B&B Tuesday Update 1/18/05

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 1/18/05



By Kellylynn
Pictures by Amanda

 Brooke and Amber are still in Brooke’s living room. Brooke is staring at the picture of Ridge holding Bridget and tears come to her eyes. Brooke doesn’t know what to say. She recalls telling Ridge to stay away from Bridget and to never cross that line. Amber tells Brooke that what she is doing by giving her the picture is not revenge. Amber says she feels a bond with Brooke and Amber knows how badly Brooke had to fight to get to where she is today with her family and finally being able to marry the love of her life, Ridge. Amber says, “Your husband is just way out of control”.  Amber tells Brooke she is doing this to try and get Brooke to see that she needs to stop him. Brooke asks Amber where she got this picture. Brooke is in disbelief of what she is looking at. Amber tells Brooke that she took the picture. Amber also says Ridge has become arrogant and needs to be stopped before he destroys his and Brooke’s marriage. Brooke cries and looks at Amber with a look of desperation.  

At the Forrester estate, Eric and Stephanie talk about how it’s not a good thing for Bridget to be staying at Brooke and Ridges home since they found out about Bridget breaking up with Ozzie before she left Copenhagen and all the feelings that were once between Bridget and Ridge. Bridget walks in. She asks if she can use the pool. Stephanie looks at her and says she knows everything is not as “hunkey dorey” as Bridget would like them to believe it is over at Bridget’s mother’s home. They tell Bridget they know about her breaking up with Ozzie in Copenhagen. They ask her to tell them what happened because they wonder why Bridget never admitted to them that she had broken up with Ozzie before she left Copenhagen. Bridget gets defensive about the question and seems uncomfortable. Stephanie tells her no one is blaming her for whatever happened. They just want to know.  Bridget really doesn’t answer. They ask her why she is staying at the house with her mother and Ridge after all that has happened between her and Ridge. Stephanie says, “You shouldn’t be there!” Bridget assures them that Brooke and Ridge are fine with her being there. Eric tells Bridget he would like her to come and live with him and Stephanie. Bridget then informs them that she is fine with a huge smile on her face. She tells them, “Nick is helping me a lot.” Eric and Stephanie are surprised that she is spending time with Nick.

Meanwhile, on Nick’s boat, Ridge comes to visit Nick. Ridge asks Nick why he got involved with this thing between him and Bridget after the Jackie M party. Ridge says it’s really none of Nick’s business. Nick reminds him that he has 2 wonderful, beautiful women living with him. Nick says that Ridge is going to cause pain and heartache for them. Nick says, “And I care about her.” Ridge looks him squarely in the eye and asks if he is talking about Bridget or Brooke when he refers to “her”. Ridge tells Nick to just admit he has feelings for Brooke. Nick says, “I am just trying to protect your family!” Nick tells Ridge that he promised one time that he would be there to pick up the pieces if Ridge ever hurts Brooke again. Nick tells Ridge that Ridge is pushing every issue in his life. Nick says he will keep the promise to help Brooke if Ridge screws up again. Ridge tells Nick. “That’s one promise you will NEVER have to keep!”

Sally and Darla are talking at the Spectra office. Sally wonders what happened to Amber, why she isn’t there. Darla tells her Amber is doing something personal. Darla thinks


Amber is on some kind of crusade to save Ridge. Darla thinks Amber is trying to help Ridge but she doesn’t know how she plans to do it.  Darla tells sally to just call Amber if she wants to get her to come back. Sally says she isn’t going to call Amber because she thinks the Forresters need all the help they can get! 

Brooke starts ranting about how Amber is doing this for Stephanie. She asks why Stephanie can’t leave well enough alone. Amber reminds her that Stephanie was correct according to this photo. But Stephanie isn’t behind this.  Amber reminds Brooke of all the things Ridge has done lately that are out of control, most of all trying to take Forrester Creations from his father, Eric. She asks Brooke if Brooke wants Bridget to be Ridge’s next victim.

Bridget is still talking to Stephanie and Eric. Eric confesses that he had no idea Bridget was spending time with Nick. Bridget tells him that Nick helps her not to obsess over what happened between her and Ridge when Taylor died.  He even set her up on a date. She admits that she didn’t go on the date but that she might go sometime soon. He is helping her to be happy again. The doorbell rings and Bridget tells them that she has invited Nick over there. She has returned the favor and set him up on a date. Bridget answers the door and Nick asks if the date she has set him up on is with Stephanie and Eric. They laugh and Bridget tells Nick that his date is a wild child. She met her in the pediatrics unit at the hospital. She is exactly his type with the way he dresses, acts and especially eats. She is earthy and prefect for him. The doorbell rings again and Bridget tells them all has arrived. She opens the door and there stands an orangutan in a ballet tutu. Bridget tells Nick, “This is Sasha”. Nick has an amused look on his face.

Back at Brooke’s house, Brooke tells Amber that she knows Ridge would never do this to her. Amber tells Brooke she needs to stop avoiding this and admit there is a problem here. Amber says Brooke cannot solve the problem until she admits it.  Brooke rants, “I told him, I warned him, I made him promise that he wouldn’t touch her. He wouldn’t cross that line. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. And he said, “Don’t worry. I’d never do anything to hurt her.” How could he do this?” Just then Ridge walks into the house and asks what is going on. He looks at Brooke and asks “What’s wrong Brooke?” Brooke hands him the picture and he asks where she got it. He scans the room and sees Amber standing on the other side of the room. He looks accusingly at her and spouts, “YOU!”  Brooke looks at Ridge and says, “No, YOU! How could you do this to us?” Brooks cries and Amber glares at Ridge.

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