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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 1/17/05



By Leigh
Pictures by Amanda

Ridge wakes a sleeping Brooke. Ridge tells her that it was Amber who interrupted them the night before. Brooke asks him if Amber is angry for the fast one he pulled at the Jackie M. party. Ridge tells her that Amber's not happy about that, but he's not sure that's the only reason she showed up. He tells Brooke that Amber was comparing the two of them and talking about mistakes and forgiveness. Ridge tells her that he's going to warn Thomas because there's something in the way she spoke that was more intense.

Alone in an office at Spectra, Amber prints the pictures she took of Ridge and Bridgett with her cell phone. She talks to herself, saying that Ridge had no right to threaten her after what he's been up to. Out loud, she goes on to say, "you're telling me that's just friendship?" Amber plans to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand. Darla comes into the office and startles her; Bridget drops her photos and scrambles quickly to pick them up, telling Darla that she doesn't need help she's got them.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas admires the costumes Caitlin is designing for the winter formal dance contest they're attending. Thomas comments that his has a Frank Sinatra feel to it, and Caitlin tells him she's going for a Rita Hayworth / Ava Gardner look. Thomas puts the hat on his head and they practice some of their dance moves to the music they're planning on using for the contest. Ridge watches them dance through the office window.

At Spectra, Darla asks Amber if she's in trouble. Amber tells her that she's had another run-in with Ridge, and she doesn't understand why Ridge can't see that she's not a loser and she's made mistakes like anyone else. Amber asks Darla to name one person who hasn't done something they shouldn't have done, and Darla blurts out, "Ridge." Darla tells her she doesn't think Brooke sees it after Amber questions what it has to be like being married to someone who is always right. On her way out the door, Amber tells her that Brooke needs to know how out of control Ridge is, and she owes it to Forrester's to save their marriage.

Thomas spots Ridge, Samantha and Hector looking through the window at he and Caitlin, and tells Caitlin that they've got their first audience. Hector asks Caitlin if that's part of her job description and Thomas tells him that it gets her creative juices flowing. Hector asks Thomas why he's going with Caitlin and not Amber, and Caitlin explains that they're going as friends. Ridge tells Thomas he'd like to speak with him when he's done there and Hector, Samantha and Ridge exit the office. Hector tells Ridge that he's concerned about Caitlin being caught in the middle of Thomas and Amber. Ridge assures him that Caitlin is not going to be hurt, telling him that Amber's world is about to unravel.

Amber shows up at Brooke's house, and Brooke tells her that Thomas has already left for work. Amber tells her that she didn't come to see Thomas and that she's come to talk to her. Brooke immediately tries to put the breaks on a bash Ridge session when Amber tells her she didn't come there to make trouble, but came to help her and warn her about something.

Alone in the office, Thomas tells Caitlin that he thinks Ridge is making a case to her parents that the two of them should get back together. He tells Caitlin that his dad would be thrilled if the two of them got together again, because he's crazy about her. Caitlin wonders if it's a good idea that they go to the dance together and Thomas tells her that if she didn't go with him he'd miss out on all the fun. Caitlin agrees to go with him.

Amber tells Brooke that she's warning her about Ridge for the sake of the whole family, and that he's a lose cannon. Amber brings up all of what she perceives as terrible things Ridge has done; the way he treated Thorne and Eric, and it appears that he's lost all perspective. Amber asks Brooke if she wonders what Ridge does when she's not around. Brooke finally asks her exactly what she's getting at, and Brooke tells her it's about Ridge and Bridget.

Caitlin and Thomas make plans for lunch before she leaves, and Ridge mentions to Thomas how much the two of them have in common. Thomas realizes that Ridge is getting around to Amber when Ridge asks him how he can make the decision that Amber is the one for him. Thomas asks Ridge if he ever misses his days when he was a free spirit, Ridge tells him that he can't imagine his life without Brooke in it.

Brooke gets angry with Amber, telling her that discussing Bridget is a waste of time. Amber tells hr that she overheard Stephanie and Ridge talking about it and she is not going to tell anyone else. Amber shows Brooke a picture of Ridge and Bridget in what appears to be a romantic moment, and tells Brooke that Ridge has to be stopped before it's too late.

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