B&B Wednesday Update 1/19/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 1/19/05



By Matthew
Pictures by Boo

So today’s show was a mix of campy fun and really serious stuff. Let’s start with the fun stuff.

So over at the Forrester mansion, Nick is introduced to monkey Sasha. I really am not sure what the point of these scenes are, but they were funny. The two retreated to the pool and with Bridget watching on, frolicked together with the tune of “Loving You” in the background. Eric and Stephanie laugh at the three of them playing together. After the fun is over and Sasha has left, Stephanie notes that Bridget seems to be in better spirits when she is around Nick. She thinks that if they spent more time together, Bridget could finally get over Ridge. Eric is dubious, but Stephanie thinks something maybe going on between them. She wants to support Bridget and Nick if they become an item.

Over at Spectra, Clarke wants to know where Amber is so they can go over her designs. Darla and Sally explain where Amber is and how she is helping to save Ridge and Brooke’s marriage. Sorry, but everyone basically discussed what was happening over at Ridge and Brooke’s place.

So over at the Malibu mansion, Ridge is angered that Amber would bring some kind of picture over and start throwing around accusations. He defends himself to Brooke and says the picture is totally taken out of context. Brooke is very upset and points out how Ridge was looking at Bridget in the picture and how it looks like they were kissing. Brooke reminds Ridge how she said that if he crossed the line again, their marriage was over. Ridge lashes out at Amber because he thinks this is just payback for tricking her during the Jackie M. party. Amber remains adamant that she is doing to help Ridge and Brooke and this is a preventative measure. Ridge is out of control and needs to be stopped. Fed up, Ridge kicks Amber out the door. He tries to convince Brooke that he did not cross the line with Bridget. Brooke just stares back at him.

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