion, Stephanie is livid that Amber went to Brooke with the picture. Despite Amber's best explanations and pleas, Stephanie believes that she did it out of spite for Ridge. She thinks that if Amber really cared for the family, she wouldn't have done this. She was merely securing her place in the family (not actually loving the family). Amber points out that she was trying to stop Ridge from destroying the family, but Stephanie is still furious. She kicks Amber out right on the spot. Amber runs to guest house in tears.

Meanwhile Bridget comes looking for Amber and explains what happened though Stephanie knows already. Stephanie tells her that she kicked Amber out, but questions whether things are really okay between herself and Ridge. Bridget reiterates that nothing is nor will go on between herself and Ridge.

In the guest house, Ridge shows up looking for Amber. It's not a pleasant conversation. Amber remains firm in her assertion that she was trying to help out Ridge and Brooke. Ridge scoffs that Amber is delusional and says that he and Brooke have never been better. Amber's plan didn't work. He also says that Amber will not be apart of Thomas' life and warns her not to tell him about this private matter. Amber cries that she wouldn't hurt Thomas like that.

After Ridge leaves, Amber calms down and slyly says that she will take Ridge down for what he has done.

Over at Spectra, Darla and Thorne discuss his proposal to take control of half the company. Darla reminds Thorne that Sally has worked her whole life at Spectra and giving up a large chunk of it will not be easy for her. Later, Sally and Clarke discuss what to do about the Thorne situation. Thorne enters and says that if Sally doesn't want to give up her company and feels very strongly about it, she shouldn't.

However, Thorne would go back to Forrester. Sally offers to sell half the company to Thorne (instead of giving it to him in lieu of a salary). The company is worth 100 million, so if he can come up with 50 million, half is his. Thorne thinks it over.

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