B&B Friday Update 1/21/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 1/21/05



By Boo
Pictures by Amanda

Eric & Stephanie’s:

Nick and Bridget continue to joke around about his date with Sasha in the pool area. Nick teases that Sasha is already sending him text messages. Bridget tells him that they were both duped by the trainer and that Sasha really is a male. She tells him that she really appreciates the way he just went with the flow when she set him up on a blind date with the orangutan. Nick jokes with her about his making out with a monkey and Bridget promises him not to tell anyone down at Chucks about his blind date.

She tells Nick that it was good for Eric and Stephanie to see her playing around and having fun like that. She knows that they have been worried about her and her problems in getting on with her life. The two of them discuss the differences between their personalities. Bridget agrees that Nick is a more ‘spur of the moment’ type of person than she is. She takes a bit of exception with him when he calls her ‘prim’ and ‘proper’.

She agrees that she is ‘proper’ but doesn’t think she has ever been ‘prim.’ Nick doesn’t look as if he totally agrees with her, but decides not to argue with her about it. Bridget tells him that she thinks it is good for her to hang with him now and then. He can teach her how to have fun. Nick starts joking with her again and chases her around acting like an orangutan. They end up falling on the couch together with Nick on top of Bridget. They both enjoy the moment for just a second before it becomes awkward for them. Nick quickly gets up and tells Bridget that he needs to get back to work. Bridget tells him to call her after he gets his ‘flea dip’ before he takes off.

In the house, Amber has come to Stephanie to tell her side of the story before Ridge and Brooke can get to her. She starts off by talking about how much the family means to her and how she would never do anything to hurt the family.

Stephanie knows something is upsetting Amber but Amber continues to ramble on. She talks about going to see Ridge hoping that they could work out their differences, but Ridge wouldn’t talk to her and she felt like she had no choice but to do what she did. Stephanie starts to get a little frustrated with her because she doesn’t know what Amber is talking about. Then she sees the picture and asks Amber what she is doing with it. Amber is surprised that Stephanie isn’t bothered by what she sees in the picture. She doesn’t see why she should be worried, Ridge and Bridget are just standing there. Amber tries to explain that she was worried about Ridge because of all the things he has been doing lately. Not just the way he has been acting toward her and Thomas, but also when he tried to take Eric’s job from him and then just walk away. She claims that she is concerned because she sees Ridge tearing the family apart. She finally admits to Stephanie that she overheard the conversation between her and Ridge and knows that Stephanie is worried about what happened between Bridget and Ridge before. Stephanie scolds her for listening in on a private conversation. Amber swears that she didn’t mean to listen in, the same way she didn’t mean to see Bridget and Ridge together. She tells Stephanie that the picture proves that Stephanie has every right to be worried about Ridge and Bridget spending time together. Amber tries to explain that when she heard the two of them talking, it gave her hope that she could talk some sense into Ridge. She tried to explain to him that he had made a big mistake in his life, but he had changed and that meant that he should believe Amber was trying to change too. She admits that Ridge wouldn’t even talk to her at all about it and said awful things to her. Stephanie guesses that Amber took the picture to get back at Ridge. Amber starts to panic just a little bit and tries to explain that she took the picture because she was trying to save Ridge’s marriage. She tells Stephanie that she thought Ridge and Brooke both needed a wake up call. Stephanie catches what she said and incredulously asks if Amber showed the picture to Brooke. Amber admits that she did, but she didn’t expect Ridge to come in and blow up like he did. Stephanie can’t believe what has happened and asks Amber what the hell she was thinking. Amber swears to Steph that she didn’t mean to cause trouble, she was only trying to save the family, just like Stephanie does. Steph asks her if she has told Thomas about this. Amber tells her that she hasn’t told anyone. She continues to try to plead her case, but Stephanie has her number. She tells Amber that she should have kept her nose out of it. Ridge and Bridget are none of her business. Stephanie knows that Amber isn’t worried about the family, she is worried about her own place in the family. Stephanie knows exactly what Amber was up to.

Brook & Ridge’s Place:

Ridge is still trying to explain to Brooke that nothing happened between him and Bridget. She shoves the picture at him and tells him to tell her exactly what was going on in that picture. It doesn’t look like nothing to her. Ridge tries to explain that Bridget was telling him that she had finally gotten over him and she was moving on with her life. He tells his wife that she isn’t seeing desire in his eyes, she is seeing joy. He was happy that Bridget could finally look at him as nothing more than a supportive friend. Ridge swears that Brooke is the only woman in his life. Brooke looks as if she really wants to believe Ridge but she still has major doubts. Ridge assures her again that any feelings that he developed for Bridget after Taylor’s death are completely gone now. He loves Brooke and their family and he would never do anything to hurt that. Brooke thinks they need to look deeper.

She thinks that the picture proves that he still has feelings for Bridget that he doesn’t even know about. She tells him that she sees a lot more than friendship in that picture. Ridge admits that he feels love for Bridget, but it is a platonic love. Just as Brooke asks what Bridget is feeling, Bridget walks in and overhears her name. When she realizes she has interrupted something, she excuses herself and starts to leave. Brooke tells her to stop, that she has something to show Bridget. Bridget is shocked and a little confused when Brooke shoves the picture at her.

She recognizes that it was taken the night before but doesn’t understand who took it. Brooke explains that Amber took it, but it doesn’t matter why. She demands to know what was going on when the picture was taken. A very confused Amber slowly explains to Brooke exactly what was going on, confirming everything that Ridge said. Brooke is happy that her daughter feels like she is moving on. Bridget wonders what Brooke ‘thought’ was going on in the picture. Ridge interrupts and tells them both that now that Bridget has confirmed exactly what was going on, they can all move past this. Brooke tells him that she doesn’t think that she can. She explains to both of them that she understands what happened to them back then. Bridget and Ridge both try to tell her that they don’t need to rehash the whole thing.

Brooke tells them both to just let her finish. She tells them how much her life and family means to her right now. She wouldn’t make it through another bout of them having feelings for each other. Ridge tries again to assure her, but Brooke continues. She tells them that she wants them both to look deep inside themselves and make sure that there are no residual feelings left there. If there are, she needs to know. She needs to know right now!

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